Afraid of the dark?

"HELP ME!" Cassie screams. She's running trying to escape. But she can't escape something that isn't there.


5. babysitting...

"Hey did you hear what happened to Kate and Cassie?" My friend Amy whispered to me in Math. For the past week my friends and I haven't seen our friends Kate and Cassie. I leaned in closer to hear what happened.

"No, what did you hear?" I whispered back. Amy looked up to see if Mr.D was looking at us.

"You know that Cassie went to go babysit this girl right?" I nodded and told her to continue."Well while she was babysitting, someone came in the house and took the little girl! Cassie went running after them into the woods. When she caught up with them, she punched the guy in the face. The man I think had a huge knife in his pocket! He took the knife out and stabbed it into her stomach. She pushed him and he let go of the little girl. Cassie told her to run, and Cassie was about to fallow her when the man got up and took the knife and stabbed it into Cassie's heart! The girl was hiding somewhere and saw it happen. The man stabbed Cassie in the mouth and cut off her head!" She whispered.

"Oh my god! Really?! Poor Cassie..." I said a little to loudly. Everyone turned around and stared at me.

"Is there something you would like to share Jane Hackens?" Mr.D asked.

"No sir." I replied. I could see Anne smirking across the room. We used to be friends but she turned into a total snob. 

"If Jane would let me, I would like to get back to my lesson. Is it okay Jane?" He asked.

"Yes sir. You can carry on."I said. He smiled and turned back to the chalk board and started talking about  Integers.

Amy turned to me and said in a small whisper,"I'll tell you what happened to Katie later, okay?" I nodded a reply and got back to learning the lesson.

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