Life as 1D's Sis

Amy Isabella Malik Is 15, British,Asian,Pakistan 5'2 Gray eyes, Dimples, brown Hair with black Streaks. Amy Is In Love With One Direction. She Has Zayn's Last Name, and She Looks like Zayn, could she be Zayn's sister ?


1. Camp Time

Amy is 15, Bristish,Asian,1/3 Pakistan. Gray eyes , Dimples, 5'2 and In Love With One Direction. Amy's full name is "Amy Isabella Malik". Yes, She Has Zayn's Last Name But She Doesn't Know If She Is Related To Zayn .She Looks like Zayn Though.

[Amy's P.O.V ]

Hi My Name Is Amy, let Me introduce myself , well About my life. I was borned in San Fransico, California and then I moved here, Greensboro,Nc . I'm an only child,well I have a brother named Ryan Austin. My mother is Asian/British my Father is Pakistan/British. You may be wondering if I have an accent, well yes I do, since I have a lot of English friends at school. Am I boring you ? Let's get to the exciting parts !(:

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