Road Trip With One Direction During Zombie Apocalypse?...woah what?

Nikki, a lone survivor in Los Angeles comes across 5 boys, they come across other survivors, but the thing is the Zombies are changing, never having come out in the day, they now do, having never speaking or running they now do, death and disease everywhere but will this lonesome group of survivors be able to overcome it? Will love be found? Or will the Zombie Apocalypse make it all crash and burn?


5. Run

"Oh my god, oh my god," Louis screamed. "I shot someone I shot someone oh my god," he kept screaming. I ignored him, and saw that Harry was trying to calm him down. Niall was frozen midway.

I ran towards him. "What did I tell Liam? Don't freakin go anywhere unless you Are sure it's safe!" I yelled at him.

I ran to the figure that was lying on the ground. And sure enough it had dead flaky skin, and it was wearing a red One Direction tshirt. I kicked it and and it flipped the other way. I screamed, it was my best friend Cindy-wait no it looked like her!

What the hell would she be doing here anyways? We were miles away from LA so it didnt make any sense...

Even like this I could tell It was still a girl. I backed away, shocked, the thought that she could be dead finally hit me.

It's for the best I thought. No it wasn't she was my best friend I argued. Ether way she's gone I thought. I still couldn't believe it.

We had joked for hours how we would stick together joking if a Zombie Apocalypse did happen we would stick together. Never thinking it would occur. I stared numbly at the body.

Liam came and touched my shoulder. "What do we do,?" He asked glancing at the body, her body, but it's not her. It's just a corpse of what she used to be.

I started to tear up, my best friend could begone now, forever. I looked at Liam. "Burn it," I said. "It's the only way," I told him. (It was the way to get rid of the body.)

He hesitated. I got out the matches. (I hadn't really had much use for them until then) "Burn it!" I shouted. And ran back towards the car.

"Isn't that dangerous?" Niall asked.

"What?" I asked.

"Setting zombies on fire, isn't it?" He asked.

I shook my head. "No? Not really it immobilises them, and they just burn." I told him, his mouth went into an "o" shape, but he nodded. I glanced back at the' body, feeling the intense need to throw up. Instead...I turned around and ran.

Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry stared after me but I just ran, I tossed them the matches, the next moment I saw a bright flame lit up then the horrible smell. I continued to cry, the reality of everything never ceasing to surprise me.

I leaned against the car, crying, she was my only friend. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up to meet Louis's sparkly blue eyes. He hugged me, I let him hug me, as I continued to cry. "I'm sorry," he said. His shaking voice sending shivers through me. He let go and just stood staring at me.

Then he started to lean in, and our lips met. For only a second, a second later I pushed him away. "Don't," I said. He looked at me then looked at the flames.

Then another thought occurred to me. Zombies can't come out during the day, they come out at dusk and night. So then.... "Oh my god," Louis said. I looked up, first a wave of shock went through me, then my blood ran cold. A little ways from where the boys was a group of figures, moving in a jerky stiff movement.

"Oh shit," I said. I saw Louis stare as the group moved closer and closer.

"You guys run," I screamed. The other boys still hang noticed that the group was there. They turned towards me, "RUN!!!" I screamed louder. Then pointed, they looked then they ran towards us. I shut the hood of the car and prayed it would work.

The flames were dying, and there wasn't anything there anymore. Everyone was in, I turned once more and said "Goodbye Cindy, guess we never got to go to prom," a smile flitted across me, but she wasn't even here. She was gone, at least I hope she was. I nodded at the burning fire, then I jumped into the car.

I turned the key and nothing. "Roll up the windows," I shouted at them. The zombies were 30 feet away, there were like 20 of them. "Damnit," I said.

"Harry and Louis, when I say shoot you shoot," I told them. Their eyes got wide.

"But-" they said.

"Shoot damnit," I screamed. They took it out.

"Now," I shouted. Shots rang out and a few fell. I turned the ignition once again, and nothing. I groaned. They were 20 feet away.

Then the unimaginable happened, they started to run. I gasped, zombies aren't supposed to run, dammit they aren't even supposed to be out in the sun. I pushed the key in. "Please, please," I said quietly.

Louis touched my shoulder, I glanced at him, then something hit the windshield. It was one of them. I screamed when I saw their dead cold eyes. Then another one on Louis's windshield. His grip on me tightened. Then one last push in of the key and the engine roared to life. I didn't hesitate to push on the pedal.

And we were off going at 100+ mph. I took a few zombies down. I didn't go any slower until I saw that the tank was almost empty. Then I just couldn't see because of my tears.

I stopped the car and cried, I felt movement but I didn't look to see what it was. Then "Don't cry," Louis said. I didn't listen though. This wasn't supposed to be happening. The image of my dead friend flashed before me. At that moment I made a promise.

If I was going to die, I was taking all of those things with me.

But really...running zombies? Would any of us make it out alive?


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