I Dont Need

I used to be a God fearing woman doing good for myself. Always in Church.


1. I Dont Need

I used to be a God fearing woman

Doing good for myself

Always in Church

Until I met you


You was handsome

Always knew what to say

With a style of your own

My heart was gone


You tried to take my life over

Never trusted me

Wanted to know where I went

How long was I gone


Needed to meet all my friends

But you didn't like them

They were not good enough for you

You put them down


Always tried to tell me what to do

Got your friends to come over

They tried to get me to sleep with them

When I wouldn'tthey told you lies


You believed them instead of me

Then you tried to hit on me

You found out, I don't let men hit on me

You called me names and put me down


Guess what I don't need you

I have God to love me

I don't need your drugs

Or your fancy words


All I need is my Faith

My will to live

Bible to read

I can do it all without you

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