Dreams Come True

This story is about a girl who has had a rough life. Bullied, Hated, alone. Nobody gave her a chance. All she wanted was to have a friend or a shoulder to cry on. This girl has a talent. She sings like an angel but nobody knows. Will she show the world? Will she live her dream?


2. Time To Shine

The week went by fast. Today was Friday and tomorrow was the day I shine like a star. Everybody watches this show at my school, so I'm guessing they will see me. I got chills. I still couldn't believe I was going to be on X Factor. It was already midnight. I couldn't fall asleep! I was so happy, but I really did need sleep. We would have to get there early anyways because there are huge lines and we would be standing in them forever! It would be worth it though. I just brought my jacket and some snacks and water just in case we did get stuck in the line. My mom woke me up early because the show is at 10:30 AM. We woke up at 8:15 so we had a about 15 minutes to get Ready and go. We were on our way...

     When we got there the line was short. I was so surprised. We were finally in the front of the line and I got my number. I was now an official contestant. So close to living my dream. We started to walk backstage when I actually got a text from somebody. Nobody has ever talked to me before. I pulled out my phone and saw this: "Hello Katie. Good luck on living your dream. You deserve it." I smiled. I wondered who would text me but I was just happy to have someone care.

   I set my phone down and I looked at my parents, who were smiling at me. I think they were proud of me. i smiled back at them. We were now backstage. I can't believe I have made it to where I am. I was getting so over excited. I got really dizzy so i sat down. I was about live my dream in front of my idol. My inspiration. I took some sips of my water because I couldn't get the dizziness to go away. "Are you okay?" a nice gentleman asked me. "I'm a bit nervous. I have never sang in front of anyone except for my mother." i answered looking up at him. My mother and father were standing next to me. The man smiled. "I'm sure you will do great! Well, its your time to shine." He said pushing me out onto the stage. I walked up to the X in the middle of the stage and looked at each judge and then looked at the audience. "Hello." I spoke out of the microphone. Everyone went silent and the judges smiled. "Hi sweetheart. Whats your name?" Demi asked me. I stood frozen and then I just lost it. I fell onto the stage floor, holding my head in my hands. Crying. Demi actually walked up onto the stage and pulled me up. "Whats wrong?" she asked giving me a hug. "I'm afraid... I am afraid that I will make a mistake and have to go home. I will have the same lonely life. Alone and solitary. Bullied and hated." I answered with tears in my eyes, "I'm sorry." I looked at Demi. She was crying. "Stay strong," she whispered. " They aren't the ones standing on the stage of X-Factor, living their dreams! You are. Don't let them hurt you. You don't deserve to be bullied. Nobody does. Go ahead and live your dream. Don't even think about them. Okay?" Demi whispered to me. Wiping away her tears. I nodded and she went and sat down. "What are you going to sing for us?" Simon asked. "Torn by Natalie Imbruglia." I answered. They all nodded. I started to sing. At first I was 'shy' and stayed in one spot but I began to move around the stage. I ended the song and smiled. Everybody was screaming and cheering. I did it. I finally did it. I lived my dream. 

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