Something more.

Sapphire walked out of therapy. It had been two years and still her past haunted her. While going to the mall with her bestfriend Morgan to get her mind off things, she bumped into none other than Harry Styles. And ever since that day, he had been trying to get her to forget her past for something more. . .


10. Make it official gravy boy. H

Harry's POV.
Pulling up to the Alan Carr show I can practically feel sapphires nervousness. I can tell she's not to excited to make our relationship official. And she was terrified of meeting everyone, I can see her face scrunch while she thinks. She's so cute when she does that.
We walk inside to our dressing room, and everybody's already there. Lou, Tom, lux, Eleanor , perrie, Niall , Louis, Zayn, Paul , and Liam. She's already met niall from the first time we met, so he runs up to her and hugs her screaming " SAPPHIRE! I missed you. "
" I missed you to Nialler." she says with a smile.
" soo Harry , is this the famous sapphire you go on and on about? " Lou said with an evil grin.
" you talk about me? " sapph said while blushing.

I pulled her close and said " well of course I do , I love you. "
" I love you too Harry " she replied.
After we got done introducing everyone Eleanor and Perrie were gossiping with her on the couch while sapph was holding Lux. I can't help but stare at the way she's playing with lux. She notices because she soon asks, " Harry what's wrong, you keep staring at me. "
" nothing's wrong babe, it's just cute watching you hold her. "
" well what can I say? I love kids. " she replies while giggling.
" good, cause one day well have four. "
" is that do styles?" she says teasing.
" oh yeahhhh " she giggles at my response the continues talking to the girls.
I realize it's time to go out on stage and I kiss sapphire on the cheek for good luck and head out.
After about half an hour of talking about the band and our families, Alan asks about sapphire.

" sooo sexy styles, there's this rumor about you and a miss sapphire? Care to make it official gravy boy?" Alan asks.
" Uhm yeah. She's my girlfriend. " I must have been blushing because Alan says " Ohhhh blushing are we, she must be special. I dont think I've ever seen you blush before. "
" yeah she's great, I love her a lot. " I reply.
" she's pretty much the girl version of Harry," Louis states.
" oh really? So tell me Harry. Did you polish her gem stone, if you know what I mean. "
" oh he knooooows alright. " Niall says.
" oooooo let the baby making begin! So shall we bring her and all the other girlfriends out here?" asks Alan.
The girls come out and sit on our laps. I give sapph a kiss on the lips and everyone claps and whistles.
" oh damn. " Alan says.
" what ?" asks sapphire.
" your too bloody gorgeous, now I don't have a chance with Harry. " he says while everyone laughs.
" oh thankyou" she says while blushing.
" so how long have you two been together ? " Alan asks.
" Uhm about like two months by now right? " she asks me.
" yeah I believe so. "
" so how do you two do the whole long distance thing? " Alan wanted to know.
" oh we don't, sapphires and AMAZING singer so she's our opening act, and she lives with me as well. " I say.
" oh good , I have a feeling you two are the real deal. " states Alan.
" we'll that's all the time we have tonight , thankyou for watching you little bitches!" screams Alan.

We invite the boys over for pizza an a movie and agree to meet up at our house in two hours do everyone can get ready. As soon as I open the from door, I push sapphire against the wall and kiss her fiercely. Then I slowly move down lower and lower while we're taking off each others clothes. She lets out a small moan and I carry her into our bedroom. I throw her on the bed and get on top of her, she digs her nails into my back as I go in her. She yells my name loudly , as I get faster. A half an hour later, we're both laying on the bed gasping for air. She rolls on top of me and kisses my nose.
" we have to get ready babe, they'll be here in an hour. " she says.
" ugh alright. " I say getting up.
She bites her lips and I know what she's thinking.
" do you wanna just share a shower? " I ask.
She nods her head while holding her arms out for me to carry her. We took a showe. And got dressed. I got the pizza and snacks. While she did her hair. She had trouble straightening the back of her hair so I did it for her. We went downstairs to finish setting up when everyone walked in the door.
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