What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


22. Chapter 22





I couldn’t take it anymore, I waited way to long to get Hailey and now she’s teasing me? The moment she opened her bedroom door wearing Pyjama shorts and an oversized t-shirt. I was hooked, I grabbed her waist with one hand.

“So beautiful.” I whispered before swinging her around pinning her up against the wall trapping her by placing my arms on either side of her on the wall as I felt the light switch and swiftly flicked the light off. I couldn’t take it any longer I smashed my lips onto hers again, I could never get enough of this. I tried once again to deepen the kiss but Hailey just smiled against my lips teasingly “Hailey…” I groaned against hers. Butterflies erupted in the pit of my stomach as I herd her giggle against my lips making me want more, this time I tried for a different approach instead of gliding my tongue across her bottom lip I decided I wasn’t going to beg anymore I replaced my tongue with my teeth, I took her bottom lip between my teeth and gently tugged at her bottom lip but she stayed stubborn not letting me continue, I sucked on her bottom lip this time but still nothing, I groaned pulling away to catch my breath quickly placing my lips on her neck, trailing gentle kisses down her jaw to her neck searching for her sweet spot. Hailey’s breath hitched when I glided my tongue across the spot behind her ear I smirked as I placed gentle kisses on the newly discovered area. Hailey moved her head to the side to allow me to have more room, I took the opportunity to leave a nice mark on her; if she wasn’t going to let me deepen the kiss then I’m going to leave her a gift I thought to myself. Hailey moaned as I sucked harder on her skin then replacing it with gentle kisses  “Hailey…” I groaned again lifting my head up and resting my forehead back on hers. This girl was driving me crazy.

“Harry…” she  mimicked as she started to laugh a little I glared at her, she really was teasing me I pouted  giving her pleading eyes while pushing out my bottom lip. Hailey rolled her eyes before she kissed my bottom lip doing the same as what I had done to her by taking her teeth between my bottom lip and tugging slightly. I smiled into the kiss as she put her lips back on mine. She’s not as innocent as I thought. I said to myself but she was still being stubborn so I thought of my last option. I snaked my hands down to her butt squeezing gently, this took her off guard as she yelped in surprise, I smiled  in triumph and took the opportunity to slip my tongue into her mouth deepening the kiss, our tongues fought. I pulled away to catch my breath my chest rising and falling against hers.

“Up.” I demanded. Hailey obliged jumping up wrapping her legs around my waist as I held her up by locking my arms under her butt, this allowed Hailey to be the same height as me as she reluctantly began to kiss me again, God I wanted her so bad, I wanted to hold her, to kiss her, call her mine, and most of all to protect her. I led her over to her bed laying her on her back as I hovered over her, her legs untangled from around my waist as I rested between her legs. I broke the kiss but without missing a beat I moved back to Kissing Hailey’s neck returning back to where I landed before; right behind her ear and on queue Hailey moved her head to the side to allow me to have more access to her neck as he continued to let out a soft moan. I was caught off guard when Hailey managed to swing herself around pinning me to her bed; her legs straddling my hips, oh the things I would love to do to her I thought. Hailey replaced my spot by kissing my neck trying to find my sweet spot, she began kissing my jaw line as she traveled down about half way down my neck, her lips were still placed on the same spot when I realised what she was doing as she fiddled with the three buttons on my polo, in one swift movement I pulled the shirt over my head allowing Hailey to continue her search, she chuckled against me skin, the vibrations sending my stomach in summersaults and Goosebumps up my back "Don’t do that." I moaned which caused her to chuckle again, I swallowed hard as I knew she was getting closer and soon enough I couldn’t hold my moan in when her soft lips traced over my collarbone there it was, she new it too as she started nibbling at my collarbone doing exactly what I had done to her. I couldn’t take it anymore as I moaned again grinding my hips against hers. Hailey lifted her head smirking at me.

“Payback” we winked. I held her back as I sat up so Hailey was now sitting on my lad with her lags on either side of my waist. The only light on the room was the light reflecting on the full moon through her window which allowed enough light to see almost everything clearly.

“You’re Beautiful.” I said as I kissed the tip of her nose. She stifled a giggle as a slight blush crept up on her cheeks. She started tracing the tattoos on my shoulder studying each bit of etching marked permanently on my skin.

“You are so going to regret some of theses later.” She chuckled I shrugged as she continued tracing each tattoo. I let out a sigh, what she was doing felt nice, calming almost. She moved my arm so it was sitting in her lap between her and me as she traced the cursive writing, the last tattoo on my arm.

“This tattoo isn’t for the boys, is it?” she commented.

“Why do you say that?” I asked

She stopped tracing the letters looking into my eyes. “You sang this song to me on stage, you came back for me even thought you knew I was taken, that’s how I know.”

I chuckled “You got me on that one, I wasn’t about to give up on you, and I never will.” I said taking her hand in mine intertwining our fingers, her hands were so tiny compared to mine. Hailey smiled as she nodded to herself.

“I’m surprised you didn’t put lyrics to Yellow on there.” She commented.

“You remembered didn’t you?” I said, she gave me a cheeky grin.

“Maybe” she teased

“Quit doing that.” I chuckled

“Doing what” she asked mocking a British accent.

“All your teasing, it’s driving me crazy!”

“Fine, I could never forget that moment, let alone that song, at first I started singing it because I thought it was the first just thing that popped into my head, but when you asked about why I sang it I remembered exactly what happened.” She admitted she remembered, she really remembered, which means she knew exactly why I chose that song to dance to tonight. “You know, they played that song tonight at the dance.” She said shaking her head “It was the only actual song Jake and I actually danced to the whole night, and that was because he was forced to, we won King and Queen you know.” I slouched when I herd those words. “And then it all just… Fell apart.” She chuckled to herself.

“It’s OK now, I wont leave you” I said as I buried my head in he shoulder.

“What time is it?” Hailey asked trying to caver up a yawn.

I shrugged, I didn’t actually know the time “11 I think?” Hailey let out another yawn and I shifted her around so she was lying down. “Here, comfortable?” I asked as I pulled the comforter up I leaned up a little on my elbow as she turned to face me , I placed my hand on her hip just above the waistband of he pyjama shorts. Her shirt was up a little exposing the skin where my hand was as I rubbed circles with my thumb on her hip creating Goosebumps where my thumb had ran over her skin.

“I think I have said this a million of times since you have been here, but thank you for staying by my side.” She smiled, I loved that smile it showed in her eyes, I smiled back at her, it was a genuine smile and she knew too as she raised her hand to poke one on my dimples. I laughed and leaned down to kiss her nose.

“Go to sleep.” I whispered and she yawned again. I rested down in her bed as she did too, not to long after she had fallen asleep I was mesmerized at how peaceful she looked like nothing could ever hurt her. I was just about to fall asleep when her door crept open I looked up to see Hailey’s mum.

“She ok?” he mum whispered I nodded with a smile “Thank you.” She said relieved as she stepped a little further into the room “And Jake?” she asked.

“Not sure, he came by but it didn’t end well…” I trailed off in a whisper trying not to wake Hailey. I sat up a little leaning on my elbow.

“Did she tell you?” she asked taking a seat on the end of the bed. I nodded in response. “Thank you so much for staying by her side.” She said sincerely.

“ How can I not?” I said looking down a Hailey her breathing was slow and content. I took my hand off of her waist and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“You’re a nice boy Harry.” Her mum said as she got up from the bed and headed to the door. “Get some sleep.” She said before closing the door behind her. I settled back down in the bed and placed my hand back on her hip to continue rubbing circles as I slowly dozed off to sleep.

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