When Did Love Become Enough?

When life takes a huge turn for Lily, she is forced to keep her head up and be strong for her family. She has three sisters and two brothers, her parents died in a tragic car accident and she is poor. Forced into jobs she may be ashamed of she is making a living for herself and her family at the age of 14. This the story of a girl who was hoping for the best but expected the worst.


1. Six Flags

Lily's POV
I was holding our spot in line at the Texas Giant, in Six Flags, with my sister Penelope. Nicole and Nicki had gone to the bathroom and we were getting close to the front so I looked over the front just in time to see them makeing their way back to us with their heads down. They reached us and both looked up with tearstained faces. I automatically ask "What happened?" They both look at me with red puffy eyes. Nicki doesnt say anything but Nicole comes to whisper in my ear "There were girls in the bathroom making fun of us, aand when we walked out they were with their boyfriends who joined them so we just walked away," I looked at her shocked.

We were next in line but i grabbed al three of my sisters and stormed to te bathroom. "Are they still here?" I sked Nicole in hushed tones. She hid behind me and nodded pointing at a table with girls and boys around 17 and 18. I told my sisters to go the bathroom so i can handle this. The second they were out of sight i darted for the table.

I slammed my fist on the table and screamed "Who the hell do you think you are?!" They all stared at me shocked and confused so i went on. "Does making fun of litte girls make you feel accomplished?!" They all had realization hit them as the skimpy blonde stood up "I'm guessing those girls were you sisters?" she said with attitude. "Hell yeah they were my sisters!" I said. "Well it figures because there were fugly just like you." I scoffed at that one looking at what she waswearing and walked away with a smile on my face knowing she was wondering what was on my mind. "Yeah that's right. Go back to your ugly sisters." At that i turned on my heel went riht uo to her face. "They aren't ugly. They may not be the prettiest girls on the planet but neither are you." i said through gritted teeth. "And you know what? When you get AIDS one day, it's them you will be going to help for." Before she could reply i walked away. I heard her take two stes towards me but they were interupted by a high pitched voice that said "She isn't worth it" Blondie replied with "Yeah. She is just an ugly, no life, loser." I just kept walking as i could feel ters stingin my eyes. i walked faster to get to the bathroom to check on my sisters.

Louis' POV
We were watching as the two argued and the brunette left. She most definitely wasn't ugly. I don'tknow what the blonde was taking about when you should have seen what she was wearing. It was way to revealing while the brunette had on sweats. She was still more beautiful. Blondie mad that one last comment that caused the brunete to flinch in her tracks.

Next thing I know Harry stands up to the blonde all of us expecting for him to get her number. I speak for all of us when he said "That's no way to talk to a girl. I'm Harry Styles. You wouldn't know that because you must be blind if you called that girl ugly." he said taking off him sunglasses and putting down his hoodie. Liam and Niall ran to go check on the girl. A dirty blonde boy sitting next to her, I'm guessing her boyfriend, stood up and said "And that's no way to talk to a girl," Harry just walked away not wanting to be noticed by others. The boy didn't back down and repeated what he said. Harry clenched his fists and turned around but Zayn and I cught him just in time. Pulling him away towards Niall and Liam, who were walking back with smiles on their faces, he screamed "She was one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen!!"

Just as we reached Niall and Liam, Harry calmed down enough to ask "Was she ok?" They looked at each other hesitantly and Liam replied "Yeah. She just wanted a hug and she said she had to go check on her sisters. Then she realized who we were." "Yeah but she didnt scream or ask for anything. She just said 'I'm sorry but i have go check on them' and she walked away smiling" Niall finished for Liam. We all looked around at each other thinking the same thing. She was down to earth and nice and didn't flip out from seing us. We all were grinning and I knew what they were thinking. We want to get to know this girl.

Lily's POV
I walked into the bathroom to see my sisters with worried expressions on their faces. Penelope busted out "Where were you? We thought you started fighting with them. She said tackling me in a hug. She let me go and I looked in the the mirror and noticed I was smiling like an idiot. "I just met Niall Horan and Liam Payne." My sisters had shocked expressions on their faces as they darted out of the bathroom to look for them and I followed. Penelope turned to glare at me and said "I don't believe you." I looked and noticed they were o where to be seen. Now i was questioning myself as to whether or not i actually saw them. "They were just here." I replied. As if on cue they walked out of the bathroom when Zayn stopped in his tracks and we locked eyes. I felt the boys look from him, to see why he stopped, to me and they all smiled.

Louis piped up and asked "Are you guys like talking through your minds or something?" Zayn looked down as did I, but i could have sworn I saw a blush on his cheek. I swept the thought away knowing he had his girlfriend Perrie. They walked up to be about two feet away from us as Liam said, "We meet again" with a smile on his face. "I never heard your name by the way" he said. I smiled and replied "I'm Lily and these are my sisters Nicolette," i said knowing it would bug her. She corrected and said "I go by Nicole". I continued "and these are Penelope and Nicki" I said pointing to each of them. We already knew who they were obviously, so we all shook hands and it sounded like a jumble up of hi's and hellos and how are yous.

After our akward meet we rode a few rides together. Harry stayed behind on the really high rollercoatsers because he was scared. So we each had our partners. I had Zayn, Nicki chose Liam, Penelope with Niall, and Nicole with Louis. After those rides the boys were hungry so they went to get something from a snack stand. pulled my sisters back letting them know I didn't have any money. they nodded understandingly and stood back. The boys came back and asked us if we wanted anything. We mumbled our no thank yous and as if on cue all of stomachs mad dying whale noises. We all busted out laughing as the boys went to buy us pretzels. We then sat down at a back table to eat.

Zayn's POV
We sat down in an akward silence until Lily made a funny face at me to break the silence, causing meto choke on my drink. I was the only one who saw her but her face went from a smile to worried as she started patting my back. She told Penelope to continue patting as she ran to go get me water. the second she left I stopped coughing. Everyone looked at me and i simply said "She made a funny face," before i ran to tell her I don't need the water. Right as i turned a corner she was running back as we collided and the water spilled all over her. She frowned fo a bit at her wet clothes but then plastered a smile on her face. I quickly said "I'm so sorry. Let me get you some tissues". She stopped me and siad "No its fine. It's just water it will dry." I smiled at how calm she was. I threw away the cup and went back to find her squeezing water out of her clothes. It was November and cold so I took off my jacket and wrapped her in it. She blushed and looked at me. Another akward silence but it was a nice akward silence. I asked "Are you a fan of our music?" i felt stupid asking but i had a reply already knowing what she would say. "Of course we all are. Isn't it obvious?" She replied exactly like i expected and i said "Honestly, no. You didn't freak out, or fangirl or scream. You just stayed put and smiled." "Well I guess I'm a good actor because im surely freaking out, fangirling and screaming on the inside." She replied giggling. It was a soft giggle. It was nice. I chuckled as we walked back to the table.

Lily's POV
We sat back down and Louis made me jump as he asked "How old are you?!" screaming. "14!!" I replied screaming back. "Where are your parents?" he asked at a regular volume. I felt a shot of pain go through me, and by the look of my sisters, had gone through them too. "They're... um... gone." I muttered. Harry piped in and asked "Did they lose you in a custody battle or something?" From reading about them I knew that his parents were divorced so he thought mine were too. I looked down and shook my head as i mumbled "Um.. No." I hesitated as I said "They're.. umm... dead." I looked up tears swelling my vision. I saw them all look down and muter their im sorrys. "Don't worry about it. Its not your fault." I replied. "So.. um.. Who are you here with?" Liam asked. "My aunt. She takes care of us." I looked down the bench where my sisters were sitting to see them all on the verge of crying. I decided I'd ut on aa smile and cry later to be strong for them.

Liam's POV
"Oh, ok" I replied. I felt bad about how all of their faces flipped when Louis brought up their parents. "Does it ever become to hard for her?" Niall asked. "Yeah we are really poor" she siad looking down. She quickly looked up and corrected herself. "I'm not asking for money trust me that's the last thing I wan from anyone. But lately she has been fighting with my uncle about our money situation . Oh there she is." She finished as we alal turned to see her aunt walking towards us with two kids and and a double stroller. She had a lot on her hands. I looked at the rest of the boys and knew they were thinking the same thing. Paul ran up to us next and said "Someone tweeted about seeing you here and the place is flooding. We need to leave" We all nodded knowing how crazy it can get. The boys pulled Paul away to talk to him. I gave her a piece of paper and said "This is all of our numbers." he smiled and accepted it gladly. I asked for hers and she gave it to me. I turned and saw the boys still talking to Paul. I aske her if i could take a picture to remember her. She said yes and smiled for the camera. I think we all really liked her and her family. I saw her aunt approaching as the boys stopped her, Niall whispered something in her ear and handed her the envelope. He waved me over as we all ran away before we were noticed or they could stop us. We all hopped in the van and said something about her. N: She was nice. I said: Sheis strong. Lo: She is independent. H: She was pretty. And Zayn said: She was amazing. Ad we all thought the same thing. We HAVE to see her again.

Lily's POV
I walked up to my aunt noticing that Niall gave her an envelope. She opened it and we all gasped. It was a check for $20,000. We looked around to give it back becaus it way to much but they were gone. I have their numbers and they have mine. I HAVE to see them again.

Im sorry for any grammatical or punctual errors but i hope you like it.

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