Whats My Name

Aideen Rebecca Midstone is a 17 year old girl whose parents die a few days after her sisters 13th birthday.But luckily,when Aideen and her sister Amelia went to a One Direction meet and greet,Liam gave Aideen his number for when she needs help.


2. The Truth

"Um,Amelia?"I said walking up to her."Yes Aid?!"she said using my nickname,curse my nickname.Sounds like BAND-AID!"Umm.Please dont be jelous but,when we were at the meet in greet today,umm ermmm.LIAM.PAYNE.GAVE ME.HIS PHONE.NUMBER!"I said with wide eyes."You are joking right,show me!"She went and got my autographs.

Meanwhile after she see's It***

"AAAAAHHHH!"we both screamed at the top of my lungs."You couldnt wait for my birthday!?That would have been  the best gift ever."she said slapping her forehead with both hands."Yeah.But thats in 6 days."I say"Call him""OK"I say reaching for my phone.


"Hey Liam!Its me.Aideen.From the concert and meet and greet."I say waiting for him to answer.

"Oh hey!Can I come over.I am in a really bad mood right now."Why would he want to come here?He doesnt even know where I live.

"Sure!23 Aterthon Street."I knew he was on his wway because I heard the dial tone.I giggled a bit.

I heard the door knock a few minutes later."Hello love!"he had blood red eyes.

"What happened Li!?Anything happen with Danielle or the band?"I asked politly."Danielle.She called me up after the concert and meet and greet.When I got to her house.She wasnt there,so I went up to her room a-and,I saw her kissing another guy!"he explained sobbing a bit."Dont worry!"I said sitting him on the couch"She wasnt even good for you anyways"I said hugging him."Why dont you date me!"I said sarcastically."REALLY!"he said."Just kidding.I was saying it sarcastically."I said winking at him.He hugged me and then my sister cam in the living room,behind our back."AHHHHHHHHH!"she shouted and squeezed Liam."Amelia!Amelia!LIA!"I shouted at the top of my lungs in her ear."What."she said with and 'attitude'."Liam broke up with Danielle because he saw her kissing another man.""OH MY GOD BABY!WHY DONT YOU MARRY ME INSTEAD OF THE IDIOT DANIELLE!"I pushed her outta the wa yand she left.

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