Afraid of the dark?

"HELP ME!" Cassie screams. She's running trying to escape. But she can't escape something that isn't there.


2. Next one

"Hi! My name is Kate. What's your name?" Said Kate.

"My name is Sage. Do you wanna play with me?" Said the little girl named Sage.

"Oh not right now. I have to do my homework. But i'll play with you later O.K.?" Said Kate.

"O.K. I guess. But you have to promise to play with me."

"I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die." Kate then walked away and started doing her homework. She did her homework for about and hour then she was done.

"Are you done with your homework Kate?" Said Sage.

"Yes I am done. Let's go play! So... what do you wanna play?" Said Kate.

" I'll show you." Said Sage. Sage walks away into her room. Kate fallows her into the room and sees that there are candles everywhere. Its dark, but the candles give of light. In the center of the room, there is a drawn circle made of chalk. Inside the circle is drops of blood. Kate sees that next to the circle is a knife.

"What is this?" Kate said.

" It's a game. You promised to play with me. Nothing bad will happen." Said Sage. Sage sits down on one side of the circle, and Kate sits on the other. " Now lets see..." She opens a book and flips through the pages." Ah here it is!" Sage takes the knife in her hand and cuts her hair. Takes the hair and puts it inside the circle. Then she takes the knife and stabs it into her hand.

" What are you doing! Don't do that!" Kate said.

"Oma..kotie... Kamma...olie...donta...AMMA KIE!" Sage screamed. "Give me your hand." Sage said.

"What are you going to do with it. Your not going to stab my hand...are you?" Kate said.

"No I'm not going to stab your hand. I just want to see it." Said Sage. Kate then gives her hand to Sage.

"Don't hurt me..." Said Kate.

" Don't worry... It will only hurt for a little." Said Sage.



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