Road Trip With One Direction During Zombie Apocalypse?...woah what?

Nikki, a lone survivor in Los Angeles comes across 5 boys, they come across other survivors, but the thing is the Zombies are changing, never having come out in the day, they now do, having never speaking or running they now do, death and disease everywhere but will this lonesome group of survivors be able to overcome it? Will love be found? Or will the Zombie Apocalypse make it all crash and burn?


4. Questions

A few minutes into driving they started to complain.

"Do you have any food?"

"Can I eat this?"

"How did it happen?"

"Where is everyone?"

"How are you here?"

"How many people died?"

"Where are we going?"

">"Shut up!" I shouted, after it got to be too much.They grew quiet. "Niall, take some food out of there, but only a bit, we need to save some," Niall did as told. "About 4 billions people around the world got sick, in the end it was all man for themselves." I said. "And there's this island out here it's safe, its not really an island, a road leads up to it, but from flashes of news on the tv its barricaded but still its all we got and don't ask why more people aren't there, like I said they were everywhere, almost one person in every plane was infected, all that people on those planes died, and no one really escaped toward it until it was too late, so we are easing out there because zombies can't swim, stupid but it's the only way," I finished explaining. Well that's what I've heard basically I was going on blind hope but they didn't need to know that. "My whole family, and I haven't seen my best friend so they must have died too, at least I hope they are dead, they are better off dead than one of them," I said quietly.

"Wait, you said the UK and Australia..." Liam whispered, but I managed to hear him,mans catch the worry in his voice.

"Yes, they were the worst, the virus infected 99% of both countries, last time there was a broadcast of it the reporter was attacked," I told him. He drew in a sharp breath. "Well it was 2 days ago to be exact, pretty gruesome really. I was standing in a broken in gas station, complete mess when the TV had turned on, and I looked at it, and there was the lady. Her hair was a mess and she looked like she was going to cry." Almost dazed like I repeated the last broadcast I had seen. "Australia and the United Kingdom it has seemed that there is only a 15% chance of anyone being alive there, we are sorry to say that they have been badly infected so please do not head there no matter what it is likely that your loved one has or is one of them. I was frozen in place, the lady had then screamed and had taken out a gun, but the the camera had fallen, and I just saw shadows as the lady was attacked. I had run away and didnt stop which is how I found you guys." Silence."I'm sorry," I told them once again. It was quiet then the most unimaginable sound happened.

The engine sputtered once then twice then the car stopped. I looked up at the sky, thankfully the sun was still pretty high up. "Damn, get out you guys!" I said. They looked around scared. I rolled my eyes and took out a few knives, along with a couple of guns. They had said they had thrown out theirs, but luckily I still had some from when I had stolen them from this store some days ago. "Here," I handed one to Zayn and Liam and Niall. "You know how to work a gun?" I asked Harry and Louis, they nodded slowly and I handed them each a gun. (stolen in the same hardware store oh well they weren't going to miss them) "Now out." I said. Where had I gotten them? Well it involved robbery (okay a robbery in a hardware store happy?) I hope the owner was okay though...I shuddered at the thought. We climbed out and I went toward the hood, I opened it and a fume of gas came out. I stood aside letting it air out.

I saw Harry and Louis looking at their guns, Liam and Zayn were staring at the knives not believing they were holding it. Niall was staring off into the distance. Then he shouted "Hey you guys, there's someone...hey I think they are a fan, they have a t-shirt," he walked towards them. I looked ad saw that it indeed was a person with familiar dark brown hair.

"Wait Niall!" I said. He was too far away, then I noticed something else and just like before I screamed out and reached go my gun but I had given it to Louis, "Niall stop," I screamed. Then a gunshot rang out, and the figure stopped moving and fell. I screamed in anguish.

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