Something more.

Sapphire walked out of therapy. It had been two years and still her past haunted her. While going to the mall with her bestfriend Morgan to get her mind off things, she bumped into none other than Harry Styles. And ever since that day, he had been trying to get her to forget her past for something more. . .


1. That terrifying night.

Sapphire's POV.
My alarm goes off bringing me to reality. It's 7 o'clock. Time to get ready to see my therapist, Hiedi. I can't say I hate therapy. Hiedi tries to understand the best she can, but when is she going to realize I don't wanna talk about it?! The aniversary of the incident is two weeks away. Two weeks from now, I'll get pity stares, phone calls and texts. I get that they want to help, but reminding me only makes it worse. You see, a year ago I Was in love. Or what I thought was love really. In the beginning all was great. We were the couple everyone adored, girls were jealous I had the star quarterback as a boyfriend. He was always a gentleman to my parents, notice how I said parents? He abused me, every day he forces me to kiss him, and of I didn't, he'd punch me , full force wherever he could. I being a stupid teenager thought we could work it Out. Time and time again I tried, but as time went on he got more and more aggressive, needy, and moody. He was always asking where I was, and my time with friends became more and more likes memory instead of reality. My mother and father finally sat me down and said enough was enough. I had to break up with Zach and I had to do it right away. I had texted Zach and told him to meet me a my house, he did, not without complaining and yelling, but still he showed up. When he got to my house, I had told him my parents would no longer let me see him and that they were right. I deserved more. I deserved love. He didn't take it as planned. Instead he shoved his way inside, screaming for my parents to come out from hiding. When my mother and father had gotten downstairs, Zach revealed what looked like a gun. He was waving it around swearing he was going to shoot us all, instead he went for me. . . He didn't even aim when he shot, just pointed and bam! I was on the ground and he was standing over top of me about to shoot again when the police showed up. I was rushed to the hospital where I was in brain surgery for 9 hours. Turns out he didn't shoot me in the brain, just nicked my skull right above my left ear. He was sentenced to life in prison, turns out he killed a cop when they tried to take him away. It took this whole year for my hair to grow back the way it was. Thank god, my hair grew fast. It was curently boob length and in its usual brown curls, I'm the only brown haired- blue eyed kid in the family. . It's supposed to mean luck. . . Yeah right.
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