Never Apart

Vanessa's free time at the amusement park changed her life together when she ran into One Direction!
PS im a bit younger than most movella writers i assume so please no hate! :) plus this is my first movella so i appreciate constructive criticism. Also its sort of hard to write a movella on the iPod so i apologize for any mess ups. Please remember to like and favorite! :)


16. Everything Will Be Alright

Chapter 17  "Nessa? Nessa love are you okay?" Niall said while putting a hand on my shoulder. I only showed him my phone and began to shake. "Shhh shh its okay," he reassured me and rubbed my back. "I- I dont know how this could have happened! T- thats more suited for C- california!" I blubbered. "Why don't you call your mom?" Niall reasoned. I trembled as I dialed her number. "Please please pick up." But there was no answer. I looked at Niall desperately. The rest of the boys sat quietly. I knew we were all thinking how today could have gone downhill in a matter of minutes. "The phone lines might just be down," Liam reasoned. "Yeah that must be it," Harry agreed. "I hope," I whispered. Niall's POV "Why don't we do something fun to brighten the mood?" Louis suggested. "Lets sing!" Zayn shouted. "I'll be right back," I told Nessa, and gave her hand a squeeze. I jumped up to go get my guitar and also to get a bit of thinking space. Nessa seemed so afraid. I wish I could hold her and make everything okay again. Right now she just seems so fragile. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I almost slammed into a wall. 'Stupid,' I chided myself. I found my guitar and formed my plan. Harry told us that she was an amazing singer and I was going to try to hear her voice for myself. Vanessa's POV Niall walked back into the room with his guitar in hand. I smiled a little and moved over to give him more room. "What shall we sing?" Liam asked. "Surprise me," I said. The boys exchanged a few looks and Niall played a few opening chords. "You're insecure, don't know what for, you're turning heads when you walk through the door..." I just sat back and enjoyed my private One Direction concert. "You're it!" Louis yelled again. "No, I cant, I have a horrible voice," I protested. I was met by 4 puppy dog faces and a look of 'yeah right' from Harry. "Fine," I caved. "Its only because you all look so cute." I took a deep breath and considered my options. I settled on 'Red', one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs. I love how its about the colors that you feel when a relationship ends, sort of summing up each emotion. "Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street, faster than the wind passionate as sin ended so suddenly..." Everyone was silent throughout the whole thing. My face got redder and redder (haha get it?) as I waited for a reaction. "Was I really that bad?" I asked, prompting a response. "No, no, you were amazing," Niall told me and gave me a hug. "You were right Harry," Zayn said. "Thanks you guys, but I could never sound half as good as any of you." I said. "How can a girl like you be so insecure?" Niall whispered in my ear. I just blushed even more. Then the door bell rang. "I got it!" Louis said. I saw him open the door and greet a girl with a kiss. When I saw her face I was in awe- Eleanor Calder was standing right in front of me. "Hey El you missed Nessa's performance!" Harry called. I got up and went to introduce myself. "You must be the famous Vanessa!" Eleanor said. "Thats me! It's nice to meet you," I said, and held out my hand. "Oh no thats not how we do things here!" She said and pulled me into a hug. I just laughed and we went to sit in the living room. Its the end of my first whole day with the boys. The phone lines are probably just down. I got complimented on my singing. And I know that me and Eleanor will get on just fine. Maybe everything with be alright.

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