First true love

In this story you I going to know what true love is about. Watch harry find his true love.


2. Is there docent people out there

All of a sudden a boy walked in he was really cute. I stumbled out of my chair and I screamed in pain even more I hurt my foot again then the boy said " relax I'm not going to hurt you are you ok do you need help" i said back do him " no I'm not ok I have been running from my father and I twisted my leg and I have no where to go" then I just realised that I just blurted everything out to him. Whats youre name he said. Kate I said well my name is Harry and I would like to help you out let me take you to my house. No one is there I can't let you stay here. I was do tired and upset they I got up to go but then I fell I started crying I cant walk then all of a sudden he picked me up and said he will carry me. It was kind of embarrassing that he had to carry me but he was so warm and I felt safe in his arms. When we got back to his place he said that I could sleep in his bed and he will sleep on the floor I told him I won't let him do that then he said I will sleep. With you in the bed because it was a kingsize bed then he have me one of his tops and said here put this on I told him I disn't want him to go out out so he turned around I tried to take my pants of but I couldn't because of my leg then he said you need help I said yes but try not to look so much then slowly he took of my pants
Harry's pov
I am trying not to look at her legs but she is so bueatiful then I went to help her with her top but she said she could do it so then I turned back around and she was finished she said she was tired and that she want to go to bed I decided to go to bed to. She fell a sleep before me. Then she rolled over in her sleep and cuddled me then I said to my self a hot girl is cuddling you and she dosn't know it what should I do then I started to fall asleep

I apologise for the inconvinence but first true love will continue in

First true love part 2. Comming soon to movellas
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