Afraid of the dark?

"HELP ME!" Cassie screams. She's running trying to escape. But she can't escape something that isn't there.


4. Don't kill me...

"Why would you have to kill me?"  Kate asked.

"Because, its how the game works. If you start the game but don't finish, you'll have to die." Sage said." So... go get the boy!"

"Where is the boy?" Kate asked.

" He is in the closet... he's probably asleep, but if he's not... just hit him over the head."

"No! I am not going to have you kill a boy!" Kate screamed. She got up and started running. Sage screamed and started running after. The house was so big, there were a million rooms for Kate to hide in. So Kate ran down the hallway and into a room. It was dark and big. She couldn't tell what the room was for. She hid behind a table and sat down on the floor. She heard the door open. Kate grabbed a vase that was on the table and hugged it.

"Kate...Come out come out where ever you are..." Sage said. She started walking around the room. Kate didn't think Sage was able to see her when..."BOO!" Sage screamed. Kate screamed and hit the face over Sages head. Sage screamed in pain while Kate ran out the door. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife from the table. Sage came in with a mean look on her face.

"You shouldn't have done that..." Sage said, she when to a drawer and grabbed a big, sharp, knife from it. 

"Don't come any closer..." Kate said. She held up the knife towards Sage. Sage laughed.

"You think you have the guts to kill me? A little girl? HA! Like hell you do!" Sage came running towards Kate. She ran so fast, Kate couldn't see her coming at first. Sage took the knife and grabbed Kate arm. Kate saw the knife go down and screamed. Blood went gushing every where. "Hurts doesn't it. There's more than that!" Sage took the knife and stabbed it in Kate's stomach. Kate screamed even louder. 

"Don't kill me... Please don't kill me..." Kate pleaded.

"You did't finish the game. Now i'll have to kill you. But with you... I'm going to give you a slow death. Unlike the other girl..." Sage said. She took her fingers and pocked them into Kate's eyes. Then she took the knife and cut the sides of her lips to make it look like she was smiling.

"Please! Kill me fast! Please..." Kate pleaded.

"Fine... I'll kill you very fast." She took the knife and cut Kate's head of...

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