Road Trip With One Direction During Zombie Apocalypse?...woah what?

Nikki, a lone survivor in Los Angeles comes across 5 boys, they come across other survivors, but the thing is the Zombies are changing, never having come out in the day, they now do, having never speaking or running they now do, death and disease everywhere but will this lonesome group of survivors be able to overcome it? Will love be found? Or will the Zombie Apocalypse make it all crash and burn?


2. Hello

I thought back on everything that had occurred in the past week. In the past week I have learned alot, just waiting and watching actually does teach a person something...maybe that's why serial killers do that. Anyways to the point, I've learned that so far every movie I've ever watched on zombies, against my will of course, has been wrong and right on some things. Zombies only come out at night, yes they do only basically come out at night, as far as I know, hopefully it would stay like that. Zombies DID NOT eat our brains, nope that would have meant killing us, but they didnt do that, they bit us. I've witnessed it, I could have saved them...even have helped them but I was a stupid coward.

Zombies didn't run, they moved slow and in a jerky movements. Well it worked to my advantage, hopefully they wouldn't learn how to run. They also couldn't talk, I realised this was when I was hiding out behind some trees, and I saw a pair, they were not exactly walking so like moving towards a house. And they opened their mouth and only kind of like groans came out. I would have stayed to find out longer but...I really didnt want to die.

I sighed and turned my head...what if it was someone in the bus? That wasn't yet one of them and could use help? Would it be worth it to stop though? Finally I realised no its not worth to lose my life, for someone that I didn't even know. I decided to ignore the bus and whatever it contained, ignoring the feeling of guilt.

I started up the car and began to make my way away from it. After a few seconds a flicker of motion in the rear view mirror caught my attention. I looked at it again, it was of a person maybe waving their arms. So they were alive, my guilt ridden conscience got the better of me and I made my way back.

As I got closer to where I was, I could see 5 figures more better. I stopped the car alittle ways away and got out my knife, and placed it in my pocket, better be safe then sorry. I made my way to the figures and they turned out to be 5 boys. A blonde, and the rest brunnetes. I eyed them wearily.

"Well finally, we see someone" a brown haired one said, huh they sounded British, what were they doing here in Cali? He walked towards me, he seemed fairly nice but... I stepped back. Just in case...

"Who are you?" I asked. The boy looked at his friends.

"I'm Liam Payne, that's Niall Horan." points at blonde. "That's Zayn Malik." points at dark haired one. "That is Louis Tomlinson." points at one wearing red skinny jeans, no shirt. "And that's Harry Styles." he pointed to a tall, curly haired boy, not wearing a shirt and just in some boxer shorts all right, I got that it was pretty hot. Still rather confused on why he introduced all their names including lasts, but I shook it off.

"Okay what is with the big bus?" I asked

"That is our tour bus, we are in a band named One Direction." Liam said. I nodded as if I understood. Then I thought of something, these boys didn't seem worried at what was happening all around the world. "So where is management, and why haven't they been here earlier?" Liam asked. Did they not know what was happening?

"How long have you guys been stuck here?" I asked.

"Like week and a half. Our driver suddenly had gotten sick and he stopped here, he got off and we haven't seen him since." Liam said. A week and a half? That was close to around when zombies were considered real, and people no-and 'Zombies' had begun attacking. Obviously they weren't affected or they'd be sick, or worse one of them. I guess that was kind of good.

Maybe? I shook my head, it's not my problem, but then my conscious got the better of me, damnit I had to help these boys. Thats why I dont like socialising, peoples problems become mine too after. I looked at each one of them, they had innocent, confused, curious looks on them.

"Well here is the thing, you see over a week ago everyone got sick. No one made a big deal out of it, because well it is flu season so everyone thought that everyone just had a bad case of the flu. A week ago it was reported that half of the population had become.infected, and then the attacks happened. The last news report I saw was that Zombies were the effect the of the sickness that iinfected everyone. Now almost everyone is a zombie and no one knows how to fix or cure the disease." I said quickly.

They looked at each other then laughed. "Sure." Louis said. My insides flared at his careless attitude, how could he think I was messing around? I noticed the scene around us was darkening, no time to be playing around you idiot! But I had better manners than say that out loud, I sighed and looked at each of their faces, they had all gone from grateful and curious to slight fear...if I had just kept!

If I had then they would have surely died...I shook my head and mumbled to myself, thinking about anything to be able to convince.They still didn't look like they were believing. "Do you believe me or no?" I hurriedly asked once again, maybe one of them dead...they could help talk sense into the rest. The sun was now setting farther in the horizon.

"How do we no you're not lying!" Zayn asked.

"I wish I was lying," I told him.

"I don't believe it." Louis mumbled.

"Well, you can either stay here and not believe me and maybe well die, or come with me." I said.

"Why should we come with you?" Zayn asked.

"Cause you-" I heard a rustling. You could barely see the sun now. I looked to where the rustling had been. It was from this clump of trees on the side of the road. Out came a person, well from here it looked like a person. It was wearing a hat and a white jacket that said 1D driver.

"Hey look it's the bus driver, huh how did he get here, hey he looks like he needs help." Liam said. He started to walk towards the person. I looked at it closely, but then I noticed some jerking of its legs and arms. It wasn't a person.

"Liam, no stop." I screamed out. I froze, what exactly could I do? I didn't have anyways to protect myself. Then I realised I had a knife. I quickly took it out, and the boys eyes widened. I had found it a few days ago. It was an old butcher knife, a girl had to protect herself in someway! I only had a few seconds to act. I ran towards where Liam was going and pushed him back, and he fell gasping in pain. I looked at the well thing, yeah it was not of them.

"You shouldn't even exist," I muttered. It's hands reached out toward me and in one fluent motion I sent the knife through it's body, making it stop moving. I took out the knife examining the black ooze that came with it, and had spurted from the gash on its body. I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion that I stabbed it again and again. I was pulled back, by warm hands, I looked and saw that it was Louis, his eyes were down on the thing though.

I looked and saw that there was a pool of black ooze pooling around it. "Step back," I said. They looked frozen but finally did as I told. My eyes stayed on the black ooze, which at one time was a brilliant red color. Then it hit me, that was the what the disease had affected...our blood. I made sure not to touch it. As the thing fell and I took out a box of matches which I had too found the same day as I found the butcher knife. I lit the match on fire and threw it at the zombie. I ran towards Liam.

"Don't ever do that again, unless you know for sure what it is," I told him sternly. He nodded. I heard footsteps behind me. I walked towards the thing. I knew what it was.

"What is that?" Niall asked. We neared it, and I was correct. It was slighting grey and had dead eyes, as it burned up in the fire.

"That my dear friend is a real Zombie," I said loudly as I kicked it. I hear gasps. I looked up and they had fear in their eyes. "Believe me now?" I said to them.

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