Dreams Come True

This story is about a girl who has had a rough life. Bullied, Hated, alone. Nobody gave her a chance. All she wanted was to have a friend or a shoulder to cry on. This girl has a talent. She sings like an angel but nobody knows. Will she show the world? Will she live her dream?


3. Stay Strong

I walked back onto the X in the middle of the stage. The judges all looked at each other and back at me. Simon started. "Katie, you have a talent and those bullies honestly don't know what they are thinking when they treat you the way they do! There is something about you.. That I absolutely love." Simon smiled. I gained tears in my eyes. "Thank you," I whispered into the microphone. Britteny was next. "Your special. I really like you. You don't deserve hate. You are a sweet girl." I smile then whispered, "Thank you Britteny." L.A looked at the other judges, then back at me. "You are amazing... I really like your attitude and I would love for you to be in this competition. " Thank you.'' I said, giggling. The room went quiet. I looked at Demi, hoping that I would get a good response. She finally started to say something. "Katie, I know how you feel, exactly how you feel. I was bullied and alone, too, but I finally got to live my dream. After years and years of pain, I finally had a smile on my face, because I knew that singing filled that empty spot in my heart. Anyway, I think that you are amazing, and deserve to live your dream. So, I'm going to start the voting with yes!! I absolutely love you. You are very talented." She said, tears rolling down her face. I hesitated. " Thank you, it means a lot coming from my inspiration." Tears ran down my face. I could see Demi wiping away tears too. I waited for the other judges to make their vote. Britteny was next. "A huge Yes." and then L.A. "Yes from me." I smiled. Thank you so much." I said and then I looked at Simon. Everyone stared at Simon. "Katie... You have four big huge yeses! Congratulations." He said. I fell to the ground crying. "Oh my god. Thank you so much. This is my dream." I whispered into the microphone and then my family ran out onto the stage and jumped on me. My mom ran up to Demi and whispered into to her ear. "Thank you for letting my little girl live her dream." My mom ran back up to me and we walked backstage. I was crying. This was amazing. I couldn't believe this was happening.

   ***Sorry this chapter is kind of short. I need a few ideas. But i will update as soon as I can though .***


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