Something more.

Sapphire walked out of therapy. It had been two years and still her past haunted her. While going to the mall with her bestfriend Morgan to get her mind off things, she bumped into none other than Harry Styles. And ever since that day, he had been trying to get her to forget her past for something more. . .


7. Normal is boring.

Harry's POV.

" yes you can. Love I mean. You just need to find the right person. I . . . I wanna be that person sapphire. I do. " I smiled letting her know I meant it.

" I don't deserve it. Deserve you. I'm broken Harry. You should be with a normal girl. " By now tears were just pouring from her beautiful eyes.

" So what. Normal is boring. Normal is playing it safe. Love is risk. Good kind of risk. . . But still risk. Loving is letting someone fix you. Love is giving in. Let me love you sapphire. " It may have sounded corny but at this point I didn't care. I need to let her know. I wasn't going to hurt her , like he did. And I wouldn't let anyone else either.

"Okay . . " she replied.

When we got to the mall a half an hour later, we got every store. I bags and bags of stuff. But for her, not me. Everytime she tried to pay I refused. Walking back to the car , I heard her quietly say,

" I thought we were buying things for you. "

" Well fortunetly for you," I began to say," I have plenty things. And my job pays quite well. So if I wanna spoil my girlfriend that's okay. "

" gi-girlfriend? " she stuttered.

" yeah. If you know it's okay with you. " I asked.

" yeah." she said with the biggest smile on her face.

On the way back to her house we held hands the whole way home. She invited me to stay the night, since Morgan stayed with Niall. We stayed up all night talking then fell asleep cuddling on the couch.
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