What Are The Odds?

17 year old Hailey and her best friend Sam have won a chance to spend the day with One Direction in Toronto. After spending the day with the boys Hailey notices a certain someone hasn't taken his eyes off her since the moment they met, Hailey who already has a boyfriend is torn between staying with Jake or dating one of the boys who are apart of the worlds biggest boy band.


13. Chapter 13


"LIAMMM!" I yelled as each of the boys walked in to my house

"Hey babe." he said giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"So what are we going to do for these two weeks?" I questioned

"Well we just want to chill out, we are up for anything you girls want to do" Niall said while putting his arm around Sam and pulling her closer to him.my brother came down from his bedroom carious as to who I was talking to.

"Who are they?" he asked sizing the boys up as he gave a discussed look.

"Well we are 4 of 5 members of One Direction; Louis said slinging his arm around my shoulder "Who are you?" he asked mimicking the same discussed look that my brother had.

"I'm Hailey's little brother, and if you don’t keep it down I just might have to unleash my ninja wrath on you" he said pointing a finger at Louis, next thing I knew Louis had reached over hitting my brother in the arm like a Karate chop.

"Well I will just use my KungFu skills on you" he said with a smirk.

My brother looked down at his arm then back at Louis with a shocked look on his face. "Oh so you want to play it like that eh?" he said Louis nodded getting ready for what was next to come, my brother reached over in attempt to hit Louis' arm but Louis dodged and went in to his my brother again, while they were sitting there playing I grabbed Zany’s arm tugging him through my house as Liam, Niall and Sam followed going down to the wreck room.

I flopped down on the couch as the rest of the boy’s doggy piled on top of me. "Oh my got you guys weigh like a thousand pounds!" I groaned

"We do not" Liam said thickening his British accent

"So what are we going to do?" Niall asks as I was trying to push the boys off of me when Liam rolled off and landed face first on the floor the whole room went quiet till Liam let out a groan Niall couldn't hold it in any longer he burst out laughing which made everybody else in the room start laughing Liam sat up crossing his arms over his chest.

"It’s not funny" he said with a dramatic pout.

"Oh Liam you'll be fine" Zayn said putting an arm around Liam giving his a one armed hug. Liam’s face lit up as his best friend gave him a hug.

"HA I knew I would come to victory!" Louis shouted as he came running noisily down the stairs.

"What did you do" I asked him

"I nothing...." Louis said with a sly look

"Louis..." I said

"Oh don’t work babe... much" as he mumbled the last part I looked at him with a questionable look. Louis smirked "I’m just kidding! We had a laugh, he told me more about you 1D obsessing" he said with a wink

"Ok, let’s change the subject" I quickly said. Zayn walked over with a Sing Star mike and passed it to Louis, I didn’t even notice that the boys had hooked up the PS2 and started up a game.

"Let’s see who's better" Zayn said to Louis "Loser passes the mike on"

"Deal" he said as they shook hands. Louis stood up taking his spot in from of the TV beside Zayn and the battle began.

Zayn had gone through beating Louis Niall and Sam but finally lost agents Liam. I was sitting there watching as the boys played and just at I started to blank out a mike was taped on my head I looked up to see Liam Smiling at m.

"Yes?" I said in an innocent voice.

"Oh don’t play dumb love, it’s your turn and because you made Sam you have to go." he said with a sheepish grin.

I rolled my eyes "Fine." I said

This should be good I thought; now I’m going to lose. My face lit up as my favorite song came up. Oh "you better be ready," I said hitting Liam in the arm he looked over at me with a questionable look "I have first place on this song, I am pro" I said with a cocky grin

The song started and we both got our game faces ready.

I took a walk around the world to 
Ease my troubled mind 
I left my body lying somewhere 
In the sands of time 
I watched the world float to the dark 
Side of the moon 
I feel there is nothing I can do, yeah

was the first verse, Liam doesn’t stand a chance as I looked over at his score and sized it with mine I smiled to myself when I noticed I was in the lead. The song continued as the boys and Sam were cheering us on.

"Come one mate, you’re a singer, and she is beating you!" Louis yelled at Liam during the instrumental. Liam turned around and winked at Louis. soon enough the song was over and I didn’t get a chance to see who was leading before the song ended, I waited anxiously as our points piled up and up when mine finally stopped, I liked over at Liam's points his were still stacking up as he crossed his arms looking at me with a grin on his face, I had lost... for the first time on this song I had actually lost.

"Noooo!" I said dramatically falling to my knees in defeat. Liam bent down and whispered in my ear

"It’s alight love, but I sing professionally... and well, you don’t" he stated.

"Wow Hailey, You’re good" Niall said with a shocked look on his face.

"I know" I stated "What did you think I was bad?" I questioned.

the rest of the day went by in a blur, we sat around watching movies, playing pool, which Niall won every time and by the end of the night everybody was don’t loosing and gave up. "Can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen" Niall said as he had one for the millionth time in a row.

"I think we should get back to our place" Liam said as he checked his watch with a yawn it was One in the morning and everyone was getting tired, and Zayn had already passed out he had his head on Liam’s lap and his legs stretched across to the other side of the couch resting on my legs Louis was playing foosball with my brother while Sam and Niall were talking. Liam tried to lightly shake Zayn awake but it was no use he was sound asleep, I gently moved his feet off my lap shushing he boys as I walked over to Zany’s face getting as close as possible to his ear, I could tell my breathing tickled his ear as he smiled and rubbed the side of his face deeper into Liam's lap, I proceeded to take a breath.

"WAKE UP!" I shouted at the top of my lungs in his ear, Zayn shot up startled, he shot his head up so quickly that I didn’t have time to move mine and he has smacked his forehead on mine. he looked to out of is and the rest of us were on the floor laughing, I was rubbing my forehead, it hurt so much but it was so worth it.

"What do you want?" Zayn asked annoyed still rubbing his forehead.

"Oh someone is a little grumpy pants" I said in a childish manner.

"We are going to go back to our place for the night' Liam said zayn nodded while Louis let out a loud groan.

"But I dint want to go."  Louis whined as he stomped his foot.

"Oh grow up" my brother scoffed, Louis faced my brother crussing his arms over his chest while sticking his tongue out at the kid.

"No" he startd and proceded to walk up the stairs, the rest of us looked at each other puzzled when Louis walked back down "So are we going of what?' Louis asked

"But... you, you just said you didn’t want to go?" I said but it came out more of a question

"Well that was before that child spoke" he said sticking his nose up in the air "Come on lads, I'm the only one who can drive and if you don’t get your tiny touches up here in leaving without you" he yelled from the top of the stairs.

"Is he serious?" I asked nobody in particular.

The boys were silent for a second "Yes" Liam said as the boys rushed up the stairs, Sam and I followed the boys to the front door as they started to put their shoes on.

"So we are cool for tomorrow?" Sam asked

"Yeup" Niall said giving her a hug and a gentle kiss on the forehead.

"TO THE BEACH" I said in an excited voice, the boy’s exchanges looks like I was crazy. "That’s where we are going tomorrow." I stated with a 'duh' look on my face.

"OH" the all chord

One by one each of the boys said their goodbyes to Sam and me as the headed out the door.

"I take it you are staying here again?" I asked Sam as we proceeded to walk to my bedroom

"Well there is no point in going home at this time" she stated.

Sam had slept over at my house for the third time in a row. "You know you think ide get tired of being with you all the time" she said as she skipped off the room "But I don’t" she stated shortly after.


The next day we had went down to the beach, and the best part was, I lived in a very small town, which mint the boys had nothing to worry about, it was just past noon and we had spent about two hours at the beach. Sam was tanning with Zayn because she doesn’t really like swimming and Zayn said he would join her because her lovely boyfriend wanted to go swimming.

Louis, Niall, Liam and I were in the water having chicken fights, Louis hoped on my shoulder because he wanted to duel Liam. Niall and I were stuck holding the two of them on our shoulders as they tried to push each other over "Come on Louis!" I yelled "you can’t let these nut jobs win!" I said suddenly I heard a yell come from Niall

"I'm going down!" he said

"No!" Liam shouted “you have to ha-" he was cut off with a mouth full of water

"HA-HA" Louis cheered as he flipped off my shoulders.

"Ok, I’m done now" I said exhausted. "Want to walk to the store with me I asked Louis. There was a little corner store just down the road called Zenetties.

"Sure!" he said in an exited voice as he hoisted me up over his shoulder walking back to the beach.

"Ah! Louis! Put me down" I shouted

"NEVER!" he yelled as he started to yell.

"Liammmm, Help" I begged

"Nope, he’s all yours" Liam said with a grin on his face. I looked up at Liam sticking my tongue out at him.

When we got back to Sam and Zayn Louis finally dropped me letting me grab my towel. Surprisingly there weren’t many people here today, we had gone two hours and nobody had recognized the boys. I took my towel out of my bag and began to dry myself off.

"Where are you going?" Sam asked.

"The store!" Louis said

Niall and Liam were just starting to come towards us as I was slipping on the shorts and grabbing my wallet.

"We'll be back" I said to everyone I as took Louis hand and proceeded in the direction of the store.

"So," I said to Louis after a short while "Have you talked to Harry?" I asked

"Ya?" he asked.

"Is he doing OK" I asked

"He seemed fine when I was talking to him last night, he told me he was going to hang out with some girl, what what’s her name again?" he thought for a moment before saying "Val, that’s it Val was her name"

"Oh I stated simply looking down at the ground as we walked past a small park. I should have guessed, he would move on, why do I even care? it’s not like we ever had a thing, I that I would ever want a thing with him after what happened, he’s free to do whatever he pleases I thought, but I knew he would be on to another girl in no time any ways so why did this come to a bog shock to me in the first place?

Louis and I walked in silence both thinking about what was going on when we finally reached the little store, Louis opened the door as the little bell on the door rang a girl about my age walked out from around the corner and greeted us with a smile, the store was very tiny, to the right there were your regular every day foods, and to the left there was a rack full of chips a fridge with drinks and a little ice cream counter, at the back of the store there were Muskoka and Port Sydney sweatshirts, this place was a big tourist area so they sold touristy things back there.

Louis and I made our way over the ice cream where there was and older lady.

"May I help you" said in a polite tone that you could tell was fake

"Um ill have a scoop of Moose Tracks in a waffle cone" I stated to the lady who nodded her head and proceeded to scoop my ice cream.

"And what would you like sir?" she asked Louis who had a wide grin on his face. I could tell he was smiling at the fact that she had called his 'sir' I nudged him on the side as he let out a little grown.

"Ah, I'll have- hmm let’s see... I will get theeeeeee... hmmm-"

"Oh would you pick already?" I said

"Don’t rush me Love" he said in his British accent. I just rolled my eyes and continued to eat my ice cream

"Oh I’ll just have what she is having" he said pointing to me.

"SHE has a name."  Said to Louis, the lady chucked a bit at our arguing.

"Ya, but I can’t quite remember what the name is" he said tapping his chin pretending to forget who I was. I just rolled my eyes and walked over to the cashier. the girl kept giving us weird looks, she was staring a Louis like she had known him from somewhere but couldn’t quite figure out where, she must have just shrugged it off bacuse she didnt say a word.

Louis and I walked out of the store when I just had to let it out and start laughing, "did you see the look on her face, she toatly thought she knew you from somewhere" I said

"I thought she was going to say something, but nope, she didnt." he said

Louis and I proceded to walk back to the beach when two girls who loooked about fifteen walked past us staring at Louis. the two if us gave eachother a look like I know what coming next, suddenly one of them taped Louis on the back. he spun around and looked at the two girl standing bofore him. the litle blonde girl nudged her brunette friend who began to clear her throat.

"A-are you L-Louis Tomlins-son?" she asked nervously.

Louis stood there for a moment like he was thinking. "No, I don’t think last time I checked my name was Jimmy" he said impersonating a Canadian accent. “Now if you'll excuse me, my friend and I are trying to have some fun." he said quickly, but his last few words started to come out in his British accent and he grabbed my wrist and ran towards the beach.

"What took you so long?" Zayn asked.

"Nothing but JIMMY had two fans." I said

"Jimmy?" Sam questioned

"Two fans saw Louis and he told them his name was jimmy and not Louis" I stated

"Ok..." Sam said.

"So you went to a store and bought ice cream and you didn’t get me anything?" Niall said as he took the cone out of my hand and started to lick my ice cream.

"Hey! That’s mine" I shouted as Niall ran off down the dock. I chased after him trying to get my cone back when Niall jokingly decided he was going to pretend to let go of my ice cream to drop it in the water, I leaped in the air to save my cone when I bumped Niall harder than I thought causing his to lose his balance and fall into the water along with my cone. "MY ISE CREAM!" I yelled

"That’s ok; I’m fine, if that matters." Niall said lifting himself up on the dock.

"I’m done, don’t talk to me, I don’t want to talk to you." I said crossing my arms over my chest and walking over to Sam and the rest of the boys.

"LOUIS!" Sam shouted as she came running in from the lake chasing after Louis who was running like a mad man. "I’m going to get you, that was not funny!" she shouted in anger, her shorts and tank top were soaking wet, I’m guessing Louis dunked her in the water, Louis ran and hid behind Liam who was now standing holding his arms out trying to protect Louis from Sam. Zayn had sided with Sam and was now trying to help her get at Louis when finally Niall came running past me straight towards Liam he leaped in the air and tackled Liam to the ground leaving Louis un projected as Zayn and Sam came running towards the now terrified Louis sending him to the ground it a thud. Everybody was on the found laughing as I stood there staring at all of them.

"How did I end up with these idiots" I shouted to the people that were beginning to stair. Zayn grabbed me by the waist and pulled me on to the ground with him.

"Because you love us" he whispered in my ear.

The rest of the day we spent at the beach just hanging out and playing around with the boys till about five when we finally decided to go back to our own places.


The rest of the two weeks went by in a blur; it was the last day till the boys had to go back on tour.

"NO, NEVER" I shouted trying to block my door to my room while the boys were trying to get in.

"Come on Hailey, we have hung out for two weeks and you never let us in there, we want to see your room" Liam said staying to pry me away from the door.


"Why not?" Zayn asked

"It's... erm... messy"

"But you just cl-" Sam started to say but was cut off when I forcefully covered he mouth with my hand. Next thing I knew my hand was wet.

"EW what the hell Sam!?" I shouted whipping her saliva on her shirt as she laughed "too bad you don’t know where that hand has been" I said with a wink, suddenly I was caught off guard when Liam picked me up odd the ground slinging me over his shoulder allowing Louis to open my door.

"No, Stop, Put me down" I said slapping Liam on the back he finally put me down and the boys stepped into my lime-green room.

"It’s not that bad" Louis said. My walls were bare and there was no sign that I was a huge fan besides the one poster of the boys that I had which Sam had bought me a few weeks ago for my birthday.

"No, just wait." Sam said kicking my door closed revealing the drawings that were on the back of my door.

"Wah, this is so cool" Niall said.

the boys spent a good ten minutes looking at my cartoon drawing of the boys, and laughing at some of the funny one and pointing out the one's of them and their favorites. Each of them took turns taking pictures in front of my door and posting some on twitter, along with spotting on dedicated to Ed Sheeran.

@Real_Liam_Payne: @EdSheeran look what I just saw from our Canadian friend!

Liam tweeted, soon after Ed tweeted back

@EdSheeran: @Real_Liam_payne this is brilliant I want it!

He says he wants it Liam said. I walked over to my drawings and picked it off the door.

"Here tell him my gift" I said with a smile.

“I like this one.” Louis whispered in my ear. I was a picture of Harry sitting at a school desk unbuttoning his shirt with a caption saying ‘Extra credit eh?’ this past two weeks I had forgotten completely about Harry, even though I was hanging out with his best friends I hadn’t really considered them as One direction I thought of them as Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis, the four guys who I had spent every day for the past two weeks with.

We didn’t do much on the last day we mostly just sat around watching movies and talking. It wasn’t till they were leaving my house that I realized that soon enough we were going to move on in our lives and god knows when we will see them again.

Sam and I stood at the door of my house saying good bye to the boys, tears welling up in our eyes I said goodbye to each of the boys giving them a hug and I kiss on the cheek, Sam and Niall were the last two, Sam we hugging Niall and Niall didn’t seem like we ever wanted to let go, he kissed her on the forehead a few times while whispering in her ear, and every so often he would say “Okay?” and she would nod her head. I was standing in the door frame watching the two of them as they were standing just meters away from me.

Niall pulled Sam out of his embrace as her tear started to well u in her eyes, he gently whipped away the ones that were starting to fall. I was still wiping mine away with the sleeve on my sweatshirt. he lifted her chin with his index finger so he was looking at him. And that was the moment he leaned in and gently kissed her, the first kiss they shared, and they looked so happy together.

“Finally!” Louis shouted from the car window. “Now if you don’t mind, we have to get going” he said

Niall gave Sam one last hug as he headed over to the van.

“I’ll Skype you when we get settled in L.A alright babe?” she shouted out the window to Sam.

“Okay” she said as they backed out of the driveway.

“Bye!” the all shouted and waved as the car drove past the house.

It was then that I realized that summer was not going to be the same without those boys.


Hey Lovelies

its still not done!

there is still more to come, and more suprizes :)

hope you enjoyed this long chapter, i worked very hard on it

so what are your thoughts on SIALL?

~Mich xx

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