Whats My Name

Aideen Rebecca Midstone is a 17 year old girl whose parents die a few days after her sisters 13th birthday.But luckily,when Aideen and her sister Amelia went to a One Direction meet and greet,Liam gave Aideen his number for when she needs help.


4. Troube and What?!

It was 6:00 and was an hour before my dinner date with Liam.

I took a quick shower and dried my hair.I chose my clothes and changed.

I was wearing a white loose top that said "LVE" on it. I put on black denim, skinny jeans with a brown braided layouted belt.I straightened my golden brown air and put on a black beanie. I put on my black low-cut converse on and put my make up on.

I put on dark white eye shadow and some foundation on.

Im all set.

I hopped in my car and checked the time. 6:50.It takes me about 10 minutes to get to Nandos.

10 Minutes Later***

I saw Liam in the corner booth of Nandos so the paps and fans wont see him.But luckily I saw him.I wave at him and walked over.

He was wearing a white shirt with a green sweater.He had on black denim skinny jeans on as well as I was too.He left his quiff as it is.

"Hey Aideen!"he says getting up and giving me a light hug."Whats up!"I say staring into those chocolate brown eyes of him.

"Oh nothing!Me as I am and Boris as he is!"He said giving me a grin."Theres something I want to talk to you about.Heres two tickets to our concert in Italy.You can bring your sister or a friend!"

"Oh Liam you didnt have to!And how would I even get there!"I exclaim.

He pulled out two plane tickets.

"Liam, you didnt have to do that!"I say shaking my head as in no."You hardly even know me and your already giving and paying stuff for me!"

"Just for a week!You will be spending time with me and the band."he said."Then its a yes!DEAL!"I say shaking his hand very fast.

Liam laughed at my humour.The waitress came over to take our orders but you dont want to know what happened.

"Hello there may I take your- OH MY GOSH your Liam Payne!And why are you here with this chick!"she said slyly while chewing on her bubblegum.

"Um excuse me, but this girl here is not a CHICK,she is my GIRLFRIEND.So would you mind shutting up and take our order!"Liam exclaimed.This girl just got dissed by her freakin' idol.

"Ew!And fine!What do you two bastards want to eat."she said in some sassy way.This girl should be working in some black hole of death.

We took our orders and she left. 

"Liam, did you jsut call me your girlfriend?!"I say shocked."Uhh, yes.I really like you ok!"he explains while blushing as red as a tomatoe."Oh"is all I say.

"I know this may be too soon,but will you be my girlfriend!?"did Liam Freaking Payne jsut asked for me to be his girlfriend?!

"Yes!"I say.

We finished our food and left."Want to meet the bandmates tomorrow?You can bring the person you are going to bring with to Italy there."he asks.

"Sure"I say plainly.

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