Road Trip With One Direction During Zombie Apocalypse?...woah what?

Nikki, a lone survivor in Los Angeles comes across 5 boys, they come across other survivors, but the thing is the Zombies are changing, never having come out in the day, they now do, having never speaking or running they now do, death and disease everywhere but will this lonesome group of survivors be able to overcome it? Will love be found? Or will the Zombie Apocalypse make it all crash and burn?


7. Abbey

We drove for a bit, then the car stopped again, "God if this is a flipping break down I swear," I said. But it was only the tank which was empty. Okay,not bad, but the bad thing was the light was disappearing, and already I was starting to get paranoid.

"We need to find gas,!" I told the boys. All thoughts of Cindy erased from my mind. They nodded.

"We should split-" I started to say.

"NO!" Louis said, getting closer to me.

I sighed. "Allright but let's hurry up," I said and I started to jog towards a sign. I heard their footsteps, the sign said "Gas&Food this direction" I started to walk that way. It was dark now.

"Stay close" I whispered. "And be prepared," I said. I saw them move their hands and they were each holding something.

We continued walking, so far so good. Soon we saw a gas station it was dark except for a flickering light. I didn't see any movement but still better safe then sorry. "Allright now try to take as much gas you can! I'll see if they have any food," I told them. Liam, Zayn and Harry nodded, they walked towards the gas pumps. The gas station was definitely run down, maybe even before the whole apocalypse had started. The windows looked broken in, and I was apprehensive to step inside.

"We need to find food, anything edible, canned get it ok?" I told them and we cautiously entered the store. It was intact which was good, but a wave of sadness washed over me. I remembered the times when me and my friends would just go to these things and hang out, but now this was a life or death situation.

How could we possibly survive this? Did we even have a chance?

So many doubts yet I had a sliver of hope that we could possibly win this thing! And who knows? Maybe even save the human race! That would be until later...hopefully!

"Hurry," I told them. We went a little ways away and started picking out food. Which was hard enough, almost everything canned was gone. Jars were broken, with its contents scattered around the shelves and floors. The freezers were broken into, and the contents inside it were melted or rotten. The bread on the shelves already had mold on them. My nose scrunched up at the smell. A few seconds later I heard movement.

"Shhhh," I said they stopped and stared wide eyed at one of the black dark aisles. A figure was walking towards us. That was suspicious in itself, it was walking. Louis raised his gun.

"Wait no," I told him. The figure stepped out, it was a girl. The good thing was she wasn't a Zombie, the thing I was wondering was what was she doing here?

The girl was dressed in a black sweatshirt, and grey shoes also along with grey shorts. Her brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, she seemed oddly out of place. She had bright blue eyes. She was small framed and slender, but the black sweatshirt did a good job of showing that. I almost rolled my eyes, if this had been a normal day I would have told her off for being dressed so stupidly

I stared at her profoundly, she stared back and her pink lips curled into a smile.

Louis looked at me, his eyebrow arched. Niall's mouth had slowly dropped.

Then it came to me, why she seemed so out of place. She was clean...too clean.

"Hi my name is Abbey," she said. I noticed she didn't look at me, but her eyes turned towards Niall.


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