When Did Love Become Enough?

When life takes a huge turn for Lily, she is forced to keep her head up and be strong for her family. She has three sisters and two brothers, her parents died in a tragic car accident and she is poor. Forced into jobs she may be ashamed of she is making a living for herself and her family at the age of 14. This the story of a girl who was hoping for the best but expected the worst.


2. You Care??

*Two Weeks Later*
Lily's POV
It's been two weeks since my encounter with One Direction. After they gave us that check, i tried calling each one of them at least 20 times. They didn't answer a single time so I gave up. My aunt tried calling too hoping they would answer to an unknown number. Realizing they were famous, we figured they wouldn't answer to an unknown number. Once she gave up we figured there was no way we could give them the check back so decided to use it. We used it to make the apartment payment, as well as 6 months ahead for the apartment, paid all of bills (electric and heating as well as saved some for the future bills) finished paying for the car(it was a clunker so it didn't cost much), we paid off our bank loans, and lastly we restocked with food. After all that paying we had about $750 left so my aunt wanted to take us shopping to get some nice new clothes. Its not that we didn't have any its just they were worn out and kinda old because when we had money clothing was the last thing on our minds. I told her i didn't want anything and that i would take care of my baby brother and cousin since they were still sleeping. I mean of course I wanted a new outfit its just that if i didn't get anything it would add a little bit more to how much they can each spend so I was OK. My aunt left about 20 minutes ago so i got up to get my phone and do some Internet surfing until I remembered that we canceled the cell phone lines one week ago. We just weren't able to afford it. I know a week that I've died from. It was still taking some getting used to. Since i couldn't surf on my phone i decided to go to my dinosaur of a computer and turn it on. It was slow but it was better than nothing. Just as I sat down i heard a knock on my door. I realized my aunt didn't recite the rules as she always would so she was coming back to tell me them. Plus i don't exactly have friends so that was another reason i was so sure it was her. I open the door and realized i was soooo wrong. Yup!! You guessed it. One Direction was standing at my doorstep. I looked down at what i was wearing and slammed the door in their faces. Yeah i know I'm an idiot for slamming the door in their faces. I thought to myself about what top do since i was rushed. I figured they have already seen me at my worst when i was all hot and sweaty at Six Flags so i just brushed my hair and ran back to the door.

"Hi" I said. I pulled them all in quickly seeing how cold it was outside. It's January 10 so, even though we are in Texas, its like really cold. My smile faded as i thought of the date. It was my parents anniversary. I turn around to be attacked in hugs by all five of them. Liam whispered in my ear "We are so happy you are OK" We all pulled back. I asked "Number one: How did you find my address? And number two: Why wouldn't i be OK?" We all laughed at my first question and Liam answered "We kinda tracked down your apartment from all the times you called us." then Louis decided decided to scream "We were worried. We called you tons of times and you didn't answer. It kept saying 'the person you are calling is unavailable. Why didn't you answer?" he said fake crying. "OK, OK i said quietly. Can you please keep it down, my babies are sleeping. And we had to disconnect the cell phone lines because we could't afford it." They all looked at me confused from when i said my babies so i explained. "My baby brother and cousin" "Oh, OK" they all muttered at once. "What happened to the money we gave you?" Liam asked. "Yeah, why didn't you use that for the phones?" "Um... We used it on more important stuff." i explained listing the things we used it on including the part about why my aunt was out shopping.

"So why exactly did you guys come?" I asked breaking the silence we fell into. "We were worried. We found one person who is sane around us and we lose her" Zayn said. "Wow I'm surprised you guys even cared." I replied. "Why wouldn't we care? We want to be you friend." Niall aid excitedly. "Well in that case make yourselves at home." I said noticing we were still in the doorway. Just as i turn towards the kitchen to get some refreshments I am wrapped by 10 strong arms enveloping me in a hug. I giggled and they all let go looking down nervously. "What was that for?" I asked. "Um. Sorry we just got really worried" Harry said. Louis piped in and said "Yeah. Zayn even started crying yesterday." I looked to Zayn who had his head down the color of a tomato. I walked right up to him and lifted his head by his chin and asked "Is that true?" "Yeah. Sorry. You can't blame me. I was worried." He said defensively. I giggled and gave him a hug. "Thank you for caring" I whispered in his ear. "Anytime" he whispered back. I pulled away just as Louis said "If crying gets me a hug then I'll bawl right here." he said. I ran to give him a hug and laughed. Just as I turned around I saw the last three pouting so i hugged hem all and ran to the kitchen to get refreshments like i tried to before. They started making their ways to the couches.

Zayn's POV
As we were making our way to the couch, i stopped in my tracks seeing a picture of two people I'm guessing were her parents since she had all of her dads features. He looked so familiar. I shook of the feeling that i knew him and walked back over to the couch joining the others. Lily went to the kitchen to get something. All around their small apartment was full of pictures of her and her family as well as her aunts. There also four different beautiful girls from a Victoria's Secret/ Pink photo shoot. There were three or four pictures of each girl. Harry went up to one of the pictures and asked "Doesn't his girl have Lily's eyes?" I didn't have time to get up and check because right as he said that. Lily walked in with 5 glasses of orange juice.

She passed out the drinks and sat down looking at us like we were crazy. That's when we noticed we were staring at her. I mean we couldn't help it. She was gorgeous. Louis' stupid self decided to bring up her soft spot again and asked "If you don't mind telling us, how did your parents pass away?" I saw her shift uncomfortably but she still answered. "They were fighting so me and my family agreed to give them some money to go see a marriage counselor. Like it was really bad; they had been frighting for months. So they went and were on their way in a taxi. My dad was in the passengers seat and my mom sat behind the driver. The driver decided he could make it before the other lights turned green so he went. When he did, the light was already green and two cars went hitting the taxi on each side. I was outside the hospital room waiting for the doctor to come out with the report o my mom. He came out and told me that she had died instantly in the crash. We went to tell my dad. He only had a few broken bones and bruises. But when we told him, he had a heart attack. They tried to bring him back but he was too far gone. I didn't cry that day until i slept. I had to be strong for my family." She had her head down the whole time she was telling the story and by the end of it she ha multiple tears running down her cheeks. "What did they work as?" I asked her. "Umm... My mom was just a house wife and my dad used to own a convenience store. He was out of his job for months but he still gave money to whoever needed it." "What is your last name?" Harry asked. Still looking down she answered "Emms." "What are your parents names?" Niall asked. "Michael and Lindsey" My head shot up. Michael Emms. That name sounded so faamiliar. "Oh. My. God." I whispered out of realization. She still happened to hear me, which was a surprise since none of the boys heard me and they were sitting right next to me. "What's wrong?" She asked. She still kept her head down not showing us her face to hide the tears. "I think your dad may have given my family money. A lot of it." "I'm honestly not surprised. He gave it to whoever even if we didn't know them. That's why my parents were fighting. He was giving it away like it was nothing." She replied. "But he never, not one asked for any back." I said. "I know. He never asked for any back because he didn't like people being in debt to him. This made my mom sooo mad because he was still giving even when our house got foreclosed. Yes, it foreclosed and we lived on the street for a week before my dad and uncle came to an agreement to split the pay on this tiny place. My aunts house was getting foreclosed too.

Lily's POV
It hurt a little bit to talk about my past. But it felt good to people who were willing to listen. I had keptmy head down so they couldn't see my face while i talked. I looked up to see all of thembut Liam crying with tears running down their cheeks. Liam was trying to comfort everyone so i ran over to help him. I reached the couch they were sitting at and saw that his eyes were filled with tears threatening to fall out. I hugged him last ad there they went. Thy fell out as he sobbed into my shoulder. Next thing i knew i was wrapped up again in a giant group hug as they all whispered their I'm sorry's. I whispered back "It's ok. Its not like it was your fault. You know what, lets change the subject." I said pulling away. They all nodded an wiped the last of their tears as Harry asked "So what s with the four ranadom girls that you havae pictures of? Although that one looks like she has your eyes. Are you guys related." I went inside grabbed 5 VS/ Pink magazines that have the same girls on the covers. I handed them each a magazine as the looked at me skeptically. Now i had a lot of explainging to do.

Again sorry for any punctual or grammatical errors.
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