Take Me Away

One her 18th birthday Arianna receive a letter in the mail. It is her parents' will entitling her to £10,000.00. This was her chance to leave her rotten parents (ones that adopted her) that abused her and mistreated her. Since she's always wanted to be a singer, Arianna applies to her dream school, (not real) Union Music Academy. It was fairly new, but popular. But when she goes, she doesn't expect to meet Zayn Malik from One Direction...and fall in love with him?


15. Love at Last


For the last two weeks that the boys and I were staying with the academy, Arianna had been avoiding us, actually everyone. Harry, who had gotten pretty close with Neveah, had asked Neveah about her, and she said that Arianna wouldn't even speak to her. She said that ever since Sydney, a very annoying blondie, approached her a few days back, she had this blank stare in her eyes. It was a very freaky look. 

Zayn had been feeling better from his break up with Perrie, and joined us. We figured he had grown to liking Arianna because he wouldn't take his eyes off her. But every time he tried to talk to her, she'd just walk past him, clutching her guitar, and walk straight to her room. 

I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed Zayn by the arm and led him to her dorm. I still had the spare key so I unlocked it and shoved him in. I knew I couldn't get anything out of her, but he could.


I felt weird standing there, watching Arianna sit on her bed, looking like a zombie. She looked at me and sighed. "I'm not leaving," I said firmly. She just shrugged and pressed her lips into a tight line. I felt my heart drop a bit. She seemed so sad, and I didn't know why, I didn't know how to help her. I walked over to her bed. I slipped off my shoes and sat on the sofa with my knees, facing her. I climbed up onto the bed and sat in front of her. There was a bunch of papers and her guitar next to her. They were for the assignment the class was supposed to do. Write a song, and if it was good, the band would sing it, along with the writer on the academy's radio station. 

I only saw the first few words that she had written. 'It's not what they think, but that's why we can't be... It hurts too much, I can't keep up and save my insanity...' These were her feelings, no doubt, she was hurting inside. "What's wrong Arianna?" I said looking at her. She was looking down at nothing on front of her, on the bed. I put my hand on her shoulder, "You can tell me, I'm here for you." Tears started to brim her eyes. "It's too much Zayn..." Arianna said, putting her head in her hands like she gave up. I knew she was crying, but not hard, just softly. I couldn't help it, I pulled her to my chest and hugged her, rocking back and forth. I combed my hand through her hair, trying to comfort her. "You have to tell me what's wrong..." I said as I kissed the top of her head. 

"Everything. Perrie leaving you, me hanging out with Niall all the time, you not being here with me... everything," she said. I felt my heart drop and skip a beat. Niall was always with her? Were they that close? I was jealous, but not so much because... she wanted me with her. "I've been hanging out with you guys a lot... It's getting suspicious, it's not right." I felt hurt. Why would she ever think that? Neveah's words replayed in my head, 'Every since I saw Sydney talk to her... I don't know, she's not being herself...' I felt a bit angry, "Did Sydney say anything to you? Is that why you're acting like this?" Her head popped up and she looked at me, her eyes gaining a bit of shine. They looked hopeful and thankful, like I was a hero. Made me feel good. "No...That's not why... I mean yeah she said some stuff, but that's-" Arianna was trying to explain, but I pushed her down on the bed and held myself over her. "Arianna, why does it matter what this chick said? What she thinks? What about us? Did you ever think about how we would feel? Did you think about me? Do you know how much it hurt that you were avoiding me?" I said, not in an angry tone, but a firm one that didn't hide how upset I was. She froze under me, she looked shock. "I...I hurt you?" she said softly, the tears streaming down the sides of her face. "Yeah..." I said softly, but I couldn't look at her, so I stared at the empty space next to her, where her work lay. 

"I-I'm so sorry," she said, her voice breaking into sobs. She wrapped her arms around my neck, causing me to fall onto her body. I flipped onto my back with her still clinging to me, so that I wasn't crushing her. I sat up with her on my lap, crying into my neck. I was blushing, but I was smiling too. I hugged her tightly and kissed her head. We sat, intertwined together, until her cries became soft sniffles. I could hear her softly murmur that she was sorry, repeatedly. I pulled away from her, not completely, so I could look at her face. Arianna looked tired, but relieved. I stared at her for a long time, first at her eyes then her lips. Leaning towards her mouth, Arianna pulled away. I was taken aback. "What are you doing?" she said, not angry or nervous, but in a curious tone. She had no clue that I was about to kiss her.

"I was going to kiss you..." I said, blushing and feeling a bit embarrassed. "Oh...sorry, I've never kissed a boy so...can you do it again?" she said innocently. I smiled and leaned towards her face again. This time, she didn't back away, but her lips pushed towards mine, and it was magical. There were sparks, my stomach did flips, and my heart raced. I didn't want our lips to separate, but humans have to breathe and humans got to do what humans got to do.


Everything I was upset about, all the things Sydney said to me, they left me as I shared the most amazing experience in my life with Zayn. Who knew a small kiss on the lips could be so electrifying? I really liked him, maybe loved him. I wanted to tell him, but after watching chick-flicks with Niall and Neveah while I was ill the week before, that was not going to happen. But this kiss had made me feel like I was blown away, taken away from all the bad in my life. 

"That was the best thing ever," I said as we were gasping for air. Zayn smiled at me, making me blush. "I couldn't agree more," he said. My stomach did a little happy flip. "So are we..." I trailed off, hoping I hadn't imposed anything awkward. 

"Yes," Zayn said, leaning in for another kiss.

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