Never Apart

Vanessa's free time at the amusement park changed her life together when she ran into One Direction!
PS im a bit younger than most movella writers i assume so please no hate! :) plus this is my first movella so i appreciate constructive criticism. Also its sort of hard to write a movella on the iPod so i apologize for any mess ups. Please remember to like and favorite! :)


6. Surprise!

"mom im going out with my friends ill be back around 8, okay?" harry had just texted me to pick them up in an hour. "actually i was planning on going to the beach can i use your car with the beach sticker? Ill fill up the gas again!" "sure honey, don't be back to late," my mom told me. "i wont!" i promised. "love you!" "love you too sweetie," my mom said then i was out the door.
one hour later

I pulled up in front of the hotel, and texted Liam asking if everyone was ready. Always trust the responsible one.
3 minutes later they all came barging out of the lobby so i got out and helped them load everything in the trunk. I smiled at Niall and gave him a big hug. Then Louis whined "wheres my hug?" so i laughed and gave everyone else one. We all got in the car with me driving haha USA license and Niall riding shotgun. "is this your car?" zayn asked. "of course not but i didn't think we would all fit in my tiny one," i said. "its my moms and i have something special planned today that i need it for!" we came to a toll booth that i quickly payed for, through a tunnel then onto the open highway. I put on my sunglasses, opened the sunroof, and turned up the radio. What Makes You Beautiful came on and i started laughing as the boys sang their parts. Niall took my hand and smiled as we drove to my surprise. It was almost October and the leaves were changing colors and falling off the trees creating an amazing collage that blurred as we passed them. We were driving through downtown now so i turned down the radio and closed the sunroof as we were near the ocean and it was chilly outside. "alright everyone close your eyes i will tell you when we get there!" i said mischievously. I pulled off into the beach lot, happy to see it was almost empty. Louis thought we were there and started to open his eyes but i caught him just in time to scold him. I continued driving down a rocky beach road to the turnoff where we would be further away from people. I knew that how the car was moving would intrigue them but they were pretty good with not opening their eyes. After 20 minutes of bumpy driving we got to the turnoff and I stopped the car warning them not to open there eyes. "pleaaaaassseeee will you tell us where we are?" Louis begged. "no! Just wait 2 minutes! Liam will you without looking at where we are help me find sweatshirts for everyone?" we got everyone sorted out and i led them with eyes still closed onto the sand. It was perfect just as the sun was setting only about 6 pm. "alright everyone open your eyes!"
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