What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


16. chapter 16



*December 15, 2012*

“I can’t believe you are dragging me to this stupid dance.” Sam said as she tossed a volleyball over to me

“Hey, it wasn’t just me” I explained as I bumped the ball back over to Sam “Niall wanted to see you again, and well I thought it would be a good idea if he came for that.”

“Well I didn’t even want to go” she said as she jumped for the ball and spiked it over the net. “I hate dressing up and you know that.” Sam said as the ball fell to the ground.

“Well I think you look mighty fine Darlin’” a thick Irish accent rang through the gymnasium.

“Niall!” Sam yelled and she ran over to the blonde kid standing in the doorway.

“I missed you.” Niall said as he pulled Sam in for a hug giving her a kiss on the nose.

“Hey Niall.” I said waving my hand to Niall as I walked over to the couple with the volleyball in my hand.

“Hey Hailz!” Niall said excitedly.

“So I suppose our volleyball session is over now?” I questioned Sam

“Sorry” Sam said apologetically.

“No its fine! You and Niall need to ketch up, I’ll just take the later bus home than.” I said with a smile

“You sure?” Niall said “I can give you a ride” the boy offered.

“No, no.” I said shaking my head “I think I’ll just hang out here for a bit” I sighed

“You alright?” Sam asked

“Ya, I’m fine, now you to go! Have fun, you need it.” I said with a smile.

“Well we’ll see you tomorrow Hailz.” Niall said as he took Sam out of the gym holding her hand.


A few minutes passed while I was in the guy by myself hitting the volleyball off the wall another foreign accent sounded “I don’t think that wall is going to dent love”

“What do you want.” I said bitterly, I didn’t even have to turn around to know it was Harry.

“I just want to talk, please.” He said with a hint of hope in his voice.

“Why are you even here?” I asked as I finally turned around to see the curly haired boy standing a few feet away from me.

Harry huffed as he did his oh so famous two shakes of the head and a comb through with his fingers. “Niall was coming here and I thought I would tag along, I really needed to see you, I thought if I came here to see you I could get over you.” I said as he rushed through every word in case I wasn’t interested.

I sighed as I put the ball away and walked to the gym doors leaving harry to stand in the middle if the gym “Are you going to follow me or and I leaving you here all night?” I asked as I turned to face Harry one more time.

“Erm, ya, sorry… ya... I’m coming” Harry stuttered.  

“Look, I’ll listen to you, we left on a bad note, I don’t hate you per say but you really have to get over me.” I explained to Harry as we walked through the gym doors.

“Well can we just talk?” Harry asked as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“Sure, but first I have to change.” I said walking through the change room door “Give me a minute”

I walked through the door and to the bench where my stuff was sati plopped down on the bench as I took out my ponytail and ran my hands through my hair “Come on Hailz, you have to talk to him at some point. It’s not like he did anything that bad to you, it’s not near as bad as what has already happened to you before, okay you can do this” I said to myself taking a deep breath as I took my grey track pants out of my bag and put them on over top of my shorts, I slipped on my pea coat and put on my white beanie. Grabbing my bag I walked out of the change room.

“You coming?” I said to Harry as I looked down to the ground where Harry sat just outside the change room door, for the first time I actually saw what he was wearing, he had on a pair of blue skinny jeans, his black jacket was unzipped along with is blue hoodie, and a simple Pink Floyd T-shirt his hair was hits usual wind swept curls fell effortlessly down his face. Harry pulled a black beanie out of his pocket as he stood up and placed it on his head pulling the front of his hair out of his face.

“Like what you see huh?” Harry said with a cheeky grin

“No… well who wouldn’t take in THE Harry Styles.” I said sarcastically.

Harry huffed as he looked to the ground shaking his head “I Guess I’ll take you home, we can talk on the way ya?”

“Sure, I guess that’s fine, but I was just going to take the bus.” I stated

“Oh, no, I rented a car, come on I’ll drive.” Harry offered.

“Fine, I guess so” I said jokingly

Harry gasped and put on a hurt expression “Why are you so stubborn?”

“Why do you care about me?” I retorted.

“Well… I, erm… I… never mind, just tell me where you live” Harry said as he got to the black vehicle

“You go out of there and take a right onto the HWY.” I said aw I wiped my door open and sat inside crossing my arms over my chest.

Harry rolled his eyes and hopped in on his side and started the car.

“Why are you even here?” I asked again

Harry hesitated a bit biting on his lip before he answered “The two weeks that I spend back home I had time to think an-“

“And sit and go out with another girl and do stuff with her, face it Harry you-“

“No, would you just shut up and let me talk” Harry said raising his voice a bit, I sunk back into my seat and motioned for him to continue “Yes sue I was with another girl, but I had no feelings for her, her and I are just friends, and yes I know we kissed, I’m sure you saw that but when I was with her all I could think of was you.” He said as he griped the wheel tighter with every word he said.

“Take a left here” I said looking out the window “and it’s the second house.

Harry parked in the driveway still looking out the window. “Harry?” I questioned

Harry lifted his head to look at me even in the dark light his Green eyes were still visible through some of the light eliminating off the house. “Come on.” I said as I opened the door.

Harry did as tolled and followed me up to the house.

“Mom, I’m home!” I yelled

“Okay” she hollered back from up the stairs “don’t come up, I’m wrapping gifts”

“Okay” I yelled back, Harry let out a chuckle as we walked onto the kitchen “Hot Chocolate?” I offered Harry as I opened a cupboard door.

“Sure” he said bobbing his head up and down to an unspoken beet.

I grabbed two mugs out and put them on the counter as I put the kettle on for some hot water and grabbed some hot chocolate packets. “So, have you heard the new album?” Harry asked trying to fill the silence.

“Ya, sure I have.” I shrugged as I took the steaming kettle off the stove and poured the water in both cups stirring the mixture; I set a mug on the counter in front of Harry “It’s pretty good” I smiled as I lifted the mug up to take a sip.

“Oh ya?” Harry’s eyebrows shot up “Favorite song?” he asked

“Little Things” I blushed.

“Why is that?” Harry asked again as he took a gulp from his mug.

“Well, it’s a song that every girl to relate to, every verse explains some sort of thing that has gone through a girls mind, I hate to admit this, but your verse explains me perfectly.” I said as I blushed

Harry Smiled looking at the counter as he traced the tiles on the counter top.

“Come on, let’s go to my room.”  I said turning towards the small hallway that lead to my room.

“Nice room.” Harry chuckled as he walked into the bright green room, his eyes widened as I closed the door revealing the cartoon covered door “Wah.” Harry said stepping closer to look at the same cartoons the other boys had seen in the summer. Harry pointed to the same cartoon Louis pointed out one with harry sat at a desk striping out of his cloths with him saying ‘Extra Credit Eh?’ “Ha Louis sent me that one” he laughed

“I know” I sighed as I went to sit on my day bed.

Harry turned to face me again “So?” he said as he sat next to me.

“Here’s the thing,” I said running a hand through my hair as I sat crossed legged facing Harry “you can’t have feelings for me; you really know nothing about me.”

“I don’t have to know much about you to know that I like you” Harry stated simply

“What’s my middle name?” I asked

“What does this have to do with anything?” Harry asked

“See, you don’t even know that simplest things about me, you know nothing about me, you don’t even know the half of my story.” I sighed looking down at my lap.

Harry lifted my head up to face him “Well then tell me, I want to know everything about you.” 

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