Road Trip With One Direction During Zombie Apocalypse?...woah what?

Nikki, a lone survivor in Los Angeles comes across 5 boys, they come across other survivors, but the thing is the Zombies are changing, never having come out in the day, they now do, having never speaking or running they now do, death and disease everywhere but will this lonesome group of survivors be able to overcome it? Will love be found? Or will the Zombie Apocalypse make it all crash and burn?


3. Believe me now?

"Believe me now?" I asked them. The red pants or well Louis? Started to shake his head.

"No, no no," he kept mumbling. I looked sadly at him. He started to laugh nervously. "Haha, nice joke alright where are the cameras," he asked staring around as if expecting someone to jump out at him. I shook my head.

"Where's the camera?" He said louder. I noticed it was dark now.

"Don't you get it, there is no camera I wish this was a joke, ok! I wish I was lying, oh god how I wish," I said through my teeth.

"No, no no" he went back to saying.

"Lou, she's right," the curly or well Harry said.

"She can't be Haz, she's lying," Louis shouted. I looked around frantically. It wasn't safe to be out.

"She's not Lou, we need to face this, things aren't like how they were before," Harry told him. Lou shook his head. Harry slapped him. "Mate, she's right," Harry yelled.

Louis touched his cheek. Then he looked at me again. "I'm sorry," I told him. He looked down forlornly.

"We need to get something, it's not safe to be out here," I said in a rushed voice. They looked up scared. "Let's go back, do you guys have anything that you need to take," I asked quickly.

They all nodded. I thought, "Alright go and I'll wait here," I said. They looked frightened again. I sighed, "follow me," I said and I started to walk, my gun poised to fire at any second.

Once inside Liam turned on the lights. The bus was messy, but they have been living here for quite some time, "Hurry," I said. They started to gather up things. I went to their fridge and grabbed a bag, might as well make sometimes useful. Rummaging through their food, I just found some bottles of soda and a bag of chocolates.

Suddenly there wasn't much noise. I turned around, the bag held tightly in my hand. "What's wrong,?" I asked.

At the same time Zayn, Liam, Louis spoke. "What about our families,?"

I looked up at them. "If they aren't living in the UK, or Australia they should be ok because that's where the disease hit it hard," I said truthfully.

Why lie?

Well, it was true, before all this madness when we all thought it was the flu, there were news that everyone in every country in the world could become infected with it. No one knew why, when or where it started.

At least now we know it sure as hell wasn't the flu.

They all stood shocked. Then they all grabbed for their cell phones. I silently watched them. "She's not answering," "Eleanor is not either," "Maybe Perrie was on tour?" "Oh my god Dani," rang out throughout the bus.

Then they all dropped their phones. "What?" I asked confused.

"Our families and girlfriends, they were there..." Liam said.

I saddened," I'm sorry," I said. Niall began to shake. I walked over to him.

"I wish this wasn't true," he said. I looked sadly at him. "Me too," I said and I hugged him, dropping the bag of food.

The moon was high up now, and I peeked through the curtains, it was eerily dark, but I couldn't detect any movement. It was safe...for now.

Alright, so back to saving our lives, "Do you guys have everything,?" I asked. They nodded their heads solemnly.

"Alright, now when I say go, you guys run straight toward where I parked the car alright?" I said. Liam and Zayn nodded their heads. But Niall and Louis looked scared. Harry had a thinking face.

I sighed in exasperation. "What now?" I said.

"Can't we just stay here for the night,?" Harry said. I looked at them, then back outside, everything seemed quiet and calm. I nodded my head.

"Ok, but I'll watch ok? But as soon as I see the light we leave," I said. nodded and went to sit on the couch. I went by the seat closest to the door, my knife in the chair beside me.

I saw them grab some blankets and I expected them to go to each of their bunks, they didn't, they instead huddled together near the drivers seat their heads resting on their shoulders.

No sooner later did I heard snores. I slowly started to nod off, but I stayed up. I felt a touch on my shoulder. I stiffened, then turned around. It was Louis.

"Can, can I stay up with you,?" He asked quietly. I saw that he had been crying. Probably missed his girlfriend and family. I missed mine too.

"Sure," I said.

He sat beside me. And so that night was filled with silence and a few words exchanged. Early the next morning just like I said, I made them get up, and we should have been on our way except...

"Can't we just drive the bus? It's better you know?" Niall said as he stood up.

I shook my head. "No, we need to travel as efficient and small as possible," I told him, walking around him and picking up the bag from last night.

"Yeah, you all good? Let us go," I said with a sigh. They grumbled, but their eyes shined with fear.

"Okay, just run, don't even stop, but wait do you guys have like anything sharp here?" I suddenly asked.

"No, Liam threw everything sharp out the second day on tour," Louis said grumbling.

"It's not my fault, you ran around-" Liam started saying.

"Alright enough just go," I said exasperatedly.

"Can we just go together?" Zayn said his voice soft.

I thought for a second and then nodded.

"Yeah, let's go, alright? Don't worry, I'll keep you as safe as I can, let's go," I told them.

& we left.

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