Take Me Away

One her 18th birthday Arianna receive a letter in the mail. It is her parents' will entitling her to £10,000.00. This was her chance to leave her rotten parents (ones that adopted her) that abused her and mistreated her. Since she's always wanted to be a singer, Arianna applies to her dream school, (not real) Union Music Academy. It was fairly new, but popular. But when she goes, she doesn't expect to meet Zayn Malik from One Direction...and fall in love with him?


8. New Phone


Everyone turned and looked at Zayn, who was hiding in his disguise of a beanie and shades. We all kind of froze, but then Zayn gave a small smile to everyone and brought his index finger to his mouth. "Shh," he said. I couldn't help but let out a small giggle. I looked over at Noah, whose face had flushed and his eyes wide in amazement. Then I got an idea. I took the guitar from Noah's hands and started to strum it. It was old, but still pretty good. I looked over at Zayn and gave him a wink, then started strumming 'What Makes You Beautiful'. Even if I only hear a song once, I figure the beat out in a few seconds. Zayn started singing along, and the crowd cheered and placed more money in the hat. When we finished, a crowd formed around Zayn for autographs. I walked over to the still slightly frozen Noah. "You alright?" I asked in what I thought was a joking tone. He smiled, "You do not know how happy I am right now..." I smiled and picked up the hat which was flowing with money. "Wow, I hope this helps with your situation!" I said handing it to him. He smiled and took the money. "May I ask what's happened to your mother?" I said, knowing how personal the matter was, but I was curious. Noah didn't hesitate to answer. "Well, the doctors found a tumor in her, and its one that would be easy to remove, but its quite expensive. My sisters, brothers and I have been trying to help our father pay off the treatment so she can come back home and everything will be fine..." There were tears in his eyes, and he was looking down, but I could sense a loving smile on his face. I put a hand on his shoulder. "You are so brave, I'm so proud of you," I said, feeling tears form in my own eyes. I smiled at him, "I hope the best for you and your family." "Thank you," he said wiping away the tears. "Arianna, you ready to go?" Zayn's voice asked from behind me. I looked at him, "Sure." I turned back to Noah. "I'm glad I met you Noah." He smiled, "I'm glad to have met you, Arianna." With that we said our goodbyes. 

"What was he getting money for?" Zayn asked in a curious tone. "His mother is sick and he was getting money for treatment," I replied, proud of the boy. "Oh...that's nice," Zayn said with a smile. As we both say down I saw him holding a small bag. "Ooh, what'd you get?" I said trying to peer into the bag. "It's a surprise," he said, hiding the bag from my view. I frowned a little and sat back in my seat. "So where are we going now?" Zayn started the car and turned on the heat. "Well, it's a little late now, so most stores will be closing... do you just want to get something to eat?" I started to think about it. The next day was Sunday, which meant no classes, and it was already around 7PM. I was about to accept, but then I remembered Zayn had a girlfriend. That made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Uh...um...I'm not feeling too hungry, maybe next time?" I lied. I hadn't even had breakfast or lunch. And my stomach had to growl at that moment, as if it were snitching on me. Zayn laughed, "Of course you're not hungry!" I let out a sheepish laugh as I felt my face heat up. "I know a nice sandwich shop nearby," Zayn said. I looked out the window, feeling very nervous. "Sure," I said. 

What was I so worried about? It wasn't like I had feelings for him...did I? 


I took Arianna to a small sandwich that really liked. We ate in somewhat silence, making very little talk. It was very odd. Arianna seemed nervous, maybe even a bit scared. But I didn't want to be a bother and ask about it. We were sitting in a booth in the back of the shop, sitting across from each other. It was really boring, so after we finished, I decided to give her what I got at the Apple Store. A new iPhone 5. As we sat in my car I placed the bag in her lap. "What?" Arianna asked, very confused. "The surprise is for you..." I said, smiling to myself. She opened it and just held it in front of her. "Do you like it?" I said. "You have to take it back," she said. I frowned and felt a little hurt. "What? But its a gift for you..." I said, not bothering to hide my sadness. "But this is too much! I can't accept this!" she said. She started to put it away. "Why not? Don't reject my gift..." I said, and she stopped moving. "But..." she tried to argue. "No," I said. She let out a sigh, "Fine... Thanks Zayn." I smiled again. I already stored my number in it for her.

"Um...Do you...um..." she tried saying something. "What's up?" I asked, keeping my eyes on the road. "Do you think you could show me how to use it?" she said quietly, sounding a bit embarrassed. I let out a small laugh. "Of course, when we get to your room I'll show you how to use it," I said, feeling better that the awkward silence was gone. We continued to talk, mainly on the phone, but she did ask me a few questions about the guys and about Perrie. 

I didn't know why, but I felt weird talking to her about Perrie. I felt guilty, like I might have been doing something wrong...

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