Never Apart

Vanessa's free time at the amusement park changed her life together when she ran into One Direction!
PS im a bit younger than most movella writers i assume so please no hate! :) plus this is my first movella so i appreciate constructive criticism. Also its sort of hard to write a movella on the iPod so i apologize for any mess ups. Please remember to like and favorite! :)


11. I'm At The Airport With You

Chapter 12 We were flying to london for a little break before the tour and I was so excited! My mom and Kaitlyn came with us to the airport, and after lots of hugs and I'll miss yous, we headed off to check our luggage. We got all settled and cleared security quickly, getting to the gate very early. I looked out at the planes and the runway, and despite my hundreds of plane rides and airport visits I still marveled at the experience like a 5 year old. It was then that realization struck and tears started running down my face. Niall noticed and pulled me into a hug, asking "whats wrong love? Are you worried about being homesick?" "no, I'm actually really happy right now!" I said, smiling. "ever since I was younger I've had this crazy dream of meeting a celebrity at the airport. I travel a lot so it seemed realistic until I was about 13, and now here I am, with you, and its not a dream!" (A/N sorry for the short chapter, but i just wanted to say that I do travel a lot and I do believe that someday I will meet anyone famous (preferably 1D!) at an airport :) 

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