Dreams Come True

This story is about a girl who has had a rough life. Bullied, Hated, alone. Nobody gave her a chance. All she wanted was to have a friend or a shoulder to cry on. This girl has a talent. She sings like an angel but nobody knows. Will she show the world? Will she live her dream?


1. Just The Beginning

     Another day bullied at school. Scared. Alone. I came home and ran up to my room. I sat on my bed and cried into my pillow. I am good at hiding my feelings, so i usually have a blank expression when people harass me at school. When they hurt me. "Why do they always pick on me? I'm no different then they are!" I said to myself and lifted my head up off of my pillow. My make-up was smeared all over my face, but i really didn't care at that moment. Everyday ever since elementary school i have come home with tears in my eyes. brokenhearted. I'm in High School but still coming home wishing i had somebody elses life. No friends. Nobody to ever talk to. I get prank called, called rude names, threatened. It is horrible to be in my spot. I just wish they would give me a chance. They don't know me. They don't know how much they hurt me. I looked up at my Demi Lavoto poster on my plain white wall. I knew nobody could hear me but i still talk and sing to that poster like she is my best friend. Like she could hear me. "Why can't I stay strong like you Demi? Why do they even pick on me? I'm the same as everyone else. I have been alone and solitary for too long! Nobody knows me." Tears dripped down off of my nose. I wiped away my tears from my eyes and grabbed my laptop from under my bed. I typed in X Factor on Google and found their website. Maybe this was the year I lived my dream. Maybe i  would be treated differently.

I gasped. Did that just say San Fransico? And in one week? So close. San fransico is about twenty minutes away from where I live. Santa Cruz, California. I was so happy I started singing random songs. Wait. My parents. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen smiling. "I haven't seen you smile for a long time, Katie. Whats going on sweetie?" My mom said stopping what she was doing. "Well, you've heard of that show X Factor right? Its in San Fransico next week!" I said almost shouting. I haven't smiled in so long that I just started jumping around the Kitchen. "So?" My mom asked suspiciously. I stopped jumping. "So? Mom. I sing. Can I please be on X Factor?" I said quickly. My mom hesitated. "I don't hear you practice or anything. What talent could you possibly ha-" I cut her off. "Don't doubt me! Just listen!" i shouted. I started singing 'With Your Love' by Cher Lloyd. My mom was dumbfounded. She didn't really speak for a while until i said something. "Well? Am i good enough?" I learned this song on guitar too. I think my mom would be proud of me. "Oh my god. How can i say no to you living your dream!Your amazing!" My mom said smiling and giving me a hug. I was so happy. I ran back up to my room and clicked a button on the website that said "Audition" I clicked it. I was so excited! This will change my whole life. Crazy thoughts ran through my head. 'What if i make it? What if Demi ends up my best friend? What if i get told no by all five judges?' No. I had to concentrate. Just because one person has heard me sing doesn't mean I'm good enough. I am good enough! I need to stop telling myself these things. Just because people don't know me and never give me a chance doesn't mean i cant live my dream. I won't let it happen!

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