Something more.

Sapphire walked out of therapy. It had been two years and still her past haunted her. While going to the mall with her bestfriend Morgan to get her mind off things, she bumped into none other than Harry Styles. And ever since that day, he had been trying to get her to forget her past for something more. . .


9. Just say yes.

Sapphires POV.
After our . . . Fun time. We take a shower together, And yes, have just a bit more fun then last time. When we got out, I realized the bags of stuff we bought are downstairs. So Harry throws me a pair of his sweats and his Ramones t-shirt. Ugh it smells just like him. We go down stairs and he puts in 21 jump street. After laughing our asses off , the movie ends and we just sit there cuddling by the fireplace, when I feel Harry staring at me.

" what's wrong Harry? You keep staring. " I say.
He blushes and looks down quickly. He held his head there for a minute , did a loud sigh and looked up at me.
" err.. Uhm. Do you want to move on with me? " he asks with a hopeful grin onhis face. It feels like we're going to fast but at the same time it doesn't. I sat there thinking to myself when Harry interrupted me.
" Uhm sapph, kiiiiinda need an answer here." wait I didn't answer yet? Humph. I must have been in a deep thought.
" Of course Harry! I would love to!"

Harry's POV.
It took us a while to move sapphire out of her apartment. Even though her apartment was really small DANG did that girl have a ton of stuff. She's still amazed by how big our house is. Ahh I just love to say that. "Our" house.
We've been dating for about two months now and I have to say its been great. I'm a bit nervous for tonight though. Tonight me and sapphire decided to make it public. Me and the guys have to do an interview with Alan Carr tonight, and I'm supposed to announce it then. I just hope everyone is accepting of her. By " everyone" I mean the fans. The last girlfriend I had, well they tore her to shreds. We grabbed the last box out of her old apartment , stuck it in the car and drove home. It took us about half and hour to get everything inside and another two hours to unpack. When we were done I guess we must've fallen asleep, because when I woke up it was five. SHIT. We had to be at the studio in two hours. I woke Sapphire up and told her to quickly get in the shower and get ready. I got up , put on some pants, a button down sky blue shirt, with a navy blue blazer and fixed my hair the way I wanted it.

Sapphire's POV.
Wow I still can't believe it. I'm dating Harry styles. On top of that , IM MOVING IN WITH HIM. It feels so weird, we've only known each other for a short period of time, yet I trust him. And I don't trust. Well obviously. I mean I freaking got shot by the last guy I trusted. But u know Harry would never do that, he'd protect me before he'd hurt me like that. Once I'm out of the shower I put on my skinny jeans with the small tears throughout them. I throw on a black and white leopard print bra, and a Hott pink lacy tank top and ruffles on the front. I quickly curl my hair and start putting on mascara when Harry walks into the bathroom.
" Ew" he says with a disgusted look.
" shit does it look that bad, ugh I'll go change" I replied.
" oh no babe, the outfit looks Hott , I just don't know why you wear makeup, you have gorgeous blue eyes, deep like the ocean. I just don't get why you think you need makeup. "
" awh babe, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. " I sày putting down my eyeliner.
" I'll let you wear it this one time, since it's an interview. But you don't need that stuff." he proclaims kissing my head.
I pull him close to me. And fiercely kiss his soft sweet lips. After a minute we pull away to breathe.
" I love you. " he says.
" I love you to Harold. " he giggles whenever I use his real name.
" I love it when you do that, you such a dork babe. " he says with a smirk.
" Weeeeell Harold, I'll always be your dork. " I say kissing his nose, he grabs the keys and we jump in the car on our way to the Alan Carr show.
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