First true love

In this story you I going to know what true love is about. Watch harry find his true love.


1. The great escape

I can't remember how long I have been trapped in this place. Ever since I was a little girl I have been a slave for my father and ever since I was twelve he's been rapping me. I couldn't take it no longer I had to run away from this horrible place. I heard my father approaching the room I quickly dashed out of the window and I was ready to jump but then my father grabbed my leg. He said " your not going anywhere you have to stay here with me you fucking bitch" I remembered I had a pin in my poket so I quickly grabbed it then stabed him in the arm. He emedeitly let me go
And I fell of the roof and twisted my leg. I screamed in pain but I made myself run. I ran untill I found a abandoned house I ran in and hid. I Saw him run right passed it. I was so scared that I stayed there for at least half an hour before I got up and struggled to find a seat in the house. I was thing about my mother. She disapered on a hiking trip when I was 7. I never saw her ever again. I started crying I missed her so much.
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