What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


15. Chapter 15



“Okay, in 3… 2… 1… GO” The producer said as the show started. The crowd cheered and there were loads of “I Love you” and “Harry! Harry!” 

“Right and we are here in the ‘My Date With… After Show’ with the famous boy band One Direction talking about their time with Hailey and Sam.” The blonde lady said as he placed her hand on my knee, I don’t know why they always put me close to the interviewer, I looked over at the blonde boy sitting next me and have him an annoyed look, Niall just looked back and smiled. I hated when the interviewer touched me, they always flirt and right now, I’m not in the mood.

“So Boys I heard that some of you got to spend tom extra time with the girls a few weeks after the show, how did that go?” she asked

“It was pretty fun” Liam said

“I had a blast getting to know the girls more and having a chance to do our own thing” Louis chimed in.

“I loved it, I was happy that I got the chance to see Sam longer, because I hated that I had to leave her right after that night.” Niall said his face glowing as he said Sam’s name. The crowd cooed and ‘awed’ as he talked about Sam.

“So Harry,” the blonde girl beside me said placing her hand back on my knee as she spoke “I see you and Hailey had some moments, has anything happened?” she asked.

The crowd fell silent as I cleared my throat. “Um, nothing.” I sighed.

“I see you have a new Tattoo” the girl asked pointing to my forearm that was half covered by the sleeve of my blazer.

“Yes I do.” I stated simply rolling the rest of my sleeve up to reveal the tattoo. “It says I won’t give up on us”

“Is the not the song that you guys played to Hailey in that video?” I interviewer asked

“I suppose it is.” I said with a slight smile on my face remembering that night like it was yesterday, the smile disappeared as I thought of what came after the concert.

“There has to be a meaning behind it then?” she questioned

“Erm, sort of I guess, I mean I really enjoy the song, and I erm, basically, you know, like, it means that no matter what happens between us, you know as in the boys, and erm you know, I won’t ever give up, no matter what happens, I have never given up my dreams and I will never give them up, you know?” I said trying to make an excuse, there was no doubt in my mind that Hailey was watching and I couldn’t just say I got it because I’m in love with her but she doesn’t know. No that is not happening, besides, I don’t even think she wants to see me. I was caught up in my own thoughts until the crowd started cheering again; I glance up at the boys as they continued to answer questions.

“So Zayn, you have been very quiet, I noticed that you and Hailey had a nice moment on that stage, how was that?”

I noticed as Louis wiggled his eyebrows seductively at Zayn causing him to blush as he chuckled as shook his head.

“Ha well we were just talking and having fun, I hadn’t got the chance to really talk to her because the other boys had her attention, so I decided while she was on her own I might as well have some time with her, she is very nice, and I got to spend some more time with her for the two weeks after too, she is so funny and fun to be around, her and Sam are really great friends now, and she is an awesome drawer, she gave us these” he said reaching into his back pocket to pull out his wallet revealing a rectangular piece of paper with a drawing on it. “I keep it with me because it’s cute and because it reminds me of her, our fans are awesome and I wish more of them got the same chance she got.” He stated showing the interviewer the cartoon drawing of him.

My heart sank when I saw the picture, the fact that I never got one made me upset, Lou showed me one that she had drawn of me, in fact he showed me the whole wall but it was a picture on his cell phone, I wish I was able to have my own, just something to remind me of her.

“So Niall,” the lady asked moving onto a different subject, you could tell the Irish boy knew exactly what she was going to bring up, the look on his face as his eyes turned a brighter shade of blue, his face lit up, his cheeks turned red and he moved anxiously in his seat “Tell us about Sam”

Niall smiled as he looked at the ground suddenly more interested in his green Supras then he ever was before “This may sound a bit cheesy but,” he said raising his head to look at the girl sitting next to me “The moment I saw her I knew I wanted to get to know her, when we were at the amusement park we had a blast! She likes the same things I do, she like scary movies, eating…” at that everyone chuckled

“We love Sam she fits right in and her and Niall clicked just like that” Liam commented

“She reminds me of Louis.” I stated “She is very talkative, always smiling, and funny.”

“Niall really did find the right girl for him, they talk all the time.” Louis stated

“So when are you going to see her” the girl asked

“Well this may come to a surprise to her but Hailey and I have planned for me to come up December 16 for a few days, they have a Semi Formal dance and I thought I would be nice to take her” Niall blushed

“And why would it be a surprise to her?” she asked again

“Well because she doesn’t know… well now she does, because I know she is watching this, so I guess I should say this” Niall turned to face the camera saying “I know you are watching this babe, so.” He took a deep breath before continuing “Will you go to the dance with me” he blushed lowering his head to stare at those damn shoes again.

Niall jumped as he reached to take his phone out of his back pocket, he chuckled shaking his head.

“What does it say mate?” Louis asked trying the peek at his phone

“I just got a message from Hailey she said Sam is mad that we planned this, she can’t find her phone so I am telling you that she says as much as she hated that we planned this behind her back, she would love to go.

Zayn patter him on the back as Liam ruffled his hair Niall had the biggest smile on his face and I could tell he really loved her. I leaned over as pinched his cheek at the same time Louis did

“Our Nialler is growing up” Zayn stated simply. The crows ‘wooed’ and ‘cooed’ and awed’ and everything else. I couldn’t get over the face that Niall gets to see Sam whenever he wants, the fact that he can call her his made me wish even more that I could say the same thing for Hailey, I really need to just talk to her on last time.

The rest of the interview went on for a few more minutes and some audience member asked questions about that date and about Sam and Hailey Blah-Blah-Blah. I couldn’t get Hailey out of my head, actually Hailey has never left my head sense the day I tolled Val that I love Hailey. There has to be some way I can get a hold of Hailey somehow, she won’t answer text messages or calls or tweets or anything, even today when I saw them on Skype, I choked up, and everything was awkward, I just have to see here face to face.

And I know exactly when.

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