What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


23. Chapter 23



The sun sawn brightly though the big window in my room.  God why did I decide to paint my room bright green, I really need to get some blinds. I thought to myself I kept my eyes closed as I felt someone shuffle beside me, I shot my eyes open fully aware of my surroundings now when I came face to face with a curly haired boy, his eyes were closed as he subconsciously rubbed circles onto my hip with his thumb, butterflies in my stomach erupted when I remembered last night.

“Like what you see?” Harry said causing me to jump I looked up but Harry’s eyes were still closed, a smile spread across his face. I lifted my hand poking his left dimple. “Mmmm, why do you do that?” Harry asked, his raspy voice more prominent than ever.

I shrugged “It makes you blush , you’re cute when you blush” I giggled.

“Cute?” Harry asked frowning his eyebrows, his eyes still closed “I am not cute, Sexy maybe.” He said

I giggled once again “Whatever floats your boat.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Did you just roll your eyes?” Harry asked

“What?.. But.. You.. But you’re.. They were”

Harry chuckled “I know when you roll them love.” He said finally opening his eyes. I blushed “Now you’re the cute one when you blush.” Harry said kissing my nose. I sighed resting my head on Harry’s chest “You should really talk to Jake.” Harry said still rubbing his thumb in circles on my bare skin.

“I know.” I huffed.

“I’m here for you.” Harry said kissing the top of my head.

“I just don’t know what to say.” I admitted

“Well what do you feel?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know.” I sighed. “I have known him forever, I just, I don’t know if the two of us being  a couple is the right thing, you know?”

“I’ll support whatever you choose.” Harry whispered, almost afraid to say that sentence out loud.

“Well its now or never.” I sighed as I pulled the comforter off the two of us a cool air wrapping around my skin as I let out a small shiver when Harry moved his hand off me and sat up stretching his limbs out as he let out a groan. I got up and looked in the mirror, my makeup was smudged a little under my eyes as I took a cloth and whipped off last night’s makeup. “Harry!” I whined as I spotted the purple bruise just behind my ear.

“Hey, don’t say anything.” He said pointing to the one I left on his collarbone. I blushed turning to face the mirror again placing the cloth on the makeup stand.

“Out, I need to change.” I said shooing Harry.

“Let me grab a shirt first! I am not walking out there with your family without a shirt and this lovely marking on me” he chuckled leaning over to pick a white t-shirt out of his bag, I watched as the muscles in his back flexed as he pulled his shirt over his head. He tugged the bottom of his shirt down to his waist then looked over his shoulder, a beep blush forming on my cheeks as he winked and walked over to me. “You should cover that up. He whispered running his fingers over the sore spot behind my ear before leaning down to kiss the spot soothing the stinging that his fingers left. I closed my eyes sighing “Wouldn’t want Jake to see that.” He mumbled against my skin, his breath giving me Goosebumps.

“Let alone my parents.” I chuckled

Harry hummed against my skin. “No, we wouldn’t want t that.” He said before lifting his hand and pulling the elastic out of my hair, my curls from last night fell limply out of the messy bun “Much better.” He said looking into my eyes.

“I need to change.” I said again, Harry sighed turning around heading to the door. “Hurry along, call Jake, I’ll drive you if you need you meet him alright?”

I nodded and motioned for him leave. The moment he closed the door behind him I let out a sigh in search for some cloths.

I checked my appearance in the mirror satisfied with my outfit. I had on a grey tank with a large black cross tucked into a black pair of straight cut jeans, I matched it with an oversized multi coloured cardigan sweater. I walked over to my mirror fixing my hair over my ears to cover Harry’s wonderful marking putting a red beanie on to tame the curls that I had left from last night. I walked over to my closet taking out my favourite pair of Red Dr. Martians. I sat on the edge of my bed pulling out my phone dialling Jake’s number.

“Hello.” He answered after a few rings

“Hi, can we talk?” I asked

“Sure.” He sighed.

“Not on the phone, can we meet somewhere, or ill go there?” I asked

Jake sighed “I don’t know, I’ll meet you at Tim Horton’s alright, in like 20 minutes?”

“OK, bye Jake.” I sighed

“Bye Hailey.” He replied back before hanging up

Well that was awkward I thought to myself, I huffed as I exited my room to see Harry sitting at a stool by the counter eating pancakes while talking to Tyler. “So you’ll make pancakes for him, but you wont make any for me?” I said raising an eyebrow at my little brother.

“Harry is cool, and well… your not.” He shrugged causing Harry to try and cover a laugh which caused him to choke on his pancake as he started coughing.

“Karma’s a bitch.” I said smirking at Harry.

“Ha.” Harry said as he glared at me.

“Ready to go?” I asked Harry

“Yeup.” Harry said standing up from the stool whipping his hands on his pants.

“Um… aren’t you going to change?” I asked

“Umm?” Harry said looking at me questionably.

“You wore those pants to bed correct?” I said raising an eyebrow

“Yes.” Harry sighed

“Go change.” I chuckled

“OK mother,” he said sauntering into my bedroom

Tyler laughed at Harry’s accusation “Shut up and eat your pancake.” I said to the kid as I stood in the middle of the kitchen with my arms folded over my chest. Harry came out with a casual pair of Black jeans and a beige jacket and drown ankle boots.

“OK, now I’m ready” he said taking his Keys off the coulter and ruffling Tyler’s hair

“Hey!” Tyler scowled

“Hey is for horses bud.” Harry said as he walked into the porch

“And to think I thought you were cool.” Tyler Mumbled.

“Guess you thought wrong.” I said before joining Harry.

“Where to?” he asked before opening the door.

“Tim Horton’s.” I said grabbing Harry’s keys from his hand and dashing to his vehicle.

“Oh no you don’t.” he said picking me up by the waist and spinning me around I yelped in surprise “and I’ll take these.” He said plucking the keys out of my hands and placing me back on the ground.

“Not fair, why cant I drive!” I complained crossing my arms over my chest and stomping my foot on the ground.

“Because I don’t trust you.” Harry chuckled. I pouted sticking my bottom lip out and giving him pleading eyes.

“I’m a fine driver.” I stated.

“I’m not disagreeing, but this is a rental car and I don’t trust you.” He said coming closer putting his hands on my hips. I huffed and turned around from Harry getting into the passenger side of the car ignoring the butterflies I got at his touch. Harry finally got into the drivers side of the car chuckling softly to himself.

We were about halfway though the drive into town, I still hadn’t spoken to Harry, I just sat there with my arms crossed over my chest staring out the windshield trying to be mad at Harry, but I couldn’t help but notice that Harry kept taking glances towards me, he was planning something the look on his face said it all.

I tried not to react when Harry’s hand was placed on my knee as he robbed his thumb up and down my knee. I shifted a bit in my seat trying to get comfortable when he moved his hand to about mid thigh giving me Goosebumps and that weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, the kind you get when you go on a rollercoaster and that first drop makes your stomach flutter, the kind that sends a jolt through your whole body giving you a rush.

Harry squeezed my thigh and I yelped covering my mouth quickly  glaring at Harry who just gave me a sly smile “We’re here love” he said.

I looked around noticing we were in the Tim Horton’s parking lot. I took a shaky breath hesitating to open the door. “Look, I’ll be right here when you come out, and I’ll support what ever you choose.” He said sincerely.

“Thanks Harry, I’ll be back in a bit.” I smiled. I hoped out of the car and walked into Tim Horton’s the smell of fresh coffee and donuts hitting my nostrils. I spotted Jake hitting at a table in the back corner his head propped up by his hand his brown hair hanging in front of his eyes as he stared intensely at his coffee cup jiggling his leg in anticipation. I pulled out the chair across from him  taking a seat as he lifted his head. I gave a slight smile “Hey.” I said politely

“Hey.” He answered “Look I’m sorry about the past few weeks, I went home and thought it over, and I don’t know about you but even though I was happy when you were mine, I loved it when we were friends.” He said  all in one breath.

I couldn’t help but smile, he just said exactly what I was thinking “So, still friends?” I asked

“Best friends like always.” He said with a smile. I stood up and went over to his side hugging him around the shoulders. “Oh come one I need a better one than that.” He said standing up and giving me a proper hug. “I’m sorry.” I said into my hair “For everything, for Blake, for me being a dick last night, for everything you have gone through.” He said

“Your going to make me cry.” I said into his chest. Blake held me out at arms length  taking his thumbs and whipping some stray tears off my cheeks. My phone vibrated in my back pocket I took it out reading the text message from Harry chuckling at his massage

‘Can you get me a coffee on your way out love Xx –H’

“Is Harry here?” Jake asked I hesitated to answer afraid of how to answer him. Jake snatched the phone out of my hand reading the message he smiled shaking my head as he walked over to the counter.

“I’ll get two large coffees and a large chocolate Ice-Cap supreme” Jake said winking over his shoulder at me.

“I could have got that you know.” I said taking the Ice-Cap out of his hand scooping up some of the whipped cream with my finger and putting it in my mouth.

“Yea, well too late.” Jake said “I don’t get how you can drink those things in the middle of the winter.” He said shaking his head taking the two coffees off the counter. “Now, why don’t we go see Harry yea?” I looked at Jake worried, he laughed shaking his head “Don’t worry, I wont do anything to him, just going to give him a talking to, because well lets face it, you like him.”

“What!” I said raising my eyebrows.

“Oh don’t play dumb with me Hailz, I saw the way you looked at him last night when he came outside, don’t worry I’m not mad, you’re my friend now, I’m just going to give him a talking to because.. Well lets face it Tyler is not scary enough for interrogation, at least I might scar him a little.”

“Okay, what ever you say” I said rolling my eyes.

“You know you really got to stop doing that eye roll thing” Jake said as he walked out of Tim Horton’s. Jake instantly spotted Harry’s car walking over holding up his coffee. Harry opened the door hopping out and closing the door behind him accepting the coffee from Jake. “We need to talk.” Jake said in a very convincing tone. Harry looked at me with worried eyes I just shrugged mouthing a ‘Good luck’ to Harry with a grin in my face taking a sip of my Ice-Cap and getting into the passenger seat. I watched as Jake led Harry over to his car Harry’s back was facing me but Jakes scowl continue he kept a straight face the whole time.

Harry waited his hands clenched into fists as he watched Jake drive away, he turned on his heal his head bowed tossing  his now empty coffee cup in a nearby trashcan, he ran his hand through his hair repeatedly as he trudged through the snow over to the vehicle going around to my side, he whipped the my door open grabbing my hand and polling my out of the car.

“I hate you.” He whispered taking my face in his hands placing his lips on mine. It shocked me at first but I settled into his touch when he removed his hands from my face pulling me closer by the waist, his body heat instantly warming me up, I wrapped my arms around his neck tangling my fingers in his curls. I let out a giggle “What?” Harry mumbled against my lips

I pulled away to look at Harry who just glared at me “You taste like maple syrup and coffee.” I smiled.

Harry wiggled his eyebrows “Well you taste like chocolate coffee.” He laughed. “Now lets head home before you catch a cold.”

I sat nicely in Harry’s car  while Harry laced his fingers through mine. The drive home was better then the drive there, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Jake was still my best friend, and things were finally getting better with Harry and I.

“So what did Jake Talk to you about?” I asked.       


FEAR NOT! there is more to come. I repeat THIS IS NOT THE END!!

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