What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


7. chapter 7

Dear whoever is reading this,

I am sorry that this part is so short, i just wanted to do a short part of just Harry's POV, but thie next one WILL be longer, and more exciting. but for now read this! :)


Mich xx :)





I’m lying on the couch in the dressing room; it’s about a half hour till our show Hailey and Sam are already at their seats. I can’t get the thought out of my head, does Hailey really think all I do is flirt, and well I mean I know that I have been that way. But I haven’t always been that way. I really do want to have a real relationship.

“Harry can you help me practice this song, I want to get it right, I’m going to sing it to Sam, Hailey says it is her favorite song. I am going to sing it to her on stage tonight during our campfire songs.” Niall says. I’m happy for him. Sam is gorgeous, and he really looks serious.

“Yeah sure thing!” I say with a smile “what would you like me to do?” I ask

“I need you to hum out the tune while I practice these lines” he states, after running through the song and getting to see what the sound was like we started to run through the section Niall chose to sing to her, the boys and I backed up Niall as he sang and played guitar to the tune of the song.

“You got it mate!” Liam said “she is going to love it.” He said patting Niall on the shoulder

“What are you going to do about Hailey?” Zayn asked.

“I have an idea, I’m not going to make a big deal about it, but I have an idea.” I said confidently.

“Can I talk to you Haz?” Lou asked me

“Sure boo-bear” I said shrugging, Louis grabbed me by the elbow and spun me around dragging me to the other room.

“Why did you get up and leave at dinner? What happened, you haven’t been yourself today” he immediately asked.

“Hailey’s phone was ringing, I didn’t know what to do, it was Jake; her boyfriend. I thought it would be fun to answer it. Oh God Lou I feel so bad.” I said in a panic

“Why do you feel bad?” he asked.

“Because Lou! Hailey and everybody else in the world just think I’m a flirt! I don’t want to be known as ‘the flirt’ I want to have a real girlfriend, get married, and have kids. I can’t live alone!” I said tearing up

“You won’t live alone, you’ll have cats! And me” he stated. I just glared at him, I know he is just joking, but I’m not in the mood for his joking. “You really like her huh?” he asked


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