Whats My Name

Aideen Rebecca Midstone is a 17 year old girl whose parents die a few days after her sisters 13th birthday.But luckily,when Aideen and her sister Amelia went to a One Direction meet and greet,Liam gave Aideen his number for when she needs help.


3. Tonight at 7:00?

"Sorry about, uhh, Amelia Liam" I stutter."No need to be sorry, um whats your name again?!" he asks' me, "Aideen" "Oh ok."

"And Liam, how exactly did you get in the house?Do you have a key or something?" I ask. "Key, but after I broke up with her, I kept the keys. So now I dont know whaat to do Aid. Can I call you that?" he asks."Yeah sure!I dont mind, Li." I say putting a stray lock of my golden brown hair behind my ear.

"Liam, she doesnt deserve you.I cant believe she is dumb enough to cheat on you behind your back.You deserve someone much more smarter,nicer and a girl who would appreciate you and love you for who you are.Anyways, why did you even write your number on my poster?"I asked impaptiently.

"Your b-b-beautiful to me.Want to go out for dinner tonight?"he asks me while looking into my ocean blue eyes.Liam James Payne just asked me to go out for dinner tonight.OH MY GOD!Stop fangirling Aideen, stop it!

"Sure Liam! What time and where?"I say blushing completely.

"At Nandos and 7:00?" he explains."Sure Li!" I say standing up and fixing my areopostale sweats."Can you tour me around the house for a bit? Just in case I come over again?" he says standing up as well.


I showed Liam around the house,he met my crazy fangirling sister, who was practically on her Harry Styles stickered laptop skyping her friend Krissy.

Lastly we arrived at my room.My pale blue walls were covered in posters, as well as my cieling too."Look whos more of a crazed fan, than their sister."Liam says.

"Yep"I say popping the "p" and openning the two balcony doors."Wanna enjoy some fresh air!? There are hardly any people in this neighborhood.

Just as Liam was going to answer, he saw five cutouts of the boys.He stared at his cutout for a while and saw some lipstick stains all over it."Yes sure."he says quietly and blushing like a complete idiot

We got to know eachother for a while until it started raining a little bit."You should get going and get ready for the dinner tonight."I say pushing Liam towards my bedroom door."Sure Aid!See you tonight!"


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