Never Apart

Vanessa's free time at the amusement park changed her life together when she ran into One Direction!
PS im a bit younger than most movella writers i assume so please no hate! :) plus this is my first movella so i appreciate constructive criticism. Also its sort of hard to write a movella on the iPod so i apologize for any mess ups. Please remember to like and favorite! :)


13. Jet Lagged

Chapter 14 Next thing I know I'm waking up to the smell of bacon. It feels like waking up for high school all over again but I still drag myself out of bed, almost landing flat on my face. I didn't even stop to wonder where I was, I was so badly jet lagged. (EST is 5 hours behind of London. With a 3 pm, 7 hour plane ride it would be 10 pm when we arrived EST plus 5 hours to local time making it 3 am when we got to the airport, tada!) I made my way down to the kitchen and sat at the counter, seeing that Niall was making breakfast. "good morning beautiful," he said, putting a plate down in front of me. "morning," I replied. Then I realized where I was and ran back upstairs. Niall's POV Nessa ran out of the kitchen like something was wrong... I didn't do anything did I?

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