Life as 1D's Sis

Amy Isabella Malik Is 15, British,Asian,Pakistan 5'2 Gray eyes, Dimples, brown Hair with black Streaks. Amy Is In Love With One Direction. She Has Zayn's Last Name, and She Looks like Zayn, could she be Zayn's sister ?


2. Camp Time

[Amy's P.O.V] |||

It Was An Awful Saturday ! I woke up to barking dogs rapidly, then when I went to walk at the park, a bird pooped on my shoulder, and a ladybug flew in my eye. Then the worst part was that my mom made me go to camp so I could have a break from one direction. The weird thing about my mom and one direction was that whenever I talked about the boys she would be fine but when I talked about Zayn she would tell me to not talk about then and she would have a weird look. Hmm.

The next day I got packed and ready to go to camp. My mother paid $350.00 OMG . I Really Hope It's Worth It !

(*6 Days Later*) [Amy's P.O.V]
I Actually Had Fun At Camp. We Got to play archery, climb a tower, do a zip line and many more ! The best part was the food ! Mmmmmmmm yumm ! Now today was the last day at camp and the counselors had a surprise for us , it was ONE DIRECTION AHHHH !!!! I Was freaking out for hours ! After the boys sung they said "I need Amy to come up here pleases" so I went up there and went ASDFGHJKL:; Your Zayn Malik !! Then he said .... (chapter 3)
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