Something more.

Sapphire walked out of therapy. It had been two years and still her past haunted her. While going to the mall with her bestfriend Morgan to get her mind off things, she bumped into none other than Harry Styles. And ever since that day, he had been trying to get her to forget her past for something more. . .


4. Spoken thoughts.

Harry's POV

She opens the door looking like an angel. She looked pretty good before, but now. . . now she's stunning. Sexy, yet innocent all at the same time. I fight the urge to kiss her, even though her pink lips look so inviting.

"Would you like to come in?" she says, interrupting my thoughts.

"Oh erm yes, thank you love ."

"Itll only be a minute. Morgan is a perfectionist when it comes to her hair" she says looking a bit embarrassed.

" No problem. " is all I manage to say.

We stand there for what seems like forever waiting for her friend to be ready. When all the sudden she breaks the silence.

" god he looks great. No I can't. " she mumbles.

"what was that?" I ask.

Sapphire's POV

Holy crap, I did not just say that out loud. Pleeeeease tell me I didn't say that out loud.

" Oh Uhm nothing , did you say something?" I say trying to play it off as if I hadn't said a thing.

Harry's POV
" No I just could've sworn I heard you say-" I couldn't finish what I was trying to say because then her friend came down stairs.

"Who's ready to eat? I'm craaaaving Nando's. You guys know that place Harry?" Morgan says not knowing she interrupted.

" Do we know nandos?! Niall is insanely obssessed with that place, I doubt he'd mind going there for dinner." I reply with a smirk.

As we get in the car Morgan yelled " off to Nandos my good sir!"

" You like Nandos?! " questioned Niall.

" it's only like my favorite place!" she replied.

Niall stared at her, then said, " will you marry me?"

After that we all died laughing , I could tell Niall and morgan fancied each other, and I seemed to find it adorable. But looking over at sapphire she seemed about ready to cry.
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