Take Me Away

One her 18th birthday Arianna receive a letter in the mail. It is her parents' will entitling her to £10,000.00. This was her chance to leave her rotten parents (ones that adopted her) that abused her and mistreated her. Since she's always wanted to be a singer, Arianna applies to her dream school, (not real) Union Music Academy. It was fairly new, but popular. But when she goes, she doesn't expect to meet Zayn Malik from One Direction...and fall in love with him?


10. The Angel with the Guitar


It was weird. All week it felt like Arianna was avoiding me. Every time I asked her to go out for a while, she looked thrilled, but then would reject the offer. It was bothering me.

"Hey Zayn," Perrie said as she walked into my flat. It was a small plain, furnished, and cozy flat I owned. Perrie was staying with me while she was staying in London. She kissed me on the cheek. I pecked her lips. "Good news!" Perrie said clapping her hands together. I raised a brow at her. "Niall said he's coming back soon, so is Liam, and since you were feeling kind of bummed going to that class by yourself, I asked them to go with you!" I frowned a bit. "It's okay... I don't really need them... I can do this," I said, but realized how tiresome it was being up in front of the students. 

"Nonsense!" an Irish voice rang through the front door. In walked Liam and Niall. I ran up to them and we hugged. Perrie gave them hugs too. "We'd love to come see the students," Liam said, just as Louis and Harry popped their heads through the door. "Go in already!" I heard Eleanor's voice say. We all let out a laugh. I give El a quick hug before she and Perrie wandered off to my room to talk. "So mate, when do you have to go to this class again?" Niall said walking into the kitchen for some food. Liam and Louis sat on the sofa and turned on the tele. Harry excused himself to the bathroom. "Well, tomorrow is Monday, so tomorrow," I said, a bit relieved that they would come along. "So what do we do?" Liam asked from the sofa. "Well, I've already talked to them about being a singer and the life of it, and a bit about the band already... Mr. Letterman, the teacher, informed me that they are going to be writing songs soon, and we could look over them and help them... Then they're going into the school's studio to sing their songs on the school's radio." The boys nodded, and Harry walked back in. "What'd I miss?" he asked and Liam quickly informed him. He nodded and sat on the sofa next to Louis.

I smiled, thinking of the girls that were going to fangirl over the boys, which reminded me that I needed to tell Mr. Letterman and inform him.


I had just gotten back to London the day before so I spent the day sleeping, only to wake up Monday morning by Zayn's phone call. "Mrrgh?" I mumbled, half-asleep into the phone. "Time to wake up," Zayn laughed on the other end. "I was wondering if you could bring your guitar... There's this girl-I mean student that is really talented on the guitar and she'd be happy to meet you." I felt a bit more awake when he mentioned a girl and guitar. "Sure, I'll be ready in an hour, pick me up," I said then tossed the phone on my bed as I got up. I quickly showered and dressed into a white T-shirt with a pocket and blue jeans. I pulled on my white Supras and went to my kitchen to start breakfast. 

Zayn picked me up an hour later and we went to the academy. It was so big and looked so nice. Zayn parked his car and we got out, I grabbed my guitar, meeting the others near the front of the school, along with Paul. "We need to hurry a bit... we're a bit late..." Zayn said. We followed him to a big classroom. Through the door (which was see through glass), I spotted a quite cute looking girl sitting on a stool with a guitar over her shoulder, playing it and singing. It sounded like 'As Long as You Love Me,' by Justin Beiber. She was amazing. "Is that the student you were talking about?" I whispered into Zayn's ear, my eyes still stuck on the girl. She was like an Angel with a guitar and such a melodic voice. He nodded, and opened the door just as she finished. Her head spun so fast to look at us. My heart skipped a beat. She was gorgeous. Breathtaking. 

A tall man started saying something as the girl walked back to her desk, but I wasn't listening. I could take my eyes of her. I needed to know who she was.

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