What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


30. Chapter 30



“Hailey, Babe…” Harry whispered “You have to get up.”

“I don’t want to get up.” I groaned

“Well I guess I’m going to have to leave without you…” Harry trailed off slowly getting off the bed.

“No!” I said quickly grabbing Harry’s wrist “I don’t want you to go” I complained.

“I don’t either…” Harry sighed leaning down and kissing my forehead. “You have an hour so get ready and we’ll go pick Sam and Niall up.”

“Fine.” I sighed rolling out of bed. Harry left my room and I absentmindedly put an outfit on, my mind more on weather I had made the right decision to let Harry go without anything being official, just face it Hailey you like him why the hell would you let him go like that, he has made you feel so safe, what the hell is wrong with you? I shook those thoughts away when I looked at my outfit in the mirror I had on a pair of black leggings, and an oversized white tank top with a large grey cross. I pulled my hair into a low ponytail twisting my bangs back into the ponytail I put on a pair or green VANS a black infinity scarf I shrugged on a black leather jacket grabbing my owl print felt backpack. I placed Harry’s airplane necklace in the palm of my hand as I walked out of my bedroom.

Harry was sat at the island counter he had already changed into a pair of black pants, a white shirt and white ALL STAR shoes his black pea coat sat beside him while he talked on his phone.

“No I don’t know yet…” he said to the guy on the other end of the phone “It’s like two moths from now…” I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen sitting on the opposite end of the counter writing Harry a note.

Who are you talking to at 5:30am?...

I handed Harry the note along with the pen, Harry smirked with a slight chuckle scribbling down some words. “Be my guest, plan what you like.” He answered while passing me the note back

Nick… so it is actually 10:30am there :)

I looked up from the note with wide eyes “What!?” I said out loud quickly clamping my hands over my mouth. Harry looked up at me and smiled. Grimshaw I mouthed and Harry nodded. “What does he want” I whispered.

To plan my birthday Harry wrote down. “Ok Nick whatever you say, I have to go now I will talk to you when I get home… alright… bye mate.” Harry said before hanging up.

“You’re really going to trust that lunatic to plan your birthday?” I asked

“Well yea.” Harry said and I gave him a flat look “Don’t worry he’s not that bad.” Harry chuckled and I continued to give him the look “Ok maybe he can get out of hand sometimes but its fine.”

“Whatever lets just get Sam and Niall.” I chuckled.

Harry drove my car to Sam’s house where her and Niall were sitting outside on the little red bench just outside her door. The two or them stood up Niall grabbing his bag. Neither of then looked like they had much sleep.

“You two look like shit.” I commented when they got into the back of my car.

“Didn’t get much sleep.”  Niall mumbled

“Oh I see how it is.” Harry said looking at Niall through the rear-view mirror Niall was wearing a blue sweatshirt with purplish sleeves and a large eyeball on the front with a pair of light grey track pants and white NIKE high-tops. While Sam wore a grey I heart Paris long-sleeved shirt that she had bought on her trip to Paris last spring with a black and grey knitted cardigan sweatshirt, and a pair of printed leggings and grey UGGs her hair was in a low side ponytail and brought along her Pink and black striped felt backpack.

“Shut up mate.” Niall said

“He didn’t deny it.” Harry said with a wide smile on his face “Would you like to say anything Sam.” Harry said amused.

“Nope, I’m good.” She smiled

“Oh god you two!” I said shaking my head. “That is enough I don’t need to hear it!” I said covering my ears causing everybody else to break out laughing.


My heart started beating faster as Sam, Niall, Harry and I walked into the airport. I held Sam’s hand while we watched the boys check their luggage in.

“How can you do this?” I asked Sam

“Do what?” She asked

“Be so calm.”

“I know Niall, I know that he cares about me and I trust him, I may not know when we will see each other next but I do know that we will still talk, I and it just means that the time we do spend together is all the more special.” Sam shrugged.

“Do you think I’m doing the right thing?” I asked Sam.

“I don’t know, I mean you clearly like Harry and he likes you too, I think if he really wants to keep you he will do anything in his power to make sure he doesn’t loose you, give it a shot.” Sam answered. The boys walked over to Sam and I causing both of us to stop our conversation.

“Can I talk to you Hailey?” Harry said

“Sure…” I said in an uneasy tone.

Harry chuckled taking a hold of my hand and leading me away from Niall an Sam “It’s not bad.” He assured me. We walked to a little Café just before the check in “I’m going to miss you so much.” Harry said wrapping my up in a hug, it was then that I couldn’t hold it in any longer I just let the tears fall down my cheeks.

“I’m going to miss you too” I whispered.

“But it’s not forever, it’s never forever because I know we are going to see each other I cant just let you that easily now can I.” Harry said holding me out at arms length while he whipped the tears from my cheeks. “Here I want to give you this.” He said pulling out the piece of paper he ripped out of my leather book. I chuckled taking the paper in my shaking hands. “Open it when you get into the car.” Harry whispered.

I nodded and put it in the pocked on my leather jacket then pulled out the airplane necklace Harry let me wear. “This is yours.” I said putting the necklace in his hand.

Harry shook his head unclasping the two ends “You keep it.” He said putting it around my neck “Keep it safe.” He whispered in my ear before giving me a kiss on the cheek. “Hailey I promise with all my heart I wont mess this up, you just have to trust me with this.”

“I have all faith in you.” I said giving Harry a weak smile before going up in my toes to give Harry a kiss. Harry wrapped his hands around my waist pulling me closer to him. I didn’t ever want this to end my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to explode, it was beating because I was happy to be here with Harry, the guy I had finally realized had feelings for, it was beating because I loved having Harry here and I never wanted it to end but it was beating because I didn’t want to leave Harry.

We pulled away and Harry whipped a tear from my cheek again. “Don’t cry.” He whispered I took a shaky breath and nodded my head. “Atta girl.” Harry said slinging his arm over my shoulder walking me back to Sam and Niall who were both giving each other one last hug.

“I’ll miss you Sam.” Niall said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“I’ll miss you too Nialler.” She smiled and I noticed that she had a single tear falling down her cheek as Niall whipped it away with his thrum before giving Sam a gentle Kiss like they had the last time Niall and the boys left during the summer. They pulled away and Niall gave her another hug whispering something in her ear as she nodded.

I walked over to Niall giving her a hug “Watch out for Harry while you guys are away.” I whispered.

“Will do.” He chuckled “And watch over Sam, make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid and that she gets help when her dad is around.”

“Always.” I answered.

Sam and I said out last goodbyes to the boys and watched ad the disappeared around the corner. I turned to Sam both of us whipping our tears.

“They would want us to stay strong.” I said putting my arm around Sam’s shoulder as we walked out of the airport where we were met by some photographers. “You guys are a little late.” I chuckled by then we were bombarded with questions like Where were they? and are you and Harry together? And what did they do? Sam and I both ignored them making our way back to my car and heading off back home.

When I got home and was in the comfort of my own home when I reached into my jacket pulling out the piece of paper Harry gave to me, it was folded a few times into a square, I unravelled the paper and a little ring fell out of the folded page landing on the floor, I sat on the ground in the middle of my room reading the letter and I clutched the ring in my hand.

Dear Hailey,

I know it is hard to say goodbye but we both know it is never forever, I really like you Hailz and I have since the moment I saw you back at the venue, I don’t ever want to loose you and I am going to make sure that happens, I promise you that once we see each other again I will make this official but I know you need your time and I want to respect that, you will always have my heart and I promise to keep you safe, Jake tolled me he would watch out for you when I’m not there, he also threatened me if I didn’t keep you safe of happy and I don’t plan on getting on his bad side, you are the most Beautiful girl I know even with every flaw you hate I will always love them and I will do anything in my power to make you feel beautiful I am giving you this ring as a promise ring, a promise that some day I will call you mine.

Always and forever Harry Xx.

I took a look at the ring and put in on my ring finger when my phone buzzed. I picked it up and noticed Harry had tweeted

@HarryStyles I promise Always and Forever Xx

I typed in a tweet unattached to his @HaileyBee94 Forever and Always Xx


one more chapter and an Epilogue :/

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