What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


29. Chapter 29



I was sitting in my last period in school listening to my music, both Sam and I have avoided as much conversation as possible, both of us wishing the day would never end, it was now Tuesday and Harry and Niall were leaving early tomorrow morning to drive two hours to Toronto to fly back home, Sam an I were of course going to go down with them but none of us knew when we were going to see each other again. I remembered on Monday when Sam and I had volleyball practice and the two of them came into the gym causing all the girls on the junior and senior team to get distracted and of course the two of them thought it was the best thing ever to come and watch girls play volleyball, reluctantly Mr. Blum our coach kicked them out so we could continue practice. Now I was in my math class doing my work when Jake poked me. I looked over as him with a scowl “What do you want.” I barked

Jake put his hands up in surrender “Sorry I was just going to tell you that…”

Jake was cut off when I was lifted off my chair and tossed over a shoulder but not just any shoulder “Harry!” I shrieked. “My kilt”

“Don’t worry babe, I got it.” Harry said in his usual cheeky tone while he put his hand just under my but holding my kilt down.

“I tried telling you.” Jake stated

“Shut up Jake.”

Harry fist bumped Jake and started to head out of the classroom my face reddened when I noticed the while class had seen what just happened and were low looking at Harry and I, some of the girls faces showed jealousy, I just smiled slightly to myself.

“Thank you Sir.” Harry said waving to my teacher with his free hand  and walking out the door.

“Are you going to put me down now I huffed.”

“Mmm no.” Harry chuckled.

Harry walked down the stairs from the second floor and I’m sure my secretary was not happy watching a kid out of uniform and no visitors pass carrying a girl over his shoulder down the stairs during class. Harry stopped in the middle of the foyer finally letting me down I turned around to see Niall dropping Sam to her feet who immediately smoothed out her kilt.

“What’s going on?” Sam asked

“Get your stuff you are excused for well the last forty-five minutes off school.” Niall said.

I rolled my eyes and headed to my locker with Sam.

“Ok, now take these.” Harry said handing Sam and I a bag once we were back at my house. “Be ready at five so you have two hours, pack a change of cloths, Niall and I are going to take the rental cars back bring a taxi back and get ready ourselves at Sam’s house. At five you two drive to Sam’s house and we will leave.” Harry smiled and Niall nodded.

“OK…” I trailed off. Harry nodded and the two of them headed out the door. I turned to Sam “Here goes nothing.” Sam and I walked to my room taking out whatever was in the bag. “Oh mo god.” I gasped when I pulled out a short nude pink dress that went over one shoulder and had a Crystal embellished waist also in the bag was a pair of gold glitter covered pumps, man Harry was a good shopper. I turned to look at Sam who was holding a short black dress that flowed at the bottom, this one had more coverage at the top unlike mine this one went over both shoulders to make more of a classy look, I was also accompanied with a thin black belt around the waist and a pair of teal ballerina flats. “Well lets get started.” I said directing Sam to sit in front of the mirror.

“You look stunning!” Sam cheered when I finally put my dress on. My Hair was loosely curled and hung down my back.

“And you look amazing.” I had braded the front bangs of Sam’s hair to the side, it led to the side into a low messy bun, it looked so simple yet on Sam it looked so elegant and suited her perfectly

“I hate dresses.”

“And yet I have seen you in three since you met Niall.” I winked “Besides he cant take his eyes off of you when you wear dresses.”

“Harry can take his eyes off of you no matter what.”

“Oh stop.” I blushed.

“Why have you been wearing you hair down? I didn’t even put it up in practice just braided it to the side” Sam asked and I blushed even harder.

“No reason, common lets go its almost five.” I said dragging Sam out of the house to my car.

“He didn’t…” Sam gasped. I nodded slowly.

“So are you getting your cloths when we got to your place?” I asked changing the subject.

“Yeup.” She said popping the P

We reached Sam’s house and the two of us hopped out heading into the house. Harry and Niall were sitting on the couch in the small living room talking when Sam and I walked in. both Harry and Niall stood up when they saw us. Sam excused herself to grab and extra pair of cloths.

“You look gorgeous.” Harry stated taking a hold of my waist and pulling me closer to him placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Ok ready to go?” Sam said coming out of her room

“Ready as ever.” Niall said putting his arm around and heading Sam out the door with Harry and I following behind.

Harry was wearing I simple pair of black dress shoes, a white dress shirt was tucked into a pair of black pants and a simple grey blazer made the look more dressy. Niall had a pair white shoes, dark grey pants, his black top was un-tucked and a navy blue blazer pulled the look together, although Niall’s look as more relaxed it still looked good.

We hoped in my car Harry taking the drivers side with me in the passengers and Sam and Niall in the back. We drove out of the town into the next town over about forty-five minutes away from where Sam and I lived. We pulled into a nice restraint.

“When did you have time to find this?” Sam asked while Niall helped her out of the car.

“We had to do something while you were in school yesterday.” Niall smiled taking her hand in his.

The four of us walked into the restaurant “reservation for Styles.” Harry said to the hostess.

“Right this way.” She smiled, she had to be around eight-teen and clearly had no interest in the two boys standing before her as she took no more than one glance at them before leading us to our table and handing our menus. Niall and Sam sat across form Harry and I Sam sitting right across from me and Niall across from Harry.

I looked over at Sam who smiled at me “This is really amazing.” I said outing my hand on Harry’s knee Harry jumped a little but not enough for Sam of Niall to notice, not that they would the two of then were in a deep conversation Harry and I could be shouting and they wouldn’t even notice. It was cute though; the way Niall looked so content when he talked to Sam and how he never left her gaze and the smile that never left Sam’s face when he looked at her, now that was true love.

“They are so in love.” Harry whispered in my ear when he noticed I had been looking over at the two of them. “You know I want that. I want to be able to look at someone and call them mine to just be able to feel so at home by just looking at her, I want to have a relationship like Danielle and Liam or Louis and Eleanor or Niall and Sam heck even Zayn and Parrie.” Harry sighed.

“Look, its just for a little while.” I said lacing my fingers with his when the Waitress came to take our orders.

“Ok so now you tow go change.” Niall said once we reached an activities hall, this place had loads of things, it had a gym, a pool, basketball and volleyball courts and so much more. I racked my brain while I went into a bathroom stall to change into my casual cloths, it couldn’t have been one of those things because we weren’t tolled to bring gym cloths of a bathing suit I had to be something  else in the building. I opened the stall door walking out not bothering the wait for Sam. I had a pair of while skinny jeans with a blue long-sleeved superman shirt. Both Harry and Niall were standing in the same spot we left them. They hadn’t changed but just took their blazers off, I guess that’s why their look was more casual. After a while Sam had finally emerged from the bathroom wearing I pair of black skinny jeans and a black oversized sweatshirt with the letter L on the front.

I laughed in spite of myself “What?” Sam asked confused

L for Looser” I laughed.

“It’s not even mine.” Sam smirked.

“Hey! That’s mine!” Niall said and Harry and I burst out laughing.

“Ok lets get going.” Harry said leading us down a hallway. The smell of Pop and pizza immediately made me realize what we were doing next.

“I am so going to kick your ass.” I smirked to Harry while I put my bowling shoes on.

“I doubt it.” He stated

“Jake and I used to play on I league, i have trophies.”

“Wanna make it a bet.” Harry said raising an eyebrow.

“Your on.” I said

“If I win I get I kiss.” He smirked.

“And if I win…” I paused “You have to call Louis and explain your undying love to him.” I said with a sly smile.

“You. Are. On.” Harry said “Kiss to seal the deal?” she said with a cheeky grin.

“Sorry styles, but that’s bad luck.” I winked going us to grab a ball, lining it up taking a step and rolling the ball down the isle knocking all the pins down. “I’m a little rusty but, strike!” I sang sitting down on the char to watch Harry take his turn.

“I win!” I chanted for third game in a row. Sam and Niall had finished a game ago and were now sitting at a table talking and waiting for Harry and I to finish. “No call Louis.”

Harry sighed taking out his phone dialling Louis number “Its late there he probably wo-… Hey Louis.” Harry said innocently “I was just calling to tell you that I love you so much and it kills me to see you with El all the time, because honestly That Should Be Me” Harry said quoting one of Justin Biebers songs I laughed and Harry glared at me. “No I am not drunk!.... NO… no aha I had a bet with Hailey… Yeup… I was to call and confess my undying love for you.”

“You weren’t supposed to tell him!” I hissed Harry shrugged Giving my a quick kiss.

“Bowling.” Harry said.

“That’s not fair! I won not you!” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“I kissed you love, you didn’t kiss me which means it doesn’t count.” He winked. And I rolled my eyes Harry gave me a flat look and I just stuck my tongue out at him. “Tomorrow Louis.” Harry answered “Yes I’ll see you then, okay, bye, love you!” he sang.


Harry and I had dropped Sam and Niall off at Sam’s house and the two of us were now watching 50 First Dates in my living room I had changed into a pair of black Yoga pants and a black Beatles tank top my hair pulled into its regular messy bun. Harry was sitting up and I had my head resting on Harry’s lap my feet stretched out to the other side of the couch my head turned to face the television. Harry ran his fingers over the now fading burse behind my ear sending a shiver down my spine.

“Why do you always pull your hair up at night?” Harry asked.

My eyes never left the movie as I shrugged “to keep it off my face, its much cooler.” Harry traced his fingers around my jaw and down my neck leaving Goosebumps in his trail. Harry took my hand that was resting on my stomach taking my hand and lifting it to his mouth placing gentle kisses on my knuckles then the top of my hand, down my arm I turned to look at Harry why smiled placing my hand back down my stomach with his still intertwined with mine.

“What are you doing.” I giggled Harry shrugged moving his eyes to the screen in front of us I rolled my eyes and turned to watch the movie, I was only half paying attention I was more focused on the circles he was drawing on my hand. I took his hand and lifted it to my lips giving it a kiss like he had done to mine.

“What was that for?” Harry asked, I sat up so I was now sitting in his lap, the movie going completely ignored.

“I don’t know…” I shrugged butterflies erupted in my stomach when Harry moved my legs so I was straddling his lap, he pulled me closer latching his hands under my butt, I was now the one looking down at Harry while he looked up at me I placed my hands on his chest I could feel his perfectly toned muscles through the shirt he still had out from our outing by now the buttons at the top of his shirt were undone exposing some of his chest. I leaned down giving a Harry a kiss. Harry immediately begging for more, this time I didn’t object in stead I let him, his tongue fought with mine, I moved my hands to Harry’s hair tangling my fingers in his curls. Harry moved his hands to around my waist placing them just under my tank top at the waist of my yoga pants. Harry moved so I was lying on my back on the couch and he was hovered over me not once breaking our kiss. Finally Harry pulled away his breathing coming out more heavily, the butterflies in my stomach would not go away.

“We should take this to your room.” Harry said breathlessly. I nodded and Harry led me up to my room closing the door behind him. “Now where were we…” Harry said before lifting my onto my bed so he was hovering above me again. I tried to hold back a giggle, my cheeks burning red, Harry leaned down and kissed both of my cheeks “You are adorable when you blush.” He whispered. This time I couldn’t hold back my giggle. “You giggle a lot.” Harry chuckled his lips brushing against mine but not actually touching them enough.

“I cant help it, I’m just giddy.” I smiled Harry smirked shaking his head before continuing to kiss me like we were earlier. Harry let our a thoroughly moan while he traced his hand um and down my side, I gasped when Harry’s hand moved under my shirt.

“It’s ok.” Harry whispered moving his hand over my stomach. He lifted my shirt so it was just below my breasts. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He soothed. I nodded nervously. “And I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to.” He assured me. I put my hands around his neck pulling him towards me his hand now drawing imaginary shaped on my exposed stomach as I pulled him in for another kiss. I moved my hands down his torso down to the rim of his pants pulling out his shirt that was tucked in, Harry moved his hand from my stomach and began unbuttoning his shirt with one hand still not breaking our heated moment. Soon after Harry had shrugged his shirt off tossing it to the ground. I traced my fingers down Harry’s stomach when he began tracing circles in mine again, Harry’s muscles tensed when I moved my hands along his sculpted body. Harry broke the kiss both of us were out of breath. Harry moved and began to kiss my cheek down my jaw to my neck to my collarbone, I shivered when Harry placed a wet kiss in my stomach giving me Goosebumps. I could feel Harry smirk against my skin as me made his way back up placing gently kisses on all the skin that was exposed before meting my lips again for a brief moment before Harry rested down on his side. I turned to face him, I couldn’t keep my smile off my face. Harry looked so perfect with his nicely sculpted muscles and his perfect green eyes and that amazing smile. Without even thinking I lifted my hand poking Harry’s dimple.

“I’m going to miss you.” I said resting my head on Harry’s chest. Harry put his arm around me moving to lie on his back, I started tracing the definite lines in his muscles while Harry ran his hand up and down my side that was still exposed. “Do you ever think about what you would be doing if we never met?” I asked.

Harry sighed “I do, all the time and it scares me.”

“What is that?” I asked propping myself up on my elbow to look as Harry.

“Because knowing me, right now I would probably be sneaking out of some blonde bimbos flat wondering what I was doing with my life.” He chuckled. “But that is no more, from now on I am and always will be yours.”    


2-3 more chapter so enjoy! Hope you like it, there probably wont be an update this weekend sorry :/

if you want to See the outfits for tonight here is the link --> http://www.polyvore.com/last_night/set?id=71682794 you can also find some other outfit's of Hailey's there too!

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