Never Apart

Vanessa's free time at the amusement park changed her life together when she ran into One Direction!
PS im a bit younger than most movella writers i assume so please no hate! :) plus this is my first movella so i appreciate constructive criticism. Also its sort of hard to write a movella on the iPod so i apologize for any mess ups. Please remember to like and favorite! :)


1. I met Harry Styles!

Vanessas POV
"bye mom! Yeah i know not to talk to strangers! Have fun!" i yelled as everyone but me got in line for the roller coaster.
'thank goodness theyre gone! Finally some alone time!' i said to myself. I dug my ipod out of my backpack and put my headphones in, selecting What Makes You Beautiful because i wanted a song to zone out to.  I was singing softly until the last line 'Thats what makes you beautiful!' and the sound didnt seem like it was coming from the headphones. I took them out and right next to me was a boy about my age with curly brown hair wearing ray bans. 'hmmm thats funny', i thought, 'i could have sworn i heard that guy singing...'
"hi, i couldnt but help notice that youre a really good singer!" he told me while taking  off his sunglasses.
"aww thanks that means alot!" i said while blushing. "sorry i dont mean to be rude but im not allowed to talk to strangers-" i started.
"well what if i tell you my name? Will we still be strangers then?" he winked at me.
"haha i guess that would be okay..." i murmured.
I looked up at him again and and saw a pair of green eyes. Then it clicked; curly hair, ray bans, green eyes, the british accent,THE SONG.... "hi im harry," he introduced himself. THE harry styles was sitting next to me!
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