Afraid of the dark?

"HELP ME!" Cassie screams. She's running trying to escape. But she can't escape something that isn't there.


1. Think twice

"HELP ME!" Cassie screamed. She's running away from something. She keeps looking back to see if she is there. She looks up and almost runs into a tree. She stops and looks to her left, then to her right. She looks back and can her a voice of a little girl taunting her.

"Cassie... Wont you come play with me?... Why are you running away?" The girl said.

Cassie started running again. She turns left and stops. Right in front of her is a little girl in a white nightgown. Her nightgown is covered in blood stains. Her face is a pale color and her long, black hair is covering her eyes. She is looking down crying.

"Why wont you play with me Cassie?... If you don't play with me i'll have to kill you... You don't want me to kill you, do you?" Said the little girl.

"NO! I will not play your sick games!" Said Cassie.

The little girl hold up a long, knife covered in blood."Then i'll have to kill you." She lifts up her head, and Cassie could see her coal black eyes. Her face was so pale, she looked so scary. Cassie started to take one step back. The little girl then ran up to her and took the knife and stabbed Cassie in the stomach. Cassie screamed so loud. The little girl then took a cloth and stuck it in Cassie's mouth, to keep her from screaming.

"If you played with me... I wouldn't have to kill you. But you didn't play with me." Said the little girl. Then she took the knife and stabbed it in Cassie's heart, then took the cloth our of her mouth and stabbed the knife in her mouth. And then cut of her head."I'm sorry Cassie... I didn't want to kill you. The next girl will play with me..."

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