Take Me Away

One her 18th birthday Arianna receive a letter in the mail. It is her parents' will entitling her to £10,000.00. This was her chance to leave her rotten parents (ones that adopted her) that abused her and mistreated her. Since she's always wanted to be a singer, Arianna applies to her dream school, (not real) Union Music Academy. It was fairly new, but popular. But when she goes, she doesn't expect to meet Zayn Malik from One Direction...and fall in love with him?


6. Girls' Day


Neveah and I walked back to our dorm rooms together. When I reached my door, ready to open it, Neveah stopped me. "Let's go shopping," she said. I looked at her and smiled. "Why so soon?" I asked, since I was kind of tired and didn't want to do anything but relax. "Because I need to introduce you to clothing stores, show you around, and we could get to know each other better," Neveah said giving me a happy smile. "Okay," I shrugged. "But can I change first?" Neveah nodded. "I'll come get you in a little bit." Then she walked into her room next door. 

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It kind of felt awkward. I never had a friend before, I was usually the shy girl who sat in the back and was invisible, but being with Neveah made me feel different. Having a friend is fun, makes you feel good too. I walked over to my closet and pulled out a plain white T-Shirt, and black cargo-capris. I pulled my hair up into a neat bun and then put my converse back on. I'd have to go to the bank first and get a bank card and some money. I neatly folded the papers I had received in the mail the day before, and put them in my pocket. As I waited for Neveah, I decided I'd only spend £1,000.00 on clothes to wear, and only buy two pairs of shoes and sandals (each). 

"You ready?" Neveah said poking her head through the door way. I stood up smiling and said, "Yeah. Think we could stop off at the bank first?" Neveah nodded and we walked out of the dorms.

---2 hours later---

I had so much fun shopping with Neveah. She took me to cute little boutiques with the most adorable clothing I'd ever seen. She also showed me a store with shoes from all over the world costing only a fraction of their price. I got a pair of black Toms, red Toms, white authentic Vans, navy blue/white striped flop flops, and sparkly silver heels. I didn't want the heels, but Neveah made me get a white flowy, summer dress to match with them. It was a beautiful dress, the top part stayed firm against my body, with skinny straps to hold it up for extra support. In the center, it split the dress, like an opening zipper, with a a white bow and made the rest of the dress flow like soft tissue paper. It ended just past my knees. I never thought I looked good in dresses, but this dress had made me think I looked good.

My other clothes were some simple skirts, shorts, jeans, leggings, T-shirts, jackets, and cute accessories like beanies and scarfs. There were so many bags that I almost cried when Neveah joked about going to more stores. But I was happy that she had taken me to all those stores and showed me around London. I knew where almost everything near our school was. 

As I was hanging up my clothes, Neveah came in and helped me. "I'm so glad I got to take you out," Neveah said. I raised my eyebrow at her, "Why is that?" "Well," Neveah started, "I don't have any friends here even thought I've been here for 2 years already, and well I thought maybe we could be friends." I could help but start laughing. "Sorry," I said. "I was just so happy that you said that." Neveah laughed too. "Good, because I thought maybe you thought I was being stupid to try and be your friend." "Not at all!" I said giving her a friendly smile. She smiled back, then pull something out of one of the bags on the floor. "I got this for you," she said handing me a CD case. One Direction's album 'Up All Night'. "Thanks," I said. "I'll be sure to listen to this and feel like a genius when talking to Zayn on Monday." Neveah laughed at my joke and I let out a small giggle. "You'll have to watch their videos on the web to become a genius about them," Neveah said. "I'll show you after we are done hanging and folding these clothes. I nodded and continued working.

It was 9:00pm by the time we finished. It took us and hour to finish hanging up all those clothes. I was tired and hungry since I didn't have dinner. "I'll ask Lucy to bring us some food. You like Chinese food?" I shrugged. "Never had it before," I said. Neveah's jaw dropped a bit. "We're getting some, it tastes good." I smiled at her. She quickly went to her room and came back with a laptop. I sat on my bed, my back against the head board, and motioned for her to sit next to me. As soon as she sat down we watched some videos. I left my door unlocked so Lucy came in and gave us the food. I found out she is not 35, but really 22. I was way off. She told me everyone took her to be older, and now she took it as a compliment.  I let her sit and eat with us, discovering new things about her. She was also a huge directioner, like Neveah. But Neveah is a huge Zac Efron fan... I walked into her room and there was Zac Efron on almost all the wall. One wall was for 1D, but even the ceiling was Efronized! 

I don't know how long we had been up, but Lucy had left and we had watched most videos related to One Direction when she came back. "You two are still up?" Lucy said. We tiredly looked at her. I looked at the clock, 7:15AM. My eyes widened. "Oh gosh, I'd better go and get some sleep," Neveah said. "You sleep too, Arianna." 

I smiled and let my head hit the pillow. I was out within seconds.

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