Afraid of the dark?

"HELP ME!" Cassie screams. She's running trying to escape. But she can't escape something that isn't there.


3. NO!

"What?!" Kate said. Sage grabbed her hand and cut her hand."Ouch! That hurt. What are you doing?" Sage took her hand and had the blood drip onto Sages hair and blood. She let Kate's hand drop. 

"It's all part of the game. Now, you give me some of your hair." Sage said.

"No! I am not giving you some of my hair." Kate said.

" Give it to me now!" Sage said in a scary dark voice.

"No..." Sage grabbed my hair, took the knife and cut my hair. She took the hair and threw it in the circle. Then she took a stick and turned the hair and blood around. Then she took her hand and grabbed my hair that was covered in blood and ate it.

"This is sick! We need to stop playing this right now!" Kate said.

"Now you need to eat this." She took the piece of her hair covered in blood and tried giving it to me.

"No! I am not going to eat this! Its disgusting!" Kate said.

"Eat it! Now!"

"NO!" Sage took the hair and went over to me and cramped the hair down my throat. Kate gagged, and Sage gave her a glass of water. Kate gulped the water down.

"There... now go get a little boy." Sage said.

"Why?..." Kate said.

"Because we need  a sacrifice. So go get the little boy." Sage said.

"No! I am not going to go get a little boy for you to use as a sacrifice!" Said Kate.

"If you don't...I'll have to kill you..." Said Sage.


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