What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


26. Chapter 26



“We should herd to bed. It’s getting late.” I whispered. Hailey whined and tried to pull her way through with the puppy dog face.

“But I’m not tired.” She complained crossing her eyes over her chest. I chuckled again, she looked so cute and believe me I had a hard time saying no, but it was past midnight. I leaned down giving her a pack on the lips then moving down her neck, when she let out a moan I knew I had her right were I wanted.

“Bed. Now.” I said my lips still teasing her neck.

Hailey huffed “Fine.”

“Is that attitude?” I said lifting my head to look at her, my eyebrow raised.

“Maybe.” She said shrugging her shoulder.

I shook my head my curls falling onto my face. I pushed myself off the bed and Hailey flopped down on her stomach sprawling across the bed. “I’ll be in your sister’s room tonight.” I said

“But why?” Hailey pouted.

  “I don’t want to push you, I’m trying to prove to you that I can  wait and I’ll do what it takes, so I’m not sleeping in the same bed as you.” I stated pulling off my shirt and heading to the door leading the Hailey’s sisters. Hailey grumbled and I just laughed. “I’m not leaving forever; I’m just in the other room love.”

“Yea, whatever, just go to bed already, oldie!” she glared.

I shook my head and headed into the other bedroom, I wanted so bad to just go back into that room and just cuddle with her, have her in my arms. It took all my strength to stay in this room, it was for the better and I didn’t want to force her into anything too soon, if it was any other girl before her I would have had no problem, it was hard to leave her in there but I don’t want to loose her too soon, and is that means taking things slow then I will, I just have to prove to her that I’m not that guy in the media.

I crawled into the big bed in her sisters room lying on my back with my hands tucked under my head, I looked around the room, posters of Blink 182 were hung up covering a whole wall. I didn’t know how long I had been lying there but I wasn’t getting tired at all I sighed trying to close my eyes and sleep, soon after the comforters were pulled off of me, I opened my eyes to see Hailey smiling down as me with the blanket wrapped around her, she hoped on the bed lying on her stomach her arm over my chest letting the blanket cover me again. “What are you doing love.”

“I couldn’t sleep.” She said tiredly.

I turned onto my side wrapping my arms around her pulling her closer to me. By now Hailey had changed into a pair of sweatpants and a tank top with her hair pulled into a bun. “I couldn’t either.” I sighed burying my head in the crock of her neck.

“Then why would you tell me to go to bed?” Hailey chuckled.

“I was tired, but then when I got down here I couldn’t sleep.” I mumbled. Hailey chuckled shaking her head. “Sing to me.”

“W-what?” she stuttered.

“Yea, like my mum.” I said snuggling down further into the bed.

Hailey sighed “What do you want me to sing?”

“The song we just wrote.” I said with a smile.

“Fine.” Hailey sighed taking a breath “  You come around and make the seasons change
You come around and leave the way you came
You come around and wipe the tears away
You make me want to give my heart away”

“Your amazing.” I mumbled closing my eyes

”The way you speak and ease me without words
And when you're gone it makes me toss and turn
You come around and make sure that it hurts
Make sure that it hurts
When you're away”

This song explained exactly everything I thought about Hailey, and if she wrote it does that mean she feels the same way? I thought. I joined Hailey for the next part as we sang together.

”Here among the clouds
we are safe and sound
you lift me up
you lift me up”

I paused and let Hailey take over, her singing was so soothing, it was better than my mum’s, but I would never admit that to my mother.

”You come around and light up everything
You stun me with your smile and all you bring
You come around and make me wanna sing
And make me wanna sing
my fears away

Here among the clouds
We are safe and sound
You lift me up
You lift me up

Lift me up
Lift me up
Lift me up”

“Hailey you are amazing, why don’t you sing often?” I asked

“Blake.” She said tensing up a bit; I tightened my grip around her stomach.

“It’s OK.” I whispered.

Hailey didn’t relax when she spoke again “He said I was horrible, and that nobody would ever like to listen to me.” I took Hailey’s Hand and intertwined my fingers with hers drawing circles on her thumb with mine calming her down a bit more. “I stopped singing altogether after that, I felt there was no point, I mean I would sing for fun like in the car, but I never sang again in front of other people.” She sighed

“Do you ever want to sing for people?” I asked

“No,” she chuckled “No, I don’t ever want to do that, I’m perfectly fine just doing it for fun you know? I like the way I’m going now.” She explained.

“Well you definitely have a talent there.” I smiled.

Hailey laughed “Good night Harry.”

“G’night Hailey.”


I woke up that morning but Hailey wasn’t there, I was starting to think I just dreamt that she came down here last night when Hailey came down the stairs into the room “Oh, look who finally decided to wake up.” Hailey said in a sarcastic tone making her way over to sit on the edge of the bed.

“What time is it?” I asked, my voice sounding scratchy, I coughed slightly to get my talking back to normal.

“Like noon.” Hailey shrugged. “Now get up, we’re going out.” She said getting up and heading to the door.

“Where are we going?” I asked

 “Out, dress worm.” She said over her shoulder before leaving the room.

I climbed out of bed going into Hailey’s room to get my clothing.


“Where are we going?” I complained.

“Somewhere god you complain a lot, can you not just sit there without complaining, and just because I didn’t let you drive doesn’t mean you can be a baby about it.”

I huffed crossing my arms over my chest “I was just asking.” I mumbled to myself.”  

“What was that?” Hailey asked taking a quick glance at me raising her eyebrow.

“Nothing.” I answered. Hailey chuckled shaking her head. “So, did you come down to your sister’s room last night?” I asked curiously.

“Mmm…. No, I don’t think so…” Hailey trailed off, I felt a little disappointed as I sunk further into my seat. “I’m kidding.” She said with a smile “I did go down there, why?” she asked.

“I-I was just wondering.” I said “I just didn’t know because I woke up and you weren’t there so I was beginning to think I just dreamt it.” I chuckled.

“Well here we are.” Hailey said putting the car in park.

I took a look around; there was a small cabin with people coming in and out, there were little kids, adults, teens, families. I looked over to the left and noticed some people skiing and snowboarding down some hills. “I can’t ski!” I exclaimed.

“You’re in luck, cause I can!” Hailey said hopping out of the car.

“B-but do I have to!” I cried

“Quit being a baby, we are going to go and have fun, I’ll teach you now get your ass out of the car.” I said opening my door.

I sighed dramatically stepping out of the car. “Fine.”

“Now lets go get you a lift pass and some skis.”


“I feel stupid!” I complained. Hailey and I were at the top of the bunny hill waiting for the little kids to finish.

Hailey laughed. “Well if you can do fine on here we will move to the blue hill, it’s a little bigger.” I grumbled mumbling to myself. “We will run this a few times quit complaining Harry then we will go in, get some lunch, and if I think you are doing fine we will move to the next hill.” Hailey chuckled.

“I’m cold!” I complained for the millionth time after falling repeatedly in the snow.

“I tolled you to dress worm!” Hailey said in a tone that made her sound like she was talking to a little kid “Come on we’ll go inside.” She said rolling her eyes.

“Eyh! Don’t roll your eyes at me!”

“Well stop being a baby.” She retorted talking off her skis and walking across the small field over to the chalet.

“Wait, Hailey…” I hollered

“What?” she yelled turning around with her skis and ski polls in her hands.

“I… uh…. I can’t… I… I don’t know how to take my skis off.” I yelled my face turning red with embarrassment.

Hailey laughed walking back over to me taking her poll and pushing down the latch at the back of the ski hinge popping my boot out “Like that.” She laughed. “Now you do it she said gesturing to my other ski, reluctantly I was able to pop my other boot out looking up and smiling widely at Hailey. “Now pick them up and we will go it and get something hot.” Hailey smiled

“Sounds good to me.” I smiled putting my arm around Hailey’s shoulders and pulling her closer to my side walking to the chalet. “So do I get to ride the big hill?” I winked

“If you want to…” Hailey trailed off

“Oh I want to.” I assured her. I took my helmet off while we walked into the locker room. “How in bloody hell do I climb these stairs with ski boots, these things don’t move very well.”

  “It’s not climbing up that you have to worry about, it’s going down.” She laughed jogging up the stairs. I huffed following slowly behind her “Man your slow.” She said patting me on my back when I reached the top of the stairs.

“Oh shut up.” I said taking a look around the building; it was designed like a cabin, with wooden walls, a little fireplace in the corner with a little couch and some chairs on the other side of the room there was a concession stand and some rows of tables, the place was filled with young teens chatting and drinking cups of hot chocolate.

“Common lets get something to drink.” Hailey said grabbing my hand and walking over to the concession stand a shock went through my arm and my stomach erupted into butterflies like it did every time Hailey and I came into contact. She dragged me all the way to the other side of the room when a young girl at about the age of about thirteen came up to us.

“Excuse me…” she said nervously

“What is it sweetheart?” I asked kindly

“A-are you H-Harry?” she asked.

I smiled turning to funny face her “That’s me.”

“C-could I get a picture?”

“Sure thing, what’s your name?” I asked happily I turned to Hailey who nodded and smiled.

“Hannah.” The girl giggled, Hannah like Hailey’s middle name I thought to myself.

“Here I’ll take it.” Hailey smiled taking the girls phone and snapping a picture. “And there you go!” She said passing the girls phone back. The little girl squealed a little turning around to face me giving me a hug.

“Thank you so much!” she said with a big smile on her face, I just love seeing our fans, they are the sweetest.

“It was no problem love.” I smiled the little girl’s face flushed, it always happens when one of us calls them love or babe  it’s kinda funny actually. “I’m sorry but the girl I really like is here with me and I kind of want to get back to proving that I’m worthy.” I whispered to the girl who giggled and nodded.

“Is that her?” the girl asked pointing to Hailey a nodded and smiled “She’s gorgeous.” The girl winked “Don’t let her go.” She whispered.

“Trust me I have been working on it.” I chuckled, the girl laughed “Well it was nice meeting you Hannah.” I said happily

“Oh no, it was nice meeting you” she stated before giving me one last hug “Bye!” she said before running off in the other direction. I turned around to se Hailey walking over to me with two cups of hot chocolate in her hands.

“I didn’t even notice that you left.” I said taking a cup out of her hand.

“I didn’t want to bother you.” She smiled leading me over to one of the tables by the big window looking out at the ski hill. “Ready to go on that one.” She said pointing to the hill that ran down right past the window. “It’s the next hill up from the one we were just on.” She smiled. “I got to that hill my first day, but of course I was a little better than you.” She laughed.

“I was not that bad.” I argued

“You fell… on the bunny hill… it like 15ft tall!”

“Shut up, I had a rough start OK!”

“Yea, ok whatever you say…”


“Harry turn, no turn, Harry god damn-it! What part of turn don’t you understand!” Hailey chuckled.

“The turn part.”


Hailey and I had gone up the next hill from the bunny hill we were on out second run down, the first time Hailey had skied down with me trying to show me how to go down but I just wasn’t getting it I had practically bombed the hill almost taking down a line of snowboarders with me. This time Hailey had gone up with no skis so she could walk down while helping me; she was walking backwards in front of me holding my hands guiding me along trying to show me how to turn  so I wouldn’t end up bombing the hill like the last time.

“Its not hard just lean to the left and you will turn to the left.” She explained “There you go.” She chuckled “now to the right.” Soon after I had finally caught the rhythm “There you go, but next time figure that out at the top.” She laughed “I’ll be right back I’m going to get my skis and we will do one last run.

“Alrighty.” I saluted. Hailey jogged up to the side of the chalet to get her skis when I group of about four girls on skis and snowboards I would say around sixteen came over to me.

“Are you Harry Styles?” I girl holding I pink board asked.

“That would be me.” I smiled

“What are you doing here?” another one asked “Sorry if that came out rude.” She chuckled. “I meant like why are you here? You can possibly be alone.”

I shook my head “it wasn’t rude.” I laughed “and no I’m not alone I’m with a friend.” I said looking up to see Hailey heading towards us.

“Is it a girl.” Another teased just as Hailey came to my side.

“Actually yes.” I smiled putting my arm around Hailey’s waist. “Ready to go love?” I asked.

“Awe that is so cute.” The girl with the pick snowboard cooed “Is she your girlfriend?”

“No.” I chuckled “Not at the moment.” I winked and all the girls awed “would you girls like a picture before we go?” I asked

“Can we!” one on the girls chirped.

“Of course!” I smiled

“But I want her in it too.” The girl with the pink board said gesturing to Hailey who blushed. We found someone close by to take a picture of the group of us, all the girls said thank you and we went our separate ways.

“See those are the fans I love, one who respect the people close to me.” I said to Hailey when we got onto the lift.

“That was so embarrassing.” Hailey mumbled.

“Oh it wasn't that bad.” I replied putting my hand over Hailey’s shoulders


“Oh I’m so sore.” I grumbled sprawling out on Hailey’s Bed.

“Well you fell pretty hard on that last run.” Hailey chuckled.

“Lets not talk about that.” I glared.

“It was so funny.” She laughed remembering my fall I had managed to take down another skier and two other snowboarders.

“It was not I groaned “Stop laughing.”

“I’m sorry I cant help it!” she said laughing again coming over to sit on the bed beside me. I was lying flat out on my stomach and Hailey was sat cross legged beside me, she ran her hand up and down my back giving me Goosebumps when I started getting the weird feeling in my stomach. “What are you thinking about?” Hailey asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked

“I don’t know, you just started smiling.” She shrugged

I turned to my side propping myself up on my elbow Hailey’s hand now resting on my side. “Do you ever get that feeling in your stomach, like its doing summersaults, or a million butterflies have erupted?” I asked.

Hailey smiled “All the time.” I smiled back at her sitting up so I was cross legged in front of her.

I took her hand in mine and I got that feeling again “Do you feel it now?” I asked

“Yea…” Hailey whispered.

I took my her hand and placed it over my chest, my heart was beating fast in my chest and I was sure she could fee it “Can you feel that?” I asked Hailey nodded and smiled “This happens every time I’m with you, every time we touch, every time I think of you, it’s all because of you Hailey.” 


Wow Chapter 26! believe it of not this is NOT the end! :) lets get on to updates... I am starting school back up so my updated may die down after a bit, after this Wednesday there will be NO updates due to my night class, I will try to update A.S.A.P which means I wont have an update 20 min from now so please stop asking me to update i am going as fast as i can! i have been updating every night for the past week, that's more than i have ever done and probably ever will do, i would like to thank those who have been reading this book you are all awesome!


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