What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


14. Chapter 14


*October 29*

“Jake!” I yelled as I ran up to him giving Jake a hug. He wrapped his arms around my waist picking me up and spinning me around. Jake had been gone for the past two weeks with his football team and it felt nice to feel his arms around me again.

“What are you doing tonight babe?” he asked just as Sam came skipping around the corner, a smile plastered on her face as usual.

“Hey Hailz, our One Direction Date is on T.V tonight, and you going to watch?” she asked before I could even reply to Jake’s question. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Jake was the least bit interested in our conversation.

“Sure.” I said trying to sound as excited as she was, don’t get me wrong, I still loved them the boys were always going to be my favorite, I still kept up with what they were doing but not as much as I used to, I had pretty much stopped using twitter because of the constant hate and questions I was getting all because of that stupid Harry thing, if anything it was his fault. Not mine, every once-and-a-while one of the boys would send me a text if they weren’t busy. But for the most part I hadn’t talked to them. Sam on the other hand had Skyped with Niall frequently and I suppose she had talked to some of the other boys as well. The one person that had recently been under the radar was Harry; I haven’t heard anything about him in a while.

And unlike me the fans love Sam, they loved the fact that Niall had found his ‘Princess’

“Great!” Sam said tracing me from my thoughts. “You should come over to my house tonight and we can watch it together.” She added “Are you going to come?” she asked Jake with a smug look on her face.

“Ya right” Jake chuckled

“Whatever you say.” She said over her shoulder as she walked to her locker.

“I don’t like those boys: Jake scowled.

“You can’t hate them all” I stated rolling my eyes as I fiddled with my lock.

“Right, I hate Harry.” He stated.

“Fine with me I huffed as I opened the door to my locker to grab my homework. Jake waited for me to back my bag before he led me to his car.

I sat in the passenger seat fiddling with the hem of my black ‘I <3 Madrid’ sweatshirt that hung loosely from me. I was so anxious to see the video of our date, I hadn’t watched videos of them in a long time, and I just wanted to hear them. Memories of our date stared flowing through my mind; meeting them for the first time. Convincing Harry to go on rides, having dinner with hem, laughing at Louis’ jokes, seeing them in concert, having them sing to me, seeing Sam and Niall so happy together, spending two weeks with 4/5 of one direction… and that’s when it hit me, Harry wasn’t there that two weeks, he had went back home, the only reason why we had those two extra weeks, he had moved on, hadn’t he? He must have. He left because of me though, but he met some other girl that looked like she could have been a model if she wanted to. I had seen pictures of them together a few days after the boys had gone back on tour.

Suddenly the car stopped. I looked up to see that we were already at my house. I collected my bag and started to walk to my front door, a hand grabbed my shoulder gently spinning me around, and Jake looked at me for a moment before he spoke.

“I’m just trying to protect you, I don’t want you getting hurt again.” I was silent for a moment as I closed my eyes blinking back tears, I understood what he meant and he didn’t have to explain himself any further. Jake lifted my chin up with his index finger as I fluttered my eyes open to look in his bold Brown eyes filled with concern. He pulled me close to him with one arm wrapped around my waist and the other cupping the side of my cheek.

“I love you.” He said before gently placing his lips on mine. I can never bring myself to say those three simple words back to him, because I don’t know if I am in love with him I know I have feelings for him and that I don’t ever want to lose him but I can’t say for sure and I wasn’t about to throw them around and not mean it in the end. I gave Jake a hug burying my face into his jacket he rested his chin on my head letting out a sigh.

“Jake.” I said my words muffled in his chest.

“MMHM?” he mumbled

“I have to get going.” Once again Jake sighed as he let go giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I turned on my heal and headed to the door looking back at Jake with a small wave. He gave me a tired smile and proceeded back to his car. I ran up the stairs to the house opening the door letting the warm air slip outside for a moment as I proceeded to take off my shoes.

“Mom!” I called into the house as I rounded the corner into the kitchen.

“Yes?” my mom answered from the kitchen as she was starting dinner.

“Tonight is the One Direction Date on T.V Sam invited me over to watch it is that OK?” I asked.

My mom nodded her head “Sure, when are you going over?” she asked, just then I received a text from Sam

‘Can you come over soon?’ she said

“She wants me to go over as soon as I can.” I said answering my mom’s question.

“Fine.” I mom huffed rolling her eyes. “Don’t be out too late” she hollered at me as I ran into to porch shoving my convers on and heading out the door grabbing the set of car key on my way out.


I locked the car door behind me as I scurried over to the side door at Sam’s house to let myself in. I opened the door and was greeted by Sam who was sat on the couch smiling ah her laptop I took my shoes off and flopped on the couch beside her, I finally realized what she had been smiling at.

“Hey Darlin’” a thick Irish accent rang in my ears; a smile appeared on my face as I looked over as the screen. There sat Niall in a light blue polo shirt.

“Hey!” I said exactly as I waved to the Irish boy on Sam’s computer screen “What are you up to?” I asked Niall.

“Just getting ready for an interview” he shrugged. “It’s after our date show.” He added.

“Oh, Okay” I said with a smile “So what are all the other boys up to?” I asked

“They just left to get ready, so I’m here, eating.” He said holding up a bag of chips. I rolled my eyes as because that was the exact same thing Sam was doing, I think that’s all they did when they talked to each other is sit there and eat, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Suddenly a voice in the background sounded as Niall looked up from his laptop.

“Oiy mate! What are you doing?” the British accent sang as the door slammed.

“Chatting with Sam and Hailey” Niall blushed. The other boy came running into the picture side tackling Niall. The two of the boys sat up perched on the couch. Of course it was Louis who had walked in, I could tell when he spoke. Louis had the biggest smile on his face.

“Hailey!” he yelled into the computer “I have missed you love” he said “How are you?” he asked.

“I’m great how are you?” I asked as my face lit up when Zayn and Liam walked through the door sitting on the couch beside the other two boys. They moved the computer back revealing all four faces. They all look so different, more... Mature, the last time I saw them was three months ago, they changed so much.

“So Uh… where Harry?” I asked biting my lip.

“He’s running late.” Liam shrugged.

“Typical” Zayn mumbled rolling his eyes.

“Oh” I stated looking at the floor. “Well how have you guys been?” I said changing the subject.

“Great!” Louis shouted the rest of the boys nodded their heads in agreement when a door shut in the background. The boys went silent and looked at the unknown parson. Their eyes followed the figure as it approached the arm rest of the sofa. The unknown person came into view of the webcam. Sam and I sat their silently as Harry looked at the boys who were staring blankly at the curly haired boy.

“What?” he asked shoving his hands in his jacket.

Sam cleared her throat the boys snapped their heads up looking at the screen still nobody said a word. Harry turned his head from the boys and looked in our direction; his Green eyes shining in the light, Harry didn’t say a word he just looked at me with a sad smile on his face just as Harry was about to say something a women barged into the room calling them to the stage. The boys quickly got up, Harry looked at the floor and walked with the rest of the boys, Niall stayed behind to log off the computer.

“Bye lovelies” he said with a smile on his face.

“Bye” Sam and I said together. Just then the screen went black.

“Well, that got Awkward Fast” I mumbles putting my head into my hands.

“OK then…” Sam trailed off. “Well the show is going to be on in a few minutes.” She said checking the time on her phone and switching through the channels till she found the right one.

My mind kept running back to Harry, he looked like he hadn’t gotten any sleep, I hated to say it but he looked horrible, for someone who was so good looking, he looked like he had been to hell and back for the past few days.

The show starting playing it was an hour long Sam sat there giggling and squealing when she saw Niall she was so into the show, I on the other hand watched with little interest as I checked my twitter feed on my phone, messages from all sorts of people were coming up about the show. Some were commenting about the was Harry was looking at me I rolled my eyes as some people said they wish they were me right now, I didn’t even want to be me right now, soon enough ‘Siall’ was trending on twitter just after the moment when Niall had asked her out. I nudged Sam showing her the trend. She smiled at the thought of all the fans gushing over her and Niall.

I huffed looking through me feed again when one tweet caught my eye

‘@Harry_Updates Harry Styles has a new tattoo twitter.com/jgwp5’

I don’t know why it caught my attention harry was always getting tattoos, half of the time they were just ridiculous things that I didn’t really care about but when I opened the picture it was a clear picture of the inside of his forearm the tattoo was a lyric that red

‘I won’t give up on us’ from the exact song he and the boys sang to me on stage.

Just then that line was being sung by Harry himself on the T.V I snapped my head up looking as Harry held my hand on stage looking into my eyes with that cheeky grin on his face.


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