What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


20. chapter 20




"So then Trisha was like yea-huh, and I was like Nuh-uh and she was like yea-huh and I was like Oh-no-you-didn't and she was like Oh-yes-I-did" Harry said mocking a fake Latino voice.

"Harry would you cut that out? You are making me mess up my nails." I said holding back my laughter as I waved my sparkly nail polish in his face. "Ouch Harry! That's hot!" I yelled rubbing the top of my ear where Harry had burned with my curling wand.

"Well if you wouldn't wave that smelly nail polish in my face I wouldn't have done that!" Harry retorted

"How do you even know how to work one of those anyway?" I asked

"It's not rocket science babe." Harry chuckled "And you don't just get curls like these with just a flip of the hair." He said shaking his curls.

"Oh puh-lease." I said rolling my eyes.

"What, these curls have to be curled when I walk the red carpet, Lou has one." He shrugged. "And was that another eye roll?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"Whatever, so are you almost done?" I whined

"Hold on, God your impatient!"

"You move at snail-pace!"

"Ok... one minute!" Harry said putting the wand on my makeup stand "And.... Done!" he said pulling a few pieces of hair back as clipping a bow at the back of my head, he held up a mirror so I could see the back of my head, the moment I saw it I was at a loss of words, my hair had been curled loosely down my back and an off-white bow held the strands in the front of my hair around the sides to the back. "Well?" Harry asked rocking back and fourth on his heals.

"Oh my God Harry, it's beautiful!" I gasped turning around to face Harry. "Thank you, for everything." I smiled.

"It was nothing." Harry smiled

"Okay so now that I have hair and nails, guess I should start with makeup." I said looking over my selection of makeup.

"I think you should use this." Harry said pointing to a light pink eye shadow "Then match it with these colours." He said pointing to a light brown, and grey eye shadow. "And you can't use those without a light layer of sparkles" Harry winked.

"Okay, we'll try that out." I chuckled as I started to do my makeup.

"What is this?" Harry said pulling out a brown leather book from my very limited bookshelf.

"Oh uh, that... Th-that's my writing book." I said as I turned to see what he was looking at.

"Oooo what do we have here" Harry Mumbled

"Give it back." I said standing up to take it from Harry who reluctantly held the book above his head out of my reach. I huffed knowing I was never going to win. "You don't know anything about privacy to you?" I asked sitting back down at my makeup table.

"Nope" Harry said humming to himself as he flipped through the pages. "You write lyrics?" Harry questioned.

"Not really that's the only one, and it doesn't even have a title." I said finishing off my eyes.

"When did you write this one?" Harry asked still looking down at the page. I froze knowing exactly what he was talking about, the only song in that book.

"I... uh... a bout a year ago?" I said trying to finish up my makeup

"The lyrics are good but who it is about?" Harry asked

"No one." I snapped

"Hey, it's alright I was just wondering" Harry said putting his hands up in surrender. "It's good, have you sang it?"

"Sorry." I apologized "And no I haven't" I sighed

"Hmm let's see, I mean it would sound better with an acoustic background but I'll give it a shot." Harry said clearing his throat. I was still adding the finishing touches to my makeup when Harry started singing the song that I had wrote "Don't come to me crying 

When I walk out the door 

If you, you 

Think clearly 

we've been, been 

Here before"

I couldn't believe it, Harry the Harry Styles was singing my song I turned around to face Harry and noticed he was already looking at me with a smile, he winked and continued onto the chorus. "No matter how often 

We've fought and we' ye strained 

You've hurt me 

So badly 

I just can't hide 

The pain" I came and sat next to Harry who was sitting on my bed and looked over the lyrics with Harry we sang together the last verse I had written "So softly at moonrise 

I walk out the door 

No lying 

No crying 

Just can't take 

No more" that was the only time I had actually sung that "Not bad, it needs some work though." Harry said still studying the lyrics.

"Yea well I'm not a song writer." I said taking the book out of Harry's Hands which caused Harry to look up, our faces were only inches apart.

"Your eyes, their gorgeous." Harry whispered. We were so close I could feel Harry breathing on me, but none of us made an attempt to move away Harry licked his lips before looking down to mine then back up to my eyes, it felt like everything was moving in slow motion, my breathing hitched when Harry moved his hand so it was resting on top of my hand that was sitting on my lap a shock went through my hand where he had touched. Quickly both of us backed up like something terrible had happened but none of us made a notion to speak and I'm sure Harry felt exactly what I felt by the way he quickly shot his hand away from me like I had burned him.

"I... Uh... I need to get my dress on." I said looking down at the ground. I was surprised to see Harry just nod his head and walk out of my room closing the door behind him without a smartass remark. I sighed clearing my head before I stood up to put my dress on.



"Shit." I mumbled to myself as I closed my eyes and slid down the wall to sit on the ground just outside of Hailey's room, I cant do that to her, she has a boyfriend, heck I don't care about her boyfriend, but I do know she has had a rough couple of days and I just can't put that on her she's way to innocent for that. God Harry. But I could tell she felt something by the way she pulled away when I touched her almost like my touch had sent her a shock, heck I even felt it! I was running my hands through my hair when someone called my name.

"Harry?" I looked up to see Hailey's mum looking at me concerned. "Are you and Hailey alright?" she asked

"Y-yea we're fine." I stuttered.

"You sure?" She asked raising an eyebrow "I'm a mother Harry, I'm sure you're mother would know when something was wrong." She stated crossing her arms over her chest.

I took a deep breath before I stood up "You caught me, I'm a total wreck." I huffed.

"Hmmm... I see." She said "Here follow me, I'll make some tea." You know I just met Hailey's mum last night and she really makes you feel at home I smiled and followed her to the kitchen. "So, talk to me." She said putting the kettle on the stove as she got out two mugs and tea bags, I leaned up against the island counter shaking out my hair and running my hands through it, how do you tell the mum of the girl you like that you like her daughter?

"Do you know why I'm here?" I asked

"To prove to Hailey that you are worth her time?" She questioned. Damn she's good. I gave her an odd look which made her chuckle "You like her, correct?" okay seriously is she a mind reader?

"Um... Erm" I said rubbing the back of my head "How did you know?"

"Honey, I can tell by the way you look at her, how when she looks at you, you turn away, boy you blush like crazy, and not just any guy would come see her, especially someone as famous as you." Wow she had that right on. "Jake used to look at her the same way." She added. I shot my head up to look at her.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked

"He loved her, don't get me wrong he still does, but not as much as he used to, he just wants to protect her, she has known her for years now and at this point he has only stayed with her so nothing bad will happen to her, he's just as scared as she is." It was silent for a moment before the kettle went off and Hailey's mum want to retrieve it, she poured two cups and set on in front of me. "She like you too." She said taking a sip of her tea, I almost choked on mine when I herd that. "She looks at you she same way you look at her, she just wont admit it because she is to scared to, don't get me wrong Jake is a very lovely boy, but you are what she needs."

"Well I think I'm going to need help getting her" I mumbled as I took another sip of my tea. The door the Hailey's room opened and I turned around to face her, this time I actually choked on my tea when I saw her, she was gorgeous. Her dress was Beautiful, It was strapless with a fitted top that sparkled silver which matched her nails, it hung loose just after her hips the bottom of the dress was light blue the front stopped as about mid thigh and the back hung lower to just below the knee, she had on a pair of blue heals with a nice blue bow on the side where a strap went across the bottom on the heal. Her hair was nicely curled and hung over her shoulders and the front of her hair was pulled back with a bow; all my doing. She had used a Smokey eye technique with the colours I had picked with just the right amount of sparkled and a light layer of mascara, her makeup was done very lightly and she toped it all off with pink lipstick. In her hand she held a teal sparkly clutch, the only thing she was missing was a necklace.

"Um mom?" she asked

"Yes honey" her mum answered

"Do you have a necklace I can barrow, I can't find one." She whined I chuckled as she slouched over to the opposite end of the island counter that I was standing at.

"Hailey stand up straight, jeez we put you in a dress but you don't act more lady like" Her mum said taking Hailey's shoulders and making her stand up straighter which caused Hailey to only roll her eyes, I stifled a laugh trying not to laugh out loud.

"Shut up Styles." Hailey said glaring at me.

I stood up straighter and walked over the Hailey's side of the counter "Here take this." I said unclasping the necklace from around my neck and placing it around hers.

Hailey held the small Paper Plane pendent in her hand as she looked at me in shock "H-Harry I can't take this, I-it's yours." She stuttered

"It looks better on you." I whispered as I kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks." She blushed

"Awe!" Her mum cooed

"Mom!" Hailey said annoyed

"Pictures, pictures, pictures!" Hailey's mom sang

Hailey only whined as she gave me a pleading look, I shrugged as I pointed to her mom who was coming back into the room with a camera "You're helping me out" she mouthed to me.

"Say cheese!" I chuckled as I pointed to the camera.

"Harry, get in there." Her mum said motioning me to mover closer I stood next to Hailey with my hands tucked into my pockets as her mum took some pictures. She took some more of just Hailey before the doorbell rang. Hailey ran to the door as fast as she could with those heals, standing in the doorway was Niall and Sam.

"Hey Hailey!" Sam chirped. "Harry!" she said finally noticing me.

"Hey Sam." I waved

"Oh come on you can do better than a wave, I haven't see you in forever come, give me a hug!" she smiled, I smiled in return and walked over giving her a hug.

"Oy! She's mine." Niall said as I let go if Sam.

"Wouldn't dream of it." I said giving Niall a bro hug "You clean up nice" I said punching him in the shoulder He had on black dress pants, a white dress shirt was tucked in and a black tie hung from around his neck, and his hair was perfectly styled; like always.

"Shut up dude, you have seen me dressed up before" he smirked.

"Yea, but with the help of our hair and wardrobe team." I chuckled.

"Well I had some help from Sam." Niall said putting his arm around Sam's waist, which caused her to blush. Sam had on a Black fitted dress her hair was straighten and slung over one shoulder I admit Sam looked great but nothing could top the way Hailey looked. "By the looks of it I should have gotten Hailey to do my hair." Niall joked which caused Sam to jab him in the side with her elbow.

"Not cool dude." I said shaking my head

"I'm kidding, honestly" Niall said immediately Sam just shook her head and rolled her eyes, God they both do it? I looked over at Hailey who clearly saw what I saw as she chuckled and turned away.

"Thanks Niall but Harry did my hair." Hailey said which caused Niall to look at me wide eyed ad he rose his eyebrow, I just shrugged gave him a wink. "So are you guys ready to go?" Hailey asked. Sam and Niall both nodded as they all headed to the door "I'll see you when I get back?" Hailey asked before closing the door behind her.

"I'll be here." I saluted. "Have I good night." I smiled, she smiled back and closed the door. I huffed and turned to go back to the kitchen.

"Dude don't let her go." Hailey's little brother said, I turned around to face him, he was about two inches taller than Hailey.

"Tyler right?" I asked

"Yes, that is me." He said crossing his arms over his chest.

"Do you know how I can win her over?"



"Sooo." Niall said wiggling his eyebrows at me

"What?" I asked as I took a seat on the Limo that Niall had apparently rented

"How's Harry?" he winked

"I still have a Boyfriend." I pointed out

"I didn't ask that, I know he spent the night and all of today with you." Niall said

"We just hung out, nothing happened." I shrugged

"You're no fun." Niall huffed crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back into his seat. I shook my head and rolled my eyes

"So how is Sam?" I winked Niall and Sam both blushed as they exchanged glances "Eww, gross I don't even want to know" I said covering my ears. Which caused Niall to crack up in his usual fit of laughter, you know the kind that makes everyone else laugh along too. The ride lasted a little longer before we finally showed up at the lodge where the dance was.

"Hey babe." I herd someone say as I got out of the limo, I turned to see Jake who smiled as he took my hand and let me inside "You look gorgeous." Jake whispered in my ear.

"Thank you" I smiled as I checked out what he was wearing. He had on black dress pants like Niall with his white shirt tucked in and a bowtie that matched the blue on my dress.

"Well look at you two all matching." Sam said as she came up to us with Niall

"Jake this is Niall, Niall this is Jake." I introduced the two who shook hands and began chatting.

"Sam and I will be right back, we are going to get some pictures." I said Giving Jake a quick peck on the lips as Sam did the same to Niall and we left the two to talk. "So how is Niall treating you?"

"Oh my God Hailz, he got me this." She said pointing to the necklace hung around her neck, it was a simple necklace with the word Princess written in cursive that was attached to the chain, I smirked at the meaning 'Niallers Princess' I thought to myself "That's not all he got me a new Guitar!" she squealed, wait did Sam just squeal?

"Harry gave me this." I said lifting the Paper plane pendent to show Sam.

"Isn't that like his favourite necklace?" she asked and I shrugged.

"He put it on me."

"He still likes you, you know that right." Sam said

I sighed "I know"


we were about halfway through the dance when Tom the Student council precedent announced that they were doing Semi Forman King and Queen, the ballets had been arranged by most popular couples; Jake and I along with two other couples in the senior year were up in the running. "And King and Queen goes to...... Jake and Hailey!" the crowed cheered as Jake and I received our plastic crowns and sashes. "Now for the lovely pair to start their dance." Tom announced. The DJ obliged and began to play a slow song. My heart sunk when the lyrics began to play Coldplay's Yellow.

"M'lady." Jake said offering his hand, reluctantly I took it and we took to the center of the stage, the dance was nothing like the one I had with Harry but I stuck with it, soon after people stared joining in. "Are you OK?" Jake asked

"Yea I'm fine." I smiled but it's was more of a forced smile and Jake bought into it. The song had ended; I kinda missed how Harry sung the song in my ear as we danced. Jake had wandered off to talk to some of the Football players like he had done all night leaving me alone, again.

"Are you alright?" Sam asked as she came and sat beside me at the empty table.

"I'm fine." I huffed

"No your not" Sam chuckled, finally someone understood me "Look, go home, I'll tell Jake you weren't feeling well and went home." Sam smiled.

I stood up and gave her a hug "Thank you." I mumbled.

"Harry is waiting for you back there." She reassured me as she gave me a gentle smile.

"Yea I think I might have to have a talk with Jake soon, we're falling apart." I said glancing over to where Jake was laughing with his friends across the room.

"It'll be OK."

"I'll see you later" I said giving her one last hug "Oh and I'll send the limo back here"

I hoped into the limo and fiddled with my hands till it stopped at my house. I thanked the driver and walked up to the door taking a deep breath and opened the door, surprised to see Harry standing in the exact place the was when I left, but this time he had a dark pair of jeans on and a black polo shirt on.

"Sam texted." Harry said almost as if he red my mind as to why he was waiting at the door for me.

"It was a dud." I said "And these heals are killing me." I said taking off my heals and leaving them by the door.

"What happened to Jake?" Harry asked as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I don't want to talk about it." I mumbled. Harry wrapped me up in a hug and I buried my head in his chest. "So why are you all dressed up?"

"Because herd to you didn't have a good time, and I wanted to make it up to you." I lifted my head of his chest and smiled.


"Really, Really" Harry smirked "Right this way." He said gesturing to the kitchen. He led me through the kitchen to the dining room where the table was set for two. I smiled at the Spaghetti meal that was placed on the table.

"You remembered?" I asked as I took a seat

"Well I didn't ask you those questions for nothing Hailey Hannah Holl" Harry winked.

"I never tolled you my middle name."

"I asked Tyler" Harry shrugged with a sheepish grin.

"Thank you, for setting this up Harry." I smiled, and for the first time tonight it was a genuine smile.

"Well eat up, there is more to this night." Harry said as he took a seat.

The two of us sat there eating for a while and just talking about loads of things when my phone rang.

"Excuse me." I said as I answered my phone "Hello?"

"Where the hell are you!" Jake yelled through the phone.

"I'm at home, so you care now? How about when you left me by myself practically all night!" I yelled back.

"Go to the door, I'm not arguing over the phone" He huffed hanging up the phone without a single word.

"Um, I'll be right back." I said the Harry

"Is everything alright?" Harry said through gritted teeth.

"I got this." I said heading to the door. I stuck in a pair of boots and stepped out into the cold winter air, Jake was leaning against the wall and he stood up straighter when I came into sight.

"Look I'm sorry." Jake started

"No I don't want to hear it, you say sorry all the time, but you still continue to leave me for your Football friends, I don't mind that you do it once in a while, but you left me tonight, you made me feel like I was alone, I'm sick of feeling alone, I didn't even care!" I began the shout.

"I just want to protect you!" He shouted back

"I can handle myself, look I know you are trying to protect me but even I know we are falling apart."

"No, no, no, no, no." Jake said shaking his head "What does this mean" he asked looking at the ground.

"I don't know Jake you tell me." I said shaking me head. "Tell me this, do you actually love me, or are you just here to protect me?" Jake was quiet for a long time , in fact he didn't even have to answer me. "Jake you were me best friend, you always have, and right now you are acting more like my friend than a boyfriend."

"No please." Jake said coming closer taking my hand in his, I didn't get that spark that I had got when Harry touched my hang "Please Hailey, One more chance?" He begged

"I-I can't." I said taking my hand away from Jake. But Jake took hold of it once again pulling me close to him "Let me go" I said calmly. Jake never let go instead he smashed his lips onto mine, it wasn't like the ones we had before, it had no passion, it was forced then it clicked, Jake had been drinking before he got here. I put my hand on Jake's chest and pulled him away but he still had a Firm grip on me wrist I tried pulling away but he just tightened my grip, fear creped onto my eyes "Let go." I panicked but it was no use.

"She said. Let. Go" I turned to face Harry who was standing in the doorway his eyes were much darker than before his jaw was clenched and his hands balled up in fists. "Would you like me to repeat myself?"

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