What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


5. chapter 5

enjoy :) xx


We were now back at the venue where the boys were doing rehearsal’s, the camera crew were filming them as they practiced, Sam and I sat up on stools placed in the middle of stage. Louis kept dancing around us, OK so I guess they weren’t really rehearsing, more like fooling around on stage singing dramatic songs to Sam and me pretending to serenade us in a funny way. Sam and I were giggling when Payphone started playing in my pocket, its Jake’s ringtone. I pulled it out of my pocket “oh shi-“the boys were now looking at me with wide eyes. “Excue e moi” I say walking off stage to the closest room which happened to be the washroom, I clicked ‘Talk’ “Hello?”

“You haven’t answered me”

“I didn’t think I needed to update you on everything”


“I’ll be right back, I have to use the lu” I shout to the boys while running off stage, I start to head for the bathroom where I really had to go almost running past the door I hear Hailey’s voice coming from the washroom, oh man! Why did she have to go into that one?

“No! I’m fine!” I hear Hailey shout, what is going on in there? “It’s just...” I heard her take a big sigh “can I talk to you later” damn I wanted to hear what she had to say next “No nothing has happened between Harry and me! We are just friends.” Did she just call us ‘just friends’ “bye” crap what do I do now I can’t let her walk out while I’m standing here, she’ll think I was spying, I knocked on the door

“Hailey, you ok?” I ask

“Yea, I-I’m F-fine” she’s not fine I can tell she’s upset, I open the door to see Hailey sitting on the ground against the wall with her cellphone on the other side of the room; she must have thrown it. She had her head down and her knees pulled into her chest. I walked over to where she was and sat down next to her forgetting what she said earlier I put my hand one her back and gently rubbed it.

“He’s not worth you’re tears babe.”

“It’s just e thinks I’m going to leave him, now that I know you guys”

“Sounds more like he’s jealous”

“He is.” Hailey said with a chuckle “I’ve known him forever, our parents are friends, he's like my best friend, well, he’s more than a best friend now” she said shaking her head "I'm sorry I shouldn't be talking to you about this" she said. Forgetting everything she said about us being friends I but my head on her knees and my other hand on her back and rubbed it gently.

"it’s alright babe, now I don't like seeing you upset, how about we just go out there and forget him I promised you that you were going to have the time of your life here today, and a promise is a promise that I can break so chin up beautiful" I said wiping a stranded tear from her cheek. Hailey gave me a smile and nodded. "Now... erm... if you don't mind err... I actually came in here to use the toilet" I say jumping up suddenly realizing how much I really had to go. Just as I was about to unbutton my pants I looked over my shoulder, Hailey was still sitting there just blanking out "Err... sorry to burst you thought but do you mind?" I say in a kind voice, Hailey looked over to me.

"No, I don't mind" she said with a wink

"well... I, err... can't... you know, go while you’re in here" I say Hailey got up and walked over to where I was standing now facing her.

"I'm only kidding Haz" she whispered in my ear which sent shivers down my spine, man she had the weirdest effects on me, no Haz pull yourself together, you just met her, you can’t like her, It'll only hurt her, you can’t like you, she doesn't like you, she has a boyfriend, quit beating yourself up man! Hailey turned on her heal and left picking her phone up off the floor and rammed it into her pocket as she left through the door.


"Niall James Horan!" I heard a girl yell "give me my shoe back!" she yelled again suddenly realizing it was Sam, I gave a small chuckle while rolling my eyes, they were SO into each other I thought to myself. Suddenly Niall ran past me laughing his mesmerizing laugh he stopped just long enough to ruffle my hair and wave Sam's moccasin in my face grinning widely showing off his braces.

"You better run, she’s a soccer player; she knows how to run... and kick!" I say warning Niall, suddenly he had a worried look on his face.

"Guess I should be going." he said turning around long enough to see Sam run around the corner when he started running faster.

"I'll explain later!" Sam said looking over her shoulder at me. And with that she left chasing after the blond Irish boy. I laughed and just shook my head I rounded the corner to see Liam and Zayn dancing the tango on stage, man these boys were really something, I jerked my head over to see Louis sitting in one of the chairs of stage tapping away on his phone with a big smile on his face. next thing I knew I was grabbed by Liam and Zayn and dragged into their dance laughing along with the two of them and the guided me not-so-smoothly across the stage.

"VAS HAPPNNIN HAILEY!" Zayn said enthusiastically while snatching my other hand away from Liam and twirling me in a circle

"Hey"!" Liam pouted crossing his arms over his chest, Zayn stuck his tongue out at him Liam just turned around and walked off the stage in a huff sitting beside Louis.

"So we haven't spoken very much sense you got here and I feel it is my turn to have a chitty chat with the special girl" he said smoothly dipping me I blushed as he bought me back up.

"well I’m all yours" I said gesturing that he was the only one around.

"So are you excited for tonight's show?" he asked wiggling his eyebrows at me

"I'm so excited, I have been waiting forever to go to a concert, let alone actually getting a chance to have the day with you guys" I tried to say without fan girlling.

"Well I'm glad we got the chance to spend the day with two very pretty girls like you and Sam" he said giving me another swift twirl. I blushed at what he had said "you blush to easily" he said in a husky voice in my ear which mad me blush harder as he chuckled I put my head on his chest groaning in embarrassment as he squeegee me tighter. I heard a throat clear as I backed away from Zayn noticing Harry standing at the edge of the stage, glaring at Zayn. Harry shook his head I could see the hurt in his eyes as her quickly turned around and walked away his head facing the ground, what wrong with him? I thought, Harry doesn't have girlfriends, he’s just a flirt, he couldn't possible actually like me, he flirts that’s who he is and everybody knows it. "You should talk to him." Zayn said startling me. I looked at him and nodded. As I chased Harry down the hall, man he walked fast!

"Harry!" I yelled but he didn’t listen "Harry!" I demanded he stopped dead in his tracks causing me to bump right into him. "Look Zayn and I are just friends; it’s not like you actually like me!" I said now getting annoyed Harry just waved me off gesturing that he really didn’t want to see me, so I let him be and walked back to the stage where the boys were now sat on the chairs looking at a single I phone, Niall and Sam had joined them and they were reading things out loud and laughing. “What are you all doing?" I asked curiously Sam looked up shoving the phone between Louis legs, Louis face with a  startled look shrieking like a little girl as Sam realized what she had done quickly pulling her hand away from where it sat, everybody was now laughing at her, Louis sitting there with pure shock in his face.

"I'm so sorry!" Sam said to Louis covering her face with her hands

"How dare you!" Louis said cupping his hands over his crotch glaring at Sam. I just rolled my eyes smiling.

"So you never answered my question and by the looks of Sam's face when she saw me it was someth-" I said pausing "Sam, you did not!" I said glaring at her she obviously knew what I was talking about.

"Oh but I did!" she said with a sly look on her face, she did not just show the boys my twitter dedicated to them, UGH she is so embarrassing! I awkwardly walked over and took a seat next to Liam.

"Look what we have here" Louis said reading the tweet aloud "Dear @LouisTomlinson lets have a deal, you tap my follow button I'll tap your but, WINKEY FACE!" he shouted, my eyes fell to the floor as I blushed slightly "Follow!" Louis shouted standing up and turning around shoving his but in my face.

"Louis!" I shrieked slapping his but away from my face, the boys now laughing historically at me. Louis laughed so hard he was rolling on the ground with tears coming out of his eyes. Suddenly the room fell silent when Harry walked onto the stage he jumped off sitting next to Niall without a word. There was an awkward silence when the TV host came onto the stage.

"Alright guys go get ready we have dinner reservations for five o'clock" he said suddenly realizing the tense situation arising between us; I almost forgot we were being filmed; this would definitely be an interesting show to watch.

"Um excuse me Sir," Sam said "but Hailz and I didn’t bring other outfits" she said confused the Host gestured for us to follow him Sam, the boys and I followed him to the dressing rooms where there were tons of cloths hanging up. the boys were hustled off to the other room to get ready, Sam and I searched for new outfits, Sam had picked out a white cocktail strapless dress with a black bow tied around at the waist showing of her elegant figure, she picked out a pair of deep purple flats and went over to where some girls were doing hair and makeup. I decided on wearing a white dress with pink flowers the dress fell just above my knee it had straps and was tight fitted around my torso, I walked out of the bathroom where I had changed I heard a gasp escape Sam's mouth.

"Hailz!" she said "you look stunning!" she said in an excited voice a smile escaped stretching across my face

"thanks" I said "you look amazing too" I said looking at Sam who now had her hair down, it was straightened and hung to the middle of her back.

"Ugh, I hate dresses" she said emphasizing the word 'hate' I just laughed and rolled my eyes.

"Oh but I’m sure Niall will love it!" I said with a winked Sam just nudged my shoulder playfully as I sat down in her seat; the girls were now crowding around my doing my hair. once they were finished I looked in the mirror, my makeup was don't natural and my hair hung in loose curls,

"Is it safe to come in" Louis said bridging into the door covering his hands over his eyes.

"AHH NO!" I yelled

"oh, oh sorry" Louis said backing away

"I’m only kidding" I said playfully. Louis cautiously removed his hands away from his face winding his eyes at Sam and I, I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable as I rubble my left arm with my right hand.

"hurry up gu-" a thick Irish accent said as Niall walked through the door pausing in his tracks he looked right a Sam who was now blushing so bad no amount of makeup could cover it. "I uh... you uh... we uh... the boys are waiting" Niall finally sputtered out

"well what are y'all waiting for" Sam said grabbing me and pulling me out the door.

"Tolled you he would like it" I said with a smug look in my face. Sam just rolled her eyes.

"Oh shut up" she said now more annoyed than ever that I was right. I smiled to myself; we finally reached the other boys who were out by the limo Niall and Louis following closely behind us. Zayn smiled.

"It should be our honor to have the chance to be with these girls" he said in a deep voice. Liam nudged him slightly trying not to make it noticeable, but the dirty look he received back from Zayn made me giggle, Harry stood there not saying a word but I could feel his eyes burning with sadness, I just brushed him off.

"What are we waiting for?" I said

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