What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


31. Chapter 31



*February 1 2013*

“Hey!” Hailey said excitedly when I opened my Skype it had been a while since we last Skyped and I missed seeing her. “Happy birthday!” she smiled

“Thank you, I miss you.”

“I miss you too Harry, so what are you doing at… 9pm wasn’t Nick supposed to be doing something for your birthday?” she asked and I chuckled.

“Yea he still is he is coming in about fifteen minutes so I’m getting ready right now I said putting my laptop onto my dresser, I had on a pair of black pants but was still in the process of finding a shirt. “How does this look?” I asked putting on a blue button up shirt with white hearts all over it.

“Eh, its ok.” She said wrinkling her nose.

“Hey, my mum got me this shirt for Christmas!” I exclaimed and Hailey had a hard time holding in her laugh.

“Well if want to wear it go ahead.” She chuckled.

“Well I like it.” I said doing up the rest of the buttons and tucking it in to my pants. “Done!” I smiled leaning on my dresser to talk to Hailey. “So how is it over there?” I asked

“Fine I guess, Sam keeps wanting to move to Niagara.” She sighed I frowned

“Her dad?” I asked Hailey and Niall had tolled me about her dad and I felt bad for her she shouldn’t have to deal with that

“Yeah, she stayed here fro a few days, her parents are splitting.” Hailey sighed “So, how’s it like being 19?” Hailey said changing the subject.

“Same as I felt yesterday” I chuckled

“Well the buzz in twitter is going mad about the last teen birthday of One Direction.” She smiled

“I guess that’s true, but we’re always be those cheeky boys.” I winked

“Harrah!” Nick called

“In here!” I yelled back

“Nick?” Hailey sake and I nodded

“Well I suppose that means you are going out now?” Hailey said.

“Sorry.” I apologized.

“It’s fine.” She smiled “It’s your birthday go have fun!”

Nick came into the room just before I was going to answer Hailey “Hey Hazza!” I turned and nodded as the guy in my room before turning back to my laptop.

“I got to go now.” I sighed

“Bye Harry, Have a good birthday.” She smiled.

“Bye Hailey, Have a goon night!” I said before waving and waiting till Hailey exited the chat.

“Alright, tonight you become a man.” Nick said putting a hand on my shoulder guiding me out of my room. it’s a good job he didn’t make fun of my shirt I thought to myself, then again I could see him wearing this shirt so it wouldn’t have even bothered him.


“Mate we are all going back to my place.” Nick shouted over the loud music at the bar, I was sitting at a table most of the night I hadn’t drank much, to be honest I wasn’t really in the mood to drink. It was around two in the morning and I was now being dragged off to Nick’s house. “I have a surprise for you.” Nick said once we were in the taxi.

I was starting to think Hailey was right about Nick when I walked into his house to see more people they were mostly guys Nick knew that I had met a few times and I few girls dressed in very skimpy clothing. “Cheer up mate, it’s your birthday, you have barely gone out since you got back from that girls house.” Nick said slapping me on the back.

I made my way over to a group of guys that I had met before “Hey Harry, Happy Birthday.” One of the guys said.

“Thank you, but its not really my birthday anymore.” I smiled

“Oh whatever, here have a seat.”

I took a seat and began talking with the guys when Nick came over. “I got you a little gift.” He winked sitting on a chair beside me waving one of the girls over.

My eyes widened when she came over and started stripping in front of me giving me a lap dance. Come of the guys had their cameras out taking pictures and videos. “What the Hell!” I whispered to Nick who had a grin plastered on his face “I’m sorry.” I said getting up off the chair.

“Oh common.” Nick wined

“No, I made a promise to Hailey I wouldn’t screw things up.” I said balling my fists. The girl came over to me putting her arms around my neck and I pushed her off “And you may have just ruined it for me!” I shouted stomping out of the room slamming the door behind me. I ran my fingers through my hair as I made my way outside, once outside I broke down falling to my knees, it this point I didn’t care if the paparazzi saw me like this I shouted in anger as I pounded my fist on the ground lifting my hand up to look at the promise ring that came with the one I gave Hailey. I looked at my watch it was 3am here which meant it was 10pm there Hailey should still be up. I pulled out my phone sitting cross legged in the partly wet grass in Nick’s garden I whipped my eyes with my sleeve dialling Hailey’s number. “Pick up, pick up, pick up” I chanted to myself

“Hello?” Hailey asked

“Hailey.” I sniffled

“Harry? What’s wrong.”

“Hailey I’m sorry.” I said tying not to cry harder.

“Harry sorry for what?” she asked calmly

“Nick, Nick it’s all his fault!”

“Harry, listen to my what is going on? What did Nick do?”

“He…” I said taking in a deep breath “He got me a stripper for my birthday.” I said finally breaking into tears.

“Well…” Hailey paused “What did you do?”

“I… I yelled at him…”

“And then?”

“Then I stud up getting mad pulling her off of me.”

“And what are you doing now?” she asked

“Sitting outside on the ground talking to you?” I questioned

“So he got you a stripper, you got mad, left and called me?”

“Yea…” I sniffled whipping my nose with my sleeve. “The first thing I could do was call you, I can loose you Hailey, and I didn’t want you to find out some other way, but all I could think about was my promise and Nick screw it all up…” a rambled

“Its fine Harry…” Hailey sighed

“No I messed up and I’m sorry, I knew I shouldn’t have let Nick plan this it was all a stupid idea, I should have listen to you I sh-“

“Harry shut up look I’m glad you called me, I'm glad that is the first thing you did, it wasn’t your fault and I’m ok with it.”

“You sure?” I asked


“Oh my god Hailey thank you so much.” I said relieved

“Now go and get some rest its late there.” Hailey said

“Yea I think I’m done for the night.” I said getting up off the ground. “Have a good night Hailey.” I said

“You too Harry, I’ll talk to you later.”

I hung up the phone relieved as I started to walk back to my flat. Never again am I letting Nick plan anything of mine. I sighed wondering when the next time I was going to see Hailey was, I couldn’t wait to call her mine and to hold her.

Always and Forever Xx  


For the most part this is the end :(

the Epilogue will be what starts the next book Hope you guys liked it and watch out for the Sequel!!

Love you All

~Mich Xx       

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